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Patterned Illustrations by Ryn Frank Showcase Beauty in Simplicity

Ryn Frank

Normally, I gravitate towards illustrations that are full of color. But today, I find myself attracted to the line drawings of Ryn Frank.  They’re beautiful in their simplicity, consisting of mostly thin outlines with a few filled areas. This style lends itself well to details, and Ryn doesn’t shy away from depicting textured surfaces with tiny, meticulously-sketched lines and dot after dot after dot.

Many of Ryn’s illustrations are used in pattern design. These would make wonderful wallpaper, wouldn’t they? (h/t Perrin)

Ryn Frank

Ryn Frank









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Wave Your Flag for Mathilde Vangheluwe’s Fantastic Drawings

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Not every artist can make their sketches appear like finished works, and vice versa — not every finished piece can have the qualities of a sketch. Mathilde Vangheluwe is an illustrator who rides this fine line, and she colors her drawings with the soft hues of colored pencils, often leaving her initial graphite sketch visible. This technique is great way to add some shine and polish to something that can feel raw.

Check out Mathilde’s illustrated products in her shop!

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Mathilde Vangheluwe








Exquisite Illustrations Created with Thousands of Tiny Lines

sara corbett

Countless tiny lines form these exquisite illustrations by Sara Corbett. The Brooklyn-based creative uses the miniaturized ticks in designing creatures like zebras, bats, fish, and more. They’re seen frolicking in the woods in unlikely pairings. (Who would imagine that a raccoon and elephant are hang out?)

We all know the power of a small line, but it’s nice to be reminded that even the simplest mark can imply texture, movement, and the difference between tree bark and a rabbit’s fur.

If you enjoy Sara’s style, be sure to check out her comics, too!

sara corbett sara corbett sara-corbett7 sara-corbett4 sara-corbett5 sara-corbett6

And, a little extra: Sara also designed and made this cute plush toy!sara-corbett8


Wonkyvision: A Delightful Look into the Strange World of Kyle Pellet

kyle pellet

Artists, illustrators, and makers: do you keep a lot of your work from years past? Personally, I’m bad at that. I have the itch to clean and discard, which means I’m often getting rid of work that’s on my computer but is taking up too much space in my apartment. That’s why, when artist Kyle Pellet contacted me about his new publication, Wonkyvision, I was intrigued. It’s a collection of his drawings from 2010 to now.

Published by Valley Cruise Press, this 32-page zine showcases Kyle’s sense of humor and his wacky characters throughout the years. They pepper the pages, bringing an absurdest joy to the entire thing. Check out some of the spreads below. I love how he manipulates photos, paintings, and other drawings. They all look like they’re in Kyle’s “world,” but occupy different parts of it.

Inside-Cover-Front kyle pellet KP 5 KP 10 KP 6 KP 18 Pg04 pg16 pg19 KP 16 KP 2

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Get a Little Weird with These Gorgeous Pencil Drawings

Alessandra De Cristofaro

Alessandra De Cristofaro’s beautiful drawings make me want to pick up a pencil. They’re rich in tone and subject matter, often depicting interior scenes and the idiosyncrasies of rooms. I love her style, and she places an emphasis on tiny, visual marks that create a feeling of movement. It’s as if energy is flowing throughout every part of her drawing!

Alessandra isn’t afraid for things to get a weird sometimes: a framed picture of a woman holding a monkey; a couple driving around a soda can; and a nighttime swim with a flamingo are all things you’ll find in her work.

