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Maggie Chiang’s Revealing Landscape Illustrations

If you scroll through illus­tra­tor Mag­gie Chiang’s Tum­blr, you’ll find that there are a lot of shots of the out­doors. I can’t help but think that these visu­als are what seep into her own art­work, as evi­dence of what’s fea­tured here. Each illus­tra­tion includes some ele­ment of the great big world (and even uni­verse). Often, there’s some sort […]

Herikita Expresses the Feels in Her Series of Odd Illustrations

On Herikita’s Face­book page, she writes, “I do things with my hands that I imag­ine in my head, so peo­ple can see it too.” This sen­ti­ment describes her soft, illus­tra­tive work per­fectly. Her images and imagery are undoubt­edly strange, but in a way that’s relat­able. Many of the inte­rior scenes are like an dia­logue ver­bal­ized, and […]

Check Out Kyootopia, the Mythical Land of Cute

Isn’t this tiger charm­ing? Illus­tra­tor Kath­leen Mar­cotte cre­ated it as part of a group exhi­bi­tion called Kyootopia with Bree Lund­berg and Patu Phan. “We wanted the free­dom to inter­pret ‘cute’ within our own styles,” she tells me, “so we cre­ated the myth­i­cal land of Kyootopia, where all things are cute!” The three illus­tra­tors divided Kyootopia into nine unique islands and […]

Paper Flowers and Fantastic Beasts Fit for Film

Lila Pop­pins is an illus­tra­tor and paper designer who uses her tal­ents to cre­ate fan­tas­tic beasts, lovely blooms, out­door scenes, and much more. In addi­tion to sculpt­ing with paper, she also directs stop motion films. Lila’s Tum­blr fea­tures a few of these ani­mated snip­pets, one of which is a com­bi­na­tion of paper and 2D illus­tra­tion. The film is an illus­trated French […]

Illustrators with Ink: Lisa Congdon

It’s another install­ment of Illus­tra­tors with Ink, which is quickly becom­ing one of my favorite fea­tures I’ve ever had on Brown Paper Bag. Today, let’s take a look at illus­tra­tor Lisa Congdon’s tat­toos! Lisa Con­g­don is a cre­ative lady who prob­a­bly needs no intro­duc­tion. Her col­or­ful work is fea­tured in mag­a­zines, on wall­pa­per, tex­tiles, and in […]

Sarah Burwash Draws “The Summit”

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Bur­wash (pre­vi­ously) for years now, ever since I saw her ceram­ics appear on Buy Some Damn Art (I am the proud owner of one her limited-edition hands). She’s released a new series of draw­ings titled The Sum­mit, which are sprawl­ing works where each com­po­si­tion has a lot going on. We see […]

Astrid Yskout’s Sweet, Vintage-Inspired Illustrations

I’ve long been a fan of the col­or­ful, sweet illus­tra­tions by Astrid Ysk­out. Her vintage-inspired style are full of dreamy, hazy scenes and chock-full of fun details that require more than a seconds-glance. All of these images via her Flickr. Check out her website!