Bolden” by Jen Collins Has New Ceramic Beauties in the Shop!



Per­son­al­ly, I’m not good at form­ing things out of clay, but I like look­ing at what oth­er peo­ple can do! This entire week on Brown Paper Bag is ded­i­cat­ed to ceram­ics in their var­i­ous forms: sur­face design, sculpt­ed fig­ures, and more. So, let’s get start­ed with Bold­en by Jen Collins.


I’ve long admired Jen Collin’s illus­tra­tions, so when she start­ed mak­ing ceram­ics I was real­ly excit­ed. There’s some­thing incred­i­ble about how draw­ings trans­late into 3D objects, and her line, Bold­en, is no excep­tion. I can imag­ine these things as 2D ren­der­ings; Jen’s sig­na­ture lines and brush strokes make their way onto the hand-formed pieces.

You can buy these delight­ful pieces in the Bold­en shop. Jen tweet­ed that this update is the last for the fore­see­able future, so don’t waste any time!

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