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Aitch and Saddo Reimagine The “Memory” Game with Their Folk-Inspired Art

Aitch and Saddo

Did you ever play the game Memory? I used to, and this is the neatest iteration I’ve seen yet. Illustrator Aitch (previously) and artist Saddo collaborated on the all-ages activity by creating colorful cards featuring their beautiful artwork. There are 24 unique scenes on 48 cards that are printed on thick cardboard.

Aitch describes why they created this set, writing, “This March we took a trip to Berlin and in the apartment we rented for a few days we discovered a simple but fun little game – a memory game that we could not wait to play as soon as we got back from the city. We were hooked :)” Once they returned to Romania, they made their own version and adorned it with stuff they love – flowers, plants, birds, animals, patterns.

To fund this project, Aitch and Saddo are trying to raise a modest amount of money through IndieGogo. They’ve sold out of their Memory game, but you can still purchase the original artwork produced for it.

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