Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // Valentino Space-Embroidered Satin Booties (sadly, these are sold out… but still so pretty…)
2 // Skunk Plush Pil­low by Three Bad Seeds
3 // Con­nifer Col­lec­tion han­kies by Alena Tkach for R.CULTURI
4 // Ceramic Hang­ing Planter ‘Olivia’ by Megan Clarke (avail­able on Lit­tle Deer)
5 // Mar­guerite Blouse Navy by Mina Per­ho­nen
6 // Flower Bud Vase by Eleonor Boström
7 // Henri & Evelyn’s Return Home Dio­rama Neck­lace by Minia­tures for a Mod­ern World (via So Super Awe­some)

Happy week­end, ya’ll! If you need me, I’ll be sewing for­ever on my Bal­ti­more Bites project.


Laura Garcia Serventi Paints the Plants I Wish I Had

Laura Garcia Serventi

Using acrylic, gouache, and water­color pig­ments, Laura Gar­cia Ser­venti paints the plant col­lec­tions I wish I had. The col­or­ful scenes fea­ture tall suc­cu­lents and flow­er­ing cacti, neatly pot­ted and sit­ting on a geo­met­ric floor.  They’re healthy and flour­ish­ing, which is more than I can say for some of the plants in my apartment.

Pur­chase these images as prints in Laura’s Etsy shop!

Laura Garcia Serventi

Laura Garcia Serventi






Nancy Liang’s Eerie GIFs are Translated into Gorgeous Fashion Illustration


Nancy Liang (pre­vi­ously) is one of my favorite GIF illus­tra­tors, using an awe­some assort­ment of col­lage mate­ri­als to cre­ate eerie mov­ing pic­tures. She often illus­trates land­scapes, but here are two edi­to­r­ial fash­ion pieces. I love the sur­face design and the sub­tly mov­ing eyeballs.

Won­der­ing how Nancy cre­ates her work? Check out How Did You Do That?, an inter­view series where she shares her process step-by-step.



Delightful Paintings of Clothing Tell Stories About the People Who’ll Wear It

Kaori Seno

Kaori Seno is a Japan­ese illus­tra­tor who cre­ates delight­ful paint­ings of cloth­ing that I wish I owned. There’s intri­cate lace­work, strange pat­terns, and fancy bird brooches woven within the flat­tened, styl­ized views. Note that there’s no one wear­ing these clothes, a fact that’s okay with me. Cloth­ing tells enough of a story on its own—these works speak vol­umes about the type of per­son who’ll wear these charm­ing garments.

Kaori Seno

Kaori Seno



Kaori also paints other sub­jects not related to cloth­ing. I’m not sure I’d eat candy that has eyeballs…






I Envy the Person Who Has “Hidden Garden” in Their Home

Sretan Bor

I want this mural in my apart­ment! Called Hid­den Gar­den, illus­tra­tor Sre­tan Bor painted it in a pri­vate res­i­dence in Croa­tia. It fea­tures a host of dif­fer­ent flora and fauna that wrap around the walls, cre­at­ing an ongo­ing nar­ra­tive that engulfs the room in illus­tra­tion. Fun!

The entire scene is incred­i­bly detailed, and this works in the mural’s favor.  The client, most likely, will look at the piece every­day, so it’s got to be some­thing that they can con­tin­u­ally dis­cover new things in.

Sretan Bor

Sretan Bor






Paper Craft

2 Intricate Cut Paper Illustrations to Admire

If you’ve read this blog for even a lit­tle while, you know that I’m a big fan of cut paper illus­tra­tions. These are two projects—by dif­fer­ent illustrators—that I’ve enjoyed, and I thought you would too!

If you fol­low me on Tum­blr or Insta­gram, then you’ve seen part of these before. Fol­low me to see daily illus­tra­tions that don’t always make it on here!

Sonia Poli:



Pergy Acuña:




Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // Fox Ceramic Sugar Bowl by Noe Marin Stu­dio
2 // Golden Cac­tus Big Tee Tunic by Simka Sol (h/t Per­rin)
3 // Ceramic Minia­ture Mer­maids by Bar­run­tando
4 // Hal­loween Greet­ing Cards Set by Katy Horan
5 // Owl Jars by Manolo Bossi for Bosa
6 // Jun­gle Cat Coast­ers by Kim Siel­beck
7 // Flo­ral Hand Ring Plate by Lind­say Stripling


Ear­lier this week, Big Bud Press released a “Fem­i­nist” Ben­e­fit Pin, with 100% of the sales will be donated to Safe Hori­zon—A vic­tims ser­vice agency offer­ing com­pre­hen­sive domes­tic vio­lence ser­vices to vic­tims of domes­tic abuse.  They’ve sold out, but I’m hop­ing they’ll bring more back. I’d love to snag one for myself.


My boyfriend (Chris) and I are get­ting another cat today! A year and a half after my sweet baby Marge unex­pect­edly passed away, we’re wel­com­ing Sadie, a fluffy cal­ico (pic­tures forth­com­ing) that loves to sleep on your lap. In antic­i­pa­tion for her arrival, I’ve been look­ing for new felt cat toys. Do you have any store rec­om­men­da­tions? I’m lov­ing this selec­tion by Tux and Tabby.


Madalina Andronic’s Beautifully Illustrated “Magic Book”

Madalina Andronic

Sev­eral months ago, I fea­tured the illus­tra­tive ceram­ics of Madalina Andronic. Called The Awe­some Project, the folklore-inspired pieces had me hooked, and I’ve been fol­low­ing her work—2D and 3D alike—ever since.

These beau­ti­ful images below are spreads from Fairy Dust, a “magic book” that she wrote and self-published. Each image depicts a dif­fer­ent super­nat­ural char­ac­ter, adorned with gor­geous pat­tern­ing and ele­gant lines that have a lyri­cal qual­ity to them. Buy it here!

Madalina Andronic

Madalina Andronic








CONTEST: Design a Wall Clock Through Doodlers Anonymous & Blik


Call­ing all artists, illus­tra­tors, and design­ers! My pals over at Doo­dlers Anony­mous teamed up with the folks at Blik to host a fun draw­ing chal­lenge: illus­trate the back­drop of a wall clock!

There’s no theme, style, or color restriction—put your own spin on the cir­cu­lar design! They’ll pick 6 sub­mis­sions, and those win­ning entries will have their art printed on 10″ wall clocks to be sold through Blik and Doo­dlers Anony­mous. A por­tion of the roy­al­ties will go to the lucky artists. See all the guide­lines here.

There’s not much time left! The dead­line is this Fri­day, August 21 at 3pm EST.


Illustrator, Paper Craft

Cut Paper Portraits Transform Pets into 17th Century Aristocrats

People Too

Peo­ple love their pets, so nat­u­rally, they have art­works made in their honor. Russian-based illus­tra­tors Alexey Lya­punov and Lena Erlich— aka Peo­ple Too—cre­ated a delight­ful series that imag­ines their clients’ ani­mals as dec­o­rated war heroes, dainty ladies, and learned fel­lows.  They’re totally imag­i­na­tive and con­structed entirely out of paper. The cre­ative pair lay­ered col­ors and cutouts, pro­duc­ing 3D por­traits rem­i­nis­cent of his­tor­i­cal paint­ings from the 17th or 18th cen­tury.  Check out their work in progress below!

People Too

People Too