Angie Kwon


I walked around the MICA Undergraduate Commencement Exhibition last month and saw some good, promising illustrators coming out of the illustration department. One that I liked was Angie Kwon. Her exhibition included not only the photos of her 3D illustration, but the dolls she made as well.

Angie has a good grasp on character design, and the beautiful photography really helps capture the idiosyncrasies of her  illustrations. I’d definitely be interested in seeing more of her environments, like the house below. There, she does a really nice job of making it feel ethereal and a bit mysterious. The fogginess is impressive to see!

I will definitely be keeping tabs on Angie as time passes. The obvious comparison to her work is Red Nose Studio, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she really makes this lively 3D her own.

All images via her website.

angie angie1 angie3 angie4 angie5 angie6