The Color Series | 10 Ways Purple Electrifies Illustrations, from Lilac to Violet

Purple illustrations

After tak­ing a week off, it’s nice to return to The Col­or Series. Unfa­mil­iar with what that is? Over the past sev­er­al weeks, I’ve chron­i­cled illus­tra­tion, embroi­dery, and sketch­books that over­whelm­ing­ly use one col­or in their com­po­si­tions. (If you’ve missed my pre­vi­ous picks, check out blue, pink, green.) Now, help­ing to round this series out are pur­ple illus­tra­tions.

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Brown Paper Bag Is on Vacation (from July 17 to July 21)

Illustration by Ellen Surrey

Ellen Surrey

Brown Paper Bag is taking a short break from July 17 to July 21.

If you’re read­ing this, I’m prob­a­bly on vaca­tion in Cal­i­for­nia! I’m deter­mined to unplug while I’m there—easier said than done. I’ll be back on Mon­day, July 24 with a con­tin­u­a­tion of The Col­or Series. Have a great week!

(I will be post­ing on Insta­gram through­out the week. Fol­low me there!)

Illustrated products

7 of the Best Creative Products to Illustrate Your Life This Week

The best creative products, July 14

1. Azylis zip­pered pouch by Manuel­la Gon­za­lez
2. A wild bou­quet hoop art by Katy Biele
3. Crea­ture of the Night lock­et by Bon­bi For­est
4. Seduc­tion sculp­ture by Jan­ice Chang
5. Fern print nap­kins by Bon­nie Kaye Stu­dio
6. Stack­able suc­cu­lent ter­rar­i­um rings by Star Strung
7. Cus­tom por­trait pil­low by camelo­tia

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Illustration, Interview

Picture Yourself as One of These Painted Women by Rachel Jo

Illustration by Rachel Jo

Last year, illus­tra­tor Rachel Jo gave her­self an assign­ment. “I decid­ed to chal­lenge myself to do a paint­ing a day for a month in Novem­ber 2016 to real­ly get my style to show some con­sis­ten­cy,” she tells me in an email. “The pro­por­tions of my fig­ures were real­ly wonky and my col­or palette was all over the place.” The 30 days were “dif­fi­cult but reward­ing,” and it’s been a big help in her cur­rent endeav­ors and over­all career.
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Embroideries Appear to Be Created With a Brush Rather Than Needle and Thread

Lauren Singleton floral and text embroidery

When I first came upon the embroi­deries of Lau­ren Sin­gle­ton, aka YesStitchYes, my imme­di­ate thought was, “They look painter­ly!” Her style, with elon­gat­ed leaves and petals, remind me of grace­ful brush strokes rather than lines poked with a nee­dle. Paired with script-style text, this hoop art has a breezy, care­free style to it—one I don’t often see in embroi­dery.

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Illustrated products

7 Creative Products to Illustrate Your Life This Week

Creative goods, July 7, 2017

1. Bronze lla­ma neck­lace by Dawn­ing Col­lec­tive
2. July but­ter­flies pat­tern PDF by Sarah K. Ben­ning
3. Tiger and lily hand-embroi­dered top by Sam Eldridge
4. Fan palm gold pin by Hem­l­e­va
5. Spring-inspired tote bag by Sylvie Demers
6. Safari by Vogue tem­po­rary tat­too by Tat­tly
7. Dish with woman by Car­o­la Jose­fa

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Intricate Embroidered Illustrations Offer a Playful Twist on Intimate Apparel

Embroidered bralette by Birds & Beestings

Bralettes are en vogue, and I am here for it. One of my favorite iter­a­tions of this trend is the embroi­dered bralette, which com­bines intri­cate stitch­ing with del­i­cate, sheer fab­rics. Emi­ly Parkin­son of Birds & Beestings has an illus­tra­tive take on this type of inti­mate. She stitch­es entire scenes that extend across the chest. Her small but strik­ing col­lec­tion fea­tures embroi­dered prick­ly cac­ti (pre­vi­ous­ly), spot­ted fun­gi, jade snakes, and the art of Hen­ri Rousseau.

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