Are you on Behance? If so, follow along with Alessandra’s work!


alessandra-1 alessandra-12 alessandra-8alessandra-19 alessandra-7 alessandra-9 alessandra-10 alessandra-3 alessandra-18 alessandra-16


Stacey Rozich’s Paintings Are a Pattern-Filled Cultural Mash Up

stacey_rozich8stacey_rozich5 I’ve followed the work (and admired) of Stacey Rozich for years. I think it was since she was fresh out of school, but who knows. Either way, it’s always interesting to see how one’s work evolves over time. Rozich’s work still focuses heavily on pattern, masks, and drawing inspiration from folklore, but now incorporates a contemporary cultural mash up. A little more about her work via Rozich’s website:

Since moving on from a world of Japanese animation and mean pencil drawings she has created a vibrantly painted folkloric narrative that draws inspiration from many cultural references, building scenarios pulled from a realm of indigenous and contemporary symbolism. Rozich creates a parable for present day built on situational vignettes that are imagined through the lens of familiar fictional archetypes.

Deeply rooted in cultural tradition and ritual, these allegorical accounts join ancestral folklore with elements of modernity and surrealism. Influence is taken from travel, world textiles, childhood memories and the many many hours spent watching television.

stacey_rozich10 stacey_rozich1 stacey_rozich2 stacey_rozich3 stacey_rozich4stacey_rozich6stacey rozichstacey_rozich9

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Kevin Lucbert’s Mysterious, Monochrome Drawings

kevin lucbert

These mysterious drawings by French artist Kevin Lucbert pique my curiosity. They are a little strange, hinting at another world beyond what we can see. The artist uses blank space to his advantage and the fully-colored areas only make it look more unusual in comparison.

From a formal standpoint, I’m really impressed by the visual interest that Lucbert achieves with only one color. He varies the direction of his drawn strokes and uses them to create direction and implied textured. (Via It’s Nice That)

PS – I got these images through his Flickr. He also has a Tumblr, too.


kevin_lucbert10 kevin_lucbert9 kevin_lucbert8


Harriet Lee-Merrion’s Quietly Strange Illustrations

harriet lee-merrion

Harriet Lee-Merrion is an illustrator who’s based in Bristol, UK. Her quiet illustrations are minimalist-style drawings that feature a lot of solitary figures and deserted spaces. Even when they are bustling scenes, everyone and everything still feels like they are on their own.

I love the odd and surreal qualities in her work. The illustrations aren’t overtly strange, but once you really look at them you’ll see some surprising things – people who have more than one set of eyes or even heads.

You can purchase some of Lee-Merrion’s work in her shop. Follow her on Tumblr, too, if that’s your thing.

harriet lee-merrion harriet lee-merrionharriet lee merrionharrietleemerrion5 harrietleemerrion6harrietleemerrion8 harrietleemerrion9 harrietleemerrion10

BPB Projects

My Studio: Sketches for an Embroidery and Prints

My studio: Sketch for a new embroidery

I try to make it a habit to not spend my weekday evenings on the computer. Sometimes, of course, it’s unavoidable, but after a long day I just wanna draw or embroider. You might recall my latest embroidery of a floral hand. Continuing on this theme, I’m working on some sketches with new flowers.

Everything is drawn on tracing paper. I love its smooth surface and the fact that’s cheap to buy. In addition, you can easily layer images and see different options for your drawings. It erases pretty well, if that’s your thing.

My studio: Sketch for a new embroidery

My studio: Sketch for a new embroidery

My studio: Sketch for a new embroidery

Don’t forget, these prints by Erin Zingré are available in the Brown Paper Bag shop. High quality, 4″ x 6″ prints! I’m so happy with how they turned out.

Brown Paper Bag's Header Picture Project - Erin Zingré

Ceramics, Drawing

Lili Scratchy’s Drawings Jump Off the Page and Become Ceramics


It’s safe to say that for years, YEARS, I have coveted the work of Lili Scratchy. There are a lot of things I like about her work, but must of all adore the style of her colorful characters. They are unconventional and imaginative, and I’ve always been impressed how well her work translates from drawings to ceramics. They practically leap off the page and into your hands.

packmountains in my living rroom
Lili Scratchylili scratchylili scratchylili

assiette smoking rabbitlili6 ladybirds's gang

Here are some of her drawings. How awesome is this sketchbook?