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Time Travel Tuesday: Vintage Matchbook Covers


Image via Pick­adolla.

Chances are that if you are a small, illus­trated prod­uct from the mid­dle of the 20th cen­tury, I prob­a­bly love you. Recently, I have cov­ered postage stamps and scout badges, all exist­ing from a time coined “mid cen­tury mod­ern.” Today I’m fea­tur­ing vin­tage match­book covers.

I’ve used the term mid cen­tury mod­ern before, but haven’t both­ered to really describe it. For your ref­er­ence: It is a blan­ket term used to describe a num­ber of cre­ative endeav­ors from the years 1933 — 1965. This includes archi­tec­ture, graphic design, and indus­trial design.

A lot of the illus­tra­tion and prod­ucts from this period of time look dif­fused in both color and image qual­ity. This hap­pened because off­set lith­o­g­ra­phy print­ing (which is used in print­ing news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, etc.) was often printed onto paper with a high-rag con­tent. Rag paper uses cot­ton rags (hence the name) as its mate­r­ial source, so print­ing on it gives the appear­ance of being on fabric.

Well! That was a lot expla­na­tion about the con­text sur­round­ing vin­tage match­book cov­ers. Hope­fully you enjoy these bold designs from through­out the world. If you watch a lot of Mad Men, you prob­a­bly see how much peo­ple from this era enjoyed smok­ing, so it’s no won­der why these are so engaging.




3 images above via Found in Mom’s Base­ment.



2 above images via Chris­t­ian Montone’s Flickr.


By Saul Bass! Image via design:related.



2 images above via Dark Roasted Blend.

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