Yvan Duque’s Fantastical and Illustrative Tales

yvan duque

The vintage-inspired illus­tra­tions by Yvan Duque tell fan­tas­ti­cal tales of strange, larger-than-life crea­tures. We see giant squids, ghost-like fig­ures, and even a foxy lady occupy these richly-colored com­po­si­tions. They travel through dark forests, fiery lands, and houses off secluded coasts.

The lus­cious reds, blues, and greens remind me of illus­tra­tors like Mary Blair (per­sonal favorite!) and Mar­tin + Alice Provensen. Duque has nice use of dry brush paired with fine, painted details.

Wanna own some of Duque’s work? Check out their Etsy shop.

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