Interview: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson Talk about Their New Show

Nicholas Stevenson

Nicholas Steven­son

If I had my druthers, I’d be in Lon­don right now and attend­ing the open­ing for Home Sweet Home at Atom­ica Gallery on Thurs­day. The exhi­bi­tion fea­tures the work of two artists: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Steven­son. They col­lab­o­rated and cre­ated a series of imag­i­nary homes that allows you to indulge on voyeurism that we all love so much.

I find rooms really intrigu­ing (remem­ber how much I love Anna Valdez’s paint­ings?), so you know I’m into the work in this show. Plus, I had the oppor­tu­nity to inter­view Dalinger and Steven­son about Home Sweet Home, which you’ll find below. Their answers are great.

The show is up from August 14 to Sep­tem­ber 11 of this year. Atom­ica Gallery is located at 29 Shorts Gar­dens, Lon­don WC2H 9AP.

Angela Dalinger

Angela Dalinger

Since this exhi­bi­tion cen­ters around voyeurism, do you find your­self actively peo­ple watch­ing, too?

Nicholas: Absolutely, when you’re on the upper deck of a bus in Lon­don, you can see all sorts through win­dows… Usu­ally it’s just real sparse and ugly decor, some­times you think you see some­thing really inter­est­ing but you don’t quite get time to catch it. Is he naked or just wear­ing a pink body suit? Is that a huu­uge cat? I often look at anony­mous doors and dull facades and won­der what goes on inside. My paint­ings try and imag­ine the more excit­ing pos­si­ble scenarios.

Angela: I can’t say that it’s one of my hob­bies to stalk peo­ple, I’m any­way always too afraid they might stare back, maybe from the cor­ner of my eye. When I’m on the bus or train I always feel forced to lis­ten to peo­ples con­ver­sa­tion, even if its the most bor­ing small talk you’ve ever heard.

Nicholas Stevenson

Nicholas Steven­son

I love the dark themes in these images. What do you imag­ine these peo­ples’ lives to be? Who has it worse off?

Nicholas: In my paint­ings there a few insects which appear to be fac­ing per­se­cu­tion. Either the peo­ple are actu­ally very small, or the bugs are very big, but at any rate they don’t seem to be get­ting on too well with each other.

As far as Angela’s work goes, she painted a giant being killed with a gar­den­ing tool in an allot­ment. It’s hard to say whether it was in self defence or not, but I painted the giant a nice funeral, because I got the feel­ing he might have been a lit­tle misunderstood.

Angela: I often try to paint stu­pid peo­ple but when I see the paint­ings I don’t think they are as stu­pid as they are sup­posed to be. They mostly feel mis­placed and stuck in an uncom­fort­able situation.

I think the women in Nicholas paint­ing that seems to have a rela­tion­ship with a giant insect got it worse off, or maybe its my girl in the bath­tub with a hor­ri­ble case of trots.

Angela Dalinger

Angela Dalinger

Before this show opens, you’ve never met Angela face-to-face. How did you get to know her ini­tially, and what do you think it’ll be like once you meet “in real life?”

Nicholas: We met through our blogs, and an obvi­ous affin­ity between our art­work. There’s a cer­tain kind of the very wild, painty brüt illus­tra­tion were both cham­pi­oning and col­lect­ing. I really have no idea what it’ll be like to hang out in real life! But I’m hop­ing we can work on a few last minute pieces for the exhi­bi­tion together and I can show her some good parts of Lon­don. I get the feel­ing we both really like paint­ing, so if all else fails we can do that all week, ha.

Nicolas Stevenson

Nicholas Steven­son

How did you find the process of work­ing vir­tu­ally close with the other per­son? Is this your first time col­lab­o­rat­ing like this? Who started the con­ver­sa­tions of the paintings?

Angela: Actu­ally it was Nicholas that started the con­ver­sa­tion with my paint­ings and its a very great­com­pli­ment to get. He did a funeral paint­ing for my dead giant and let him­self also inspire
by my colour palette, although I didn’t know I have a spe­cific one, but he told me so. I never col­lab­o­rated like this before, I wish I’d have some­one liv­ing near that would come around and spend the evening paint­ing some crazy stuff.

Angela Dalinger

Angela Dalinger


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    Ah! two of my favorite painters! Great read.

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      Glad you enjoyed!

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