Illustrated Superhero Cats Just as Lazy as Real Cats

a ke

What if Darth Vad­er played with a ball of string? Would he be as men­ac­ing? Prob­a­bly not. And, as we see in Chi­nese illus­tra­tor A Ke’s work, he is most def­i­nite­ly not. 

Ke’s series re-imag­ines cats in pop­u­lar cul­ture. We see the video game char­ac­ter Mario (Mar­i­cat) has been replaced with a rotund domes­tic short hair. And Issac New­ton (Issac New­cat) isn’t craft­ing any the­o­ries by just rolling around. 

I like Ke’s style of draw­ing, and I also enjoy that these cats are just being cats, dressed up in dif­fer­ent cos­tumes. They are still delight­ful­ly lazy. We think of super­heroes like Bat­man as some­one who answers call to actions. Here? Not so much.

(Via Fast Com­pa­ny)

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