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Linzie Hunter Will Hand Letter Your New Year’s Resolutions

linzie hunter

With the new year comes New Year’s res­o­lu­tions. And why not? It’s such a pos­i­tive, hope­ful time. You think, yes! this year will be bet­ter than the last. It feels like you have a fresh slate. I’ve fea­tured Linzie Hunter’s work before — some­what recently, in fact — and mar­veled at her hand let­tered Unin­spir­ing Posters series. Now, she’s started another project that’s, dare I say, encour­ag­ing? Linzie is hand let­ter­ing your New Year’s res­o­lu­tions!

You can share your res­o­lu­tions with Linzie on Twit­ter, Face­book, or Insta­gram, and she’ll illus­trate them and then post her hand­i­work online. I love this idea. It’s not only a great exer­cise for Linzie, but prob­a­bly helps the per­son who made the com­mit­ment, too. Cause, ya know, if you tell the world that you’re going to grow your first real beard, you bet­ter do it.

linzie hunter linzie hunter linzie-hunter-5 linzie-hunter-2 linzie-hunter-7 linzie-hunter-8 linzie-hunter-9 linzie-hunter-6

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Vicki Turner’s Minimalist Illustrations Inspired by Wandering

Vicki Turner

Vicki Turner is a designer, illus­tra­tor, and maker who has a pas­sion for the nat­ural world. Her refresh­ing style is the result of a few years of world­wide wan­der­ing, and she brings sto­ries to life in a smart, abstract way. Vicki uses sym­bols and min­i­mal­ist design to tell com­plex tales that have mul­ti­ple way of interpretation.

In addi­tion to 2D illus­tra­tions, Vicki also makes things. Her shape-centric work lends itself well to acces­sories like the pin below. Per­fect for some­one who has wanderlust!

Vicki Turner Vicki Turner - Final Vicki-Turner-6 Vicki-Turner-5 Vicki-Turner-7 Vicki-Turner-4

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Bold Flora & Fauna by Illustrator Aino Maija Metsola

aino-maija metsola

If you’re a fan of the brand Marimekko, then you’ll enjoy these designs and illus­tra­tions by Aino-Maija Met­sola. The Helsinki-based cre­ative has col­lab­o­rated with the com­pany since 2006, and her col­or­ful images are seared into my brain as the face of Marimekko. They fea­ture flora, fauna, and geo­met­ric shapes in flat­tened, bold drawings.

You can see much more (includ­ing some fash­ion­able dresses!) on Aino-Maija’s web­site.

aino-maija metsola aino-maija metsola ainomaijametsola-5ainomaijametsola-9 ainomaijametsola-10 ainomaijametsola-11 ainomaijametsola-7 ainomaijametsola-6 ainomaijametsola-8 ainomaijametsola-4


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Cats and Cat Things I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

ll_catvia pris­mera

Hon­estly, I’m sort of shocked that I’ve been post­ing the “Lately and Liked” series for so long and I haven’t writ­ten a post ded­i­cated to cats. Time to rem­edy this!

If you fol­low me on Insta­gram (please do!), you’ve seen that I have two furry babies, Marge and Pauline. Pauline is the most promi­nently fea­tured cat, as she’s a huge ham. I tell myself that my cat inter­net­ting is for them, which has lately ramped up because I’m in the throes of moving.

As I’m sure many you can attest to, there’s noth­ing like mov­ing to make you real­ize not only how much stuff you have, but how old (and gross) some of it is. I’ve been look­ing into new food dishes, and cat nooks for the girls as I real­ize how sad and old some of their stuff is.  Tweet me if there’s some other amaz­ing cat things I’m missing.

ll_tuesdayTimely: Tues­day Bassen’s Valentine’s Day card with Paper­less Post.

silverlining silverlining2 silverlining3Made to order cat totems from Sil­ver Lin­ing Ceram­ics.

ll_kayePorce­lain cat fig­urines by Kaye Blegvad.

ll_catfarmll_catfarm3 ll_catfarm2Hand­made cat­nip toys from The Cat Farm.

ll_diycatbedThis cro­cheted cat bed is totally doable DIY for some­one that know show to cro­chet (I do not).

ll_kivikis ll_kivikis2 ll_kivikis3I am OBSESSED with these felted cat beds by Kivikis.

ll_kittyville2 ll_kittyville ll_kittyville3Mid-century mod­ern cat beds from Like Kit­tyville.

ll_modernistcatll_modernistcat3ll_modernistcat2More mod­ernist cat fur­ni­ture from Mod­ernist Cat. I love the idea of hav­ing a secret space to hide the liter box, and it also use­ful for me, too.


