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Drum Roll, Please… Announcing the Collage Contest Winner!


We finally have a win­ner! After much delib­er­a­tion, Emily Haasch’s col­lage was selected by Papir­mass for inclu­sion in an upcom­ing issue (plus a cash prize and free sub­scrip­tion.)  “It’s a very inno­v­a­tive use of col­lage and am impressed with the effect she has achieved with such a lim­ited color scheme,” Kirsten (of Papir­mass) told me. (Read more about how they made their deci­sion.) Emily’s swap part­ner, Ian Caulkett wins a free sub­scrip­tion, too.

Con­grat­u­la­tions, Emily! Great work. And remem­ber, all Col­lage Scrap Exchange par­tic­i­pants — you can view all sub­mis­sions here. (While you’re there, click on thumb­nail of a col­lage to see it enlarged.)

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13 Submissions from the Collage Scrap Exchange (Pt. 2)

Each day, I receive more and more sub­mis­sions from those who par­tic­i­pated in the Col­lage Scrap Exchange. It’s great! I am always so excited to see the cre­ative things that ya’ll came up with (and sent each other!). Here are a selec­tion of 13 I’ve received so far. Check out my other ear­lier post that fea­tures 6 submissions.

A reminder to those who are par­tic­i­pat­ing: the dead­line is Feb­ru­ary 15. That’s less than a month! You can email me your sub­mis­sions once you’re done. I can’t wait to see them!

I’ll leave you with one very awe­some email I received from par­tic­i­pant Beth Maiden about her experience.

My friend Polly and I booked a teeny-tiny cabin in the hills of mid-Wales for the week­end — I thought this would be the per­fect time to do my col­lage. It snowed and we woke up to a total win­tery won­der­land. We went out in the snow for long walk, then came home, stoked up the fire, put on the radio and got busy with scis­sors and glue. It was so blissful.

That sounds amazing!

Collages by Polly

Col­lages by Polly

Polly working on her collages!

Polly work­ing on her collages!


Emily Haasch collages

bucket o' blood

Emily Haasch is a col­lage artist and designer liv­ing in Chicago. Her gen­eral col­lage aes­thetic is min­i­mal and con­trolled, with bursts of ges­ture and some­times may­hem. A pho­to­graph or care­fully cut paper is often joined with paper that’s been torn or crum­pled, some­times using ink. Emily writes about her process, say­ing, “In my prac­tice, I like to work with the lush­ness of phys­i­cal mate­r­ial, space, and color in order to illus­trate par­tic­u­lar moments of emo­tion. In many pieces, the vari­a­tions of prox­im­ity, exclu­siv­ity, and escapism are the major focus.”

I intro­duced Emily as a col­lage artist and designer. In addi­tion to her art­work, she is com­plet­ing a degree in visual com­mu­ni­ca­tions at the School of the Art Insti­tute of Chicago. This has helped yield the pub­li­ca­tion Offline, which focuses on self-initiated projects by design­ers, artists, and mak­ers within Chicago.

All images via Flickr. Check out her web­site, too!


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