Brown Paper Bag is an illustration-loving blog that celebrates the field in its many forms. 

BPB catalogs illustration, and it’s more than just interested in editorial images you’d see in magazines. Fashion, tattoos, and illustrated products are all important parts of our visual culture and deserve their time to shine.

Brown Paper Bag is run by me, Sara Barnes. I’m an MFA in Illustration Practice alum (2013) and a freelance blogger. In addition to this site, I write for My Modern MetCraftsy, and Scene360

I’ve contributed to Computer Arts Magazine, eBay, and books about illustration. Plus, I’m a practicing illustrator, too. (Always available for freelance projects!) I’ve been featured in Embroidery Magazine, BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas, Uppercase Magazine, and more.

Disclaimer: Brown Paper Bag contains affiliate links on some items featured. This means that if you click through and buy via that special link, I make a little money from the sale. Please note that my choices in products aren’t dictated by these links.
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