Denis Lelic’s Daily Routine in Pictograms

Denis LelicHow would you describe your day, and would you ever think of express­ing it through the objects/icons you encounter? That’s what designer Denis Lelic did; He drew pic­tograms of his daily rou­tine, which fea­tures a sand­wich, cereal, light­bulbs, an office chair, and more. They are sim­ple, black and white draw­ings that focus on the most sig­nif­i­cant details for easy, quick recog­ni­tion. Lelic writes about his series and states, “Its hard to track every sin­gle detail over a day, but here are some points of mine expressed through pic­tograms and later posters. Some of them are a bit comic but they were my asso­ci­a­tion and trig­gers for my memories.”

All images via his Behance. H/T to the Explore blog.

Denis Lelic Denis Lelic
Denis Lelicsandwich doorHere they all are, in order left to right, top to bottom. all


Ira Glass and The Gap: Listen Once or Listen Again

tasteWho lis­tens to This Amer­i­can Life? Do you? If not, watch this video and then down­load an episode right away. It is by far my favorite pod­cast out, make even bet­ter by its host, Ira Glass.

Sev­eral years ago, this quote from Ira sur­faced about the nature of cre­ative work. Basi­cally, he says you will cre­ate a lot of crap at first. What does he say after? Well, it’s inspir­ing and some­thing that I need to rewatch every few months.

Watch this typo­graphic inter­pre­ta­tion of the quote cre­ated by Daniel Sax. It’s a beau­ti­ful inter­pre­ta­tion of an uplift­ing quote.


My Name is Wendy, Freaks


Typog­ra­phy and illus­tra­tion aren’t mutu­ally exclu­sive. The two inter­twine as we see illus­tra­tors and design­ers alike cre­at­ing hand drawn, one-of-a-kind type. My Name is Wendy is a French group formed from the col­lab­o­ra­tion of two inde­pen­dent graphic design­ers, Car­ole Gau­tier and Eugénie Favre. Together, they cre­ate visual iden­ti­ties, pic­tures, pat­terns and printed material.

Freaks is My Name is Wendy’s cus­tom alpha­bet using vec­tor shapes and sketches. On their web­site, they explain it as, “...hybridiza­tion that reveals a tense prac­tice between spon­tane­ity “traf­fick­ing” forms (the idea of ​​a form against another but also the idea of ​​travel), home of the acci­dent and the search for a for­mal bal­ance moti­vated.” If you look closely, you can see the push and pull of the graphite and flat shapes. It’s a lovely bal­ance and a really excit­ing typeface.

All images via their web­site. This is just one project — be sure to check out more!

My Name is Wendy

My Name is WendyMy Name is Wendywendy10wendy6wendy9wendy7



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Hvass & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations


Hvass & Han­ni­bal is a multi-disciplinary arts stu­dio based in Copen­hagen. It’s com­prised of duo Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Han­ni­bal, and their clients span con­ti­nents and dis­ci­plines. Much of the work I’m fea­tur­ing on here is dig­i­tal illus­tra­tion, but they do more than that. They work in tex­tiles (there are some quilts below!), pho­tog­ra­phy, and even set design.  I urge you to visit their web­site to see more.

Hvass & Han­ni­bal do not limit them­selves, and instead are hired based on not only visual style, but prob­lem solv­ing. It gives them free­dom to exper­i­ment with tech­niques and media that con­cep­tu­ally fit what they are doing.

All images via their site. You can also pur­chase things from their shop.

Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal hvass-hannibal5 hvass-hannibal6 hvass-hannibal7 hvass-hannibal8 hvass-hannibal9 hvass-hannibal10 hvass-hannibal11 hvass-hannibal12