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11 More Awesome Illustrators You Should Follow on Instagram


I made this list once before, and it was a lot of fun to com­pile. So, why not do it again?

When I have an idle moment, I’m often scrolling through my Insta­gram. These are just 10 illus­tra­tors to fol­low. I enjoy these feeds because they’re a great mix of fin­ished pieces, in-progress stuff, and inspir­ing (non-illus­tra­tive) imagery.

1. Jor­dan Sondler



2. Linzie Hunter


3. Lind­say Stripling


4. Gizem Vur­al (Gizem also illus­trat­ed the Brown Paper Bag head­er!)


5. Aimee Bee Brooks


6. Lau­ra Callaghan


7. Esmé Shapiro 


8.Ji Hyun Yu


9. Helen Dard­ik


10. Sarah Andreac­chio


11. Mai Ly Deg­nan