Time Travel Tuesday

Time Travel Tuesday: Rebecca Crompton



Image via The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Rebecca Crompton was an artist that worked in embroidery. Her experimental designs used transparent fabrics and raw edges. She was inspired by the embroideries of the Austrian collective the Wiener Werkstätte, whose designs were displayed in the first public exhibition of the Embroiderers’ Guild in November 1923.

In the 1930’s she combined hand stitch and machine stitching, as well as mixing fabrics and thread. This experimental approach was criticized by traditional embroiderers, but Rebecca went on to create some beautiful works that even today look contemporary.

She is quoted as saying, “extreme neatness in design is not necessarily a good thing artistically.”

Information via The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Rebecca often worked in monochromatic, as seen below. Images via F+T Flickr.

Rebecca Crompton stitched panel 5
Rebecca Crompton stitched panel 9


Rebecca Crompton stitched panel 2

Rebecca Crompton stitched panel 4
Rebecca Crompton net applique