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Aakash Nihalani’s Playful Street Art Made With Tape

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani is a street artist based New York. Armed with tape as his medium, he crafts trompe l’oeil scenes by carefully considering perspective and the right vantage point for a photograph. The result is work that’s engaging, vibrant, and fun. Nihalani doesn’t try and attach a high brow meaning to his work, either.  He writes:

For however briefly, I am trying to offer people a chance to step into a different New York than they are used to seeing, and in turn, momentarily escape from routine schedules and lives. We all need the opportunity to see the city more playfully, as a world dominated by the interplay of very basic color and shape. I try to create a new space within the existing space of our everyday world for people to enter freely , and unexpectedly ‘disconnect’ from their reality.

Nihalani goes on to say that this work is him connecting the dots as he sees them. I think it’s a lovely sentiment.

Not all of the following images are in New York, but all images are via his website. H/T Colossal.

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Gaia in Baltimore

Always a fan of Gaia’s work, he recently emailed me with some new work that’s up around Baltimore. Happening upon his work is always great – it’s like finding money in your pocket. His newest pieces are large and ambitious, with even some documentation of the actual application of work.

The following process shots were taken by Larry Cohen:

The following pictures are all from Gaia’s photostream:

Gaia writes that the rooster cradling the head of St. John is as depicted by Guido Reni. Another location:

St John on Franklin St

Carrier Pigeon on Ashland Avenue