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Handcrafted Floral Typography Created Entirely Out of Paper

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Creating typography, in general, is challenging, but it’s even more so when done by hand. Lavanya Naidoo has excelled at producing clean, bold text, and she did it entirely out of paper. Her beautiful piece A Thorn in My Side features black block type paired with sculpted and quilled florals. The visual heaviness of the white petals—that look incredibly realistic—offsets the pink lines to create balance that excites the eye. This piece is even better when viewed from the side because you see all of the great three dimensional details.

Lavanya sells this image as a print through her online shop.

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography
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Linzie Hunter Will Hand Letter Your New Year’s Resolutions

linzie hunter

With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. And why not? It’s such a positive, hopeful time. You think, yes! this year will be better than the last. It feels like you have a fresh slate. I’ve featured Linzie Hunter’s work before – somewhat recently, in fact – and marveled at her hand lettered Uninspiring Posters series. Now, she’s started another project that’s, dare I say, encouraging? Linzie is hand lettering your New Year’s resolutions!

You can share your resolutions with Linzie on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and she’ll illustrate them and then post her handiwork online. I love this idea. It’s not only a great exercise for Linzie, but probably helps the person who made the commitment, too. Cause, ya know, if you tell the world that you’re going to grow your first real beard, you better do it.

linzie hunter linzie hunter linzie-hunter-5 linzie-hunter-2 linzie-hunter-7 linzie-hunter-8 linzie-hunter-9 linzie-hunter-6

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Vicki Turner’s Minimalist Illustrations Inspired by Wandering

Vicki Turner

Vicki Turner is a designer, illustrator, and maker who has a passion for the natural world. Her refreshing style is the result of a few years of worldwide wandering, and she brings stories to life in a smart, abstract way. Vicki uses symbols and minimalist design to tell complex tales that have multiple way of interpretation.

In addition to 2D illustrations, Vicki also makes things. Her shape-centric work lends itself well to accessories like the pin below. Perfect for someone who has wanderlust!

Vicki Turner Vicki Turner - Final Vicki-Turner-6 Vicki-Turner-5 Vicki-Turner-7 Vicki-Turner-4

Design, Illustration

Bold Flora & Fauna by Illustrator Aino Maija Metsola

aino-maija metsola

If you’re a fan of the brand Marimekko, then you’ll enjoy these designs and illustrations by Aino-Maija Metsola. The Helsinki-based creative has collaborated with the company since 2006, and her colorful images are seared into my brain as the face of Marimekko. They feature flora, fauna, and geometric shapes in flattened, bold drawings.

You can see much more (including some fashionable dresses!) on Aino-Maija’s website.

aino-maija metsola aino-maija metsola ainomaijametsola-5ainomaijametsola-9 ainomaijametsola-10 ainomaijametsola-11 ainomaijametsola-7 ainomaijametsola-6 ainomaijametsola-8 ainomaijametsola-4


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Cats and Cat Things I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

ll_catvia prismera

Honestly, I’m sort of shocked that I’ve been posting the “Lately and Liked” series for so long and I haven’t written a post dedicated to cats. Time to remedy this!

If you follow me on Instagram (please do!), you’ve seen that I have two furry babies, Marge and Pauline. Pauline is the most prominently featured cat, as she’s a huge ham. I tell myself that my cat internetting is for them, which has lately ramped up because I’m in the throes of moving.

As I’m sure many you can attest to, there’s nothing like moving to make you realize not only how much stuff you have, but how old (and gross) some of it is. I’ve been looking into new food dishes, and cat nooks for the girls as I realize how sad and old some of their stuff is.  Tweet me if there’s some other amazing cat things I’m missing.

ll_tuesdayTimely: Tuesday Bassen’s Valentine’s Day card with Paperless Post.

silverlining silverlining2 silverlining3Made to order cat totems from Silver Lining Ceramics.

ll_kayePorcelain cat figurines by Kaye Blegvad.

ll_catfarmll_catfarm3 ll_catfarm2Handmade catnip toys from The Cat Farm.

ll_diycatbedThis crocheted cat bed is totally doable DIY for someone that know show to crochet (I do not).

ll_kivikis ll_kivikis2 ll_kivikis3I am OBSESSED with these felted cat beds by Kivikis.

ll_kittyville2 ll_kittyville ll_kittyville3Mid-century modern cat beds from Like Kittyville.

ll_modernistcatll_modernistcat3ll_modernistcat2More modernist cat furniture from Modernist Cat. I love the idea of having a secret space to hide the liter box, and it also useful for me, too.


Denis Lelic’s Daily Routine in Pictograms

Denis LelicHow would you describe your day, and would you ever think of expressing it through the objects/icons you encounter? That’s what designer Denis Lelic did; He drew pictograms of his daily routine, which features a sandwich, cereal, lightbulbs, an office chair, and more. They are simple, black and white drawings that focus on the most significant details for easy, quick recognition. Lelic writes about his series and states, “Its hard to track every single detail over a day, but here are some points of mine expressed through pictograms and later posters. Some of them are a bit comic but they were my association and triggers for my memories.”

All images via his Behance. H/T to the Explore blog.

Denis Lelic Denis Lelic
Denis Lelicsandwich doorHere they all are, in order left to right, top to bottom. all


Ira Glass and The Gap: Listen Once or Listen Again

tasteWho listens to This American Life? Do you? If not, watch this video and then download an episode right away. It is by far my favorite podcast out, make even better by its host, Ira Glass.

Several years ago, this quote from Ira surfaced about the nature of creative work. Basically, he says you will create a lot of crap at first. What does he say after? Well, it’s inspiring and something that I need to rewatch every few months.

Watch this typographic interpretation of the quote created by Daniel Sax. It’s a beautiful interpretation of an uplifting quote.


My Name is Wendy, Freaks


Typography and illustration aren’t mutually exclusive. The two intertwine as we see illustrators and designers alike creating hand drawn, one-of-a-kind type. My Name is Wendy is a French group formed from the collaboration of two independent graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre. Together, they create visual identities, pictures, patterns and printed material.

Freaks is My Name is Wendy’s custom alphabet using vector shapes and sketches. On their website, they explain it as, “...hybridization that reveals a tense practice between spontaneity “trafficking” forms (the idea of ​​a form against another but also the idea of ​​travel), home of the accident and the search for a formal balance motivated.” If you look closely, you can see the push and pull of the graphite and flat shapes. It’s a lovely balance and a really exciting typeface.

All images via their website. This is just one project – be sure to check out more!

My Name is Wendy

My Name is WendyMy Name is Wendywendy10wendy6wendy9wendy7



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Hvass & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations


Hvass & Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary arts studio based in Copenhagen. It’s comprised of duo Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal, and their clients span continents and disciplines. Much of the work I’m featuring on here is digital illustration, but they do more than that. They work in textiles (there are some quilts below!), photography, and even set design.  I urge you to visit their website to see more.

Hvass & Hannibal do not limit themselves, and instead are hired based on not only visual style, but problem solving. It gives them freedom to experiment with techniques and media that conceptually fit what they are doing.

All images via their site. You can also purchase things from their shop.

Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal Hvass & Hannibal hvass-hannibal5 hvass-hannibal6 hvass-hannibal7 hvass-hannibal8 hvass-hannibal9 hvass-hannibal10 hvass-hannibal11 hvass-hannibal12