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Saturday Roundup by Píccolo: Illustrated Products We’ve Seen Lately and Liked

picture_party_final So… I was too busy on Thursday/Friday for a prop­er round up. Sat­ur­day it is, then! Let’s focus on illus­trat­ed prod­ucts. Not just ones hat I’ve seen late­ly and liked, but ones that are select­ed by Píc­co­lo.

I’m one half of Píc­co­lo, the oth­er being my pal Lisa. We love illus­trat­ed prod­ucts and twice a week pro­duce Pic­ture Par­ty on our blog,  where we fea­ture dif­fer­ent artists mak­ing illus­trat­ed prod­ucts. So, here are some things we’ve seen late­ly and liked. Be sure to check out Pic­ture Par­ty every Mon­day and Thurs­day.


Rifle Paper Co. Read our post about it here.

beetrootpress2 beetrootpress3

La Petite Jungle. Read our post about it here.

La Petite Jun­gle. Read our post about it here.

jamesward4 jamesward2

donnawilson donnawilson2

Have a great week­end! Be sure to fol­low Píccolo’s Pic­ture Par­ty on Tum­blr and take a look at our  Etsy shop! We’re real­ly jazzed about our tote bags.




Píccolo shop up and running! Save 10%!


As I am sure you are aware by now, I am one half of Píc­co­lo, a small busi­ness that pro­duces illus­trat­ed prod­ucts that are afford­able, acces­si­ble, and fun. We ran a Kick­starter ear­li­er this year, and launched our online shop ear­li­er this week! Here, you can pur­chase our wares. Our newest project was the “To Mar­ket” tote bags, which include designs by illus­tra­tors Tues­day Bassen, Karolin Schnoor, Les­ley Barnes, Jes­si­ca HJ Lee, and Caleb Luke Lin.

Right now, we are offer­ing 10% off any­thing in the shop when you use the pro­mo code HOOPLA! So, please take a look! I use my Karolin bag near­ly every­day. I love it!



This Saturday: Paper Fun for Everyone! Hosted by Píccolo


Hey! If you live in Bal­ti­more, you should mosey on over to MICA’s Stu­dio Cen­ter in the Sta­tion North neigh­bor­hood this Sat­ur­day (March 30) between 2 and 4PM. I will be there with my pal Lisa host­ing a work­shop, Paper Fun for Every­one!

Togeth­er, Lisa and I form Píc­co­lo, a col­lab­o­ra­tive illus­tra­tion project. In January/February we launched a Kick­starter which got FUNDED thanks to so many of you won­der­ful peo­ple. So,  Paper Fun for Every­one dou­bles as a bash for all of our local Bal­ti­more back­ers, where they can pick up their rewards.

At the work­shop, you’ll learn how to make a thau­ma­t­rope, a Vic­to­ri­an-era paper toy that mim­ics ani­ma­tion. You’ll get to make your own. Every­one who par­tic­i­pates in the work­shop will get their pic­ture tak­en and be apart of our instal­la­tion.

So, come to MICA’s Stu­dio Cen­ter, locat­ed at 131 W. North Ave on Sat­ur­day, March 30 between 2 and 4PM for some paper fun and sweet treats!


Illustration, Interview

Piccolo Print Project: Interview with Michael C. Hsiung

Lisa Per­rin and I con­duct­ed anoth­er inter­view with an illus­tra­tor of our Píc­colo Print Project, a cam­paign we are also run­ning on Kick­starter. This inter­view first appeared on our Tum­blr.

Through the Print Project, Píc­co­lo has had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work with 4 tal­ent­ed illus­tra­tors. But, who are the peo­ple behind the images? We inter­viewed them in our series, Píc­co­lo Por­traits!

If you love Michael’s work, be sure to sup­port our Kick­starter and pur­chase one of his prints!

Píc­co­lo: Can you tell us a lit­tle bit about your back­ground?

Michael C. Hsi­ung: My name is Michael C. Hsi­ung and I was born in Chi­na­town, Los Ange­les.  I wasn’t always mak­ing art for a liv­ing – I actu­al­ly grad­u­at­ed with an Eng­lish Degree and was work­ing in schools, muse­ums, and even at a back­ground inves­ti­ga­tion com­pa­ny before even think­ing of mak­ing art.  I’ve been real­ly lucky to have had such a nice run so far, and I attribute it to my facial hair.  

P: What was the inspi­ra­tion behind your piece for the Píc­co­lo Print Project?

MCHMy love of the cir­cus and per­form­ers (clowns/muscle men/stiltwalkers) was the inspi­ra­tion behind the Pic­co­lo piece. 


P: What are your favorite techniques/mediums to use when you cre­ate your work?

MCH: My favorite medi­um would prob­a­bly be ink, micron pens, and rapi­do­graphs, and my favorite tech­nique is pat­tern­ing with semi cir­cles.

P: Do you think the field of illus­tra­tion is chang­ing? And if so, how?

MCHI think the field of illus­tra­tion is chang­ing as far as I can tell, though not real­ly being an illus­tra­tor in the tra­di­tion­al sense, but I think that its eas­i­er for artists to get his or her stuff out there now with the var­i­ous social sites, forums, and com­mu­ni­ty groups. 

P: What are your favorite small things in life?

MCHMy favorite small things  are prob­a­bly dice, like 20 sided dice because I’m a lover of all things fan­ta­sy and Dun­geons & Drag­ons relat­ed. [Sara’s note — This made me very hap­py because I too am a D&D play­er.]

P: What’s on the hori­zon for you — any excit­ing projects you’re work­ing on?

MCHI’ll be hav­ing a two-week solo show called So Far, So Good, So What! Feb­ru­ary 8th at THIS, LA gallery in High­land Park. I’m real­ly excit­ed because it’ll be my first time in a long while show­ing works, and I plan to have lots of draw­ings, a print, and a reprint of a zine that recent­ly sold out called Booze, Dudes, & Bears.  Also, I’m be doing a print with Poster Child Prints some­time this year which I’m very excit­ed about, as well as par­tic­i­pat­ing in a group show Out of Town­ers which opens some­time in April at the See­ing Things Gallery in San Jose. 

Thanks, Michael!