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Painted Ladies are a Playful Nod to Fashion, Architecture, and Food

Julianna Brion

I first saw Julianna Brion’s painted ladies on  Tumblr a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been waiting for more of them to appear. The Baltimore-based illustrator uses gouache to paint the tall, stylized women. Their fashions are a playful nod to architecture and food.

These pieces are a way for Julianna to unwind after finishing commissioned illustrations, and she often paints in repurposed books. Look closely and you might see some of their text showing!

I’m hoping Julianna will continue to post more pieces like these. Follow her on Instagram to see more.

Julianna Brion Julianna Brion Julianna-Brion-6 Julianna-Brion-5 Julianna-Brion-4


Julianna Brion


I’ve featured the work of Julianna Brion on Brown Paper Bag before, and mentioned her last week because she’s apart of my newest exhibition for my online illustration gallery, eyra. Julianna is included in the exhibition Don’t Call Me Honney, a show about the city of Baltimore.

Julianna is local to me, a transplant to Baltimore by way of Connecticut. It’s interesting to see her take on the city, in a series that she’s titled Baltimore Hodgepodge 1-4. A mishmash it is! She captures the banality of row homes, highlighting them with bright accents. Roof decks were new to me when I first moved to Baltimore, so I enjoy that she makes reference to that. 

You can own the originals of this work and prints as well! Take a peek in the eyra shop.





eyra illustration gallery // new exhibition – Don’t Call Me Honney


I was silent yesterday – my apologies. It’s because I was busy putting the finishing touches on eyra illustration gallery’s newest show, Don’t Call Me Honney. The exhibition centers around my home, Baltimore. All of the participating illustrators are living and making work in the city! I also wrote about Don’t Call Me Honney, thinking about it in terms of how we identify ourselves and how we become inspired.

The show is completely online, so view it here!

Illustrators featured within the show are Andrew Liang, Cornel Rubino, Christopher Adams, Janna Morton, Julianna Brion, and Jun Cen

I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the show, but below are some works included in the exhibition. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it, too!

Andrew Liang


Christopher Adams


Cornel Rubino



Janna Morton (these are all brooches!)



Julianna Brion


Jun Cen