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Illustrator Abbey Lossing Makes It Personal with Her Stylish Portraits

Abbey Lossing digital illustration

If you’ve fol­lowed my Insta­gram for a while, you’ve prob­a­bly seen the work of Abbey Loss­ing. I became enam­ored with her por­traits that com­bine styl­ish ensem­bles, a lim­it­ed col­or palette, and nature-inspired motifs. By day, she’s a staff illus­tra­tor and ani­ma­tor at Vice News, but she also main­tains an active port­fo­lio of per­son­al work.

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Embroidery, Illustration, Paper Craft, The Color Series

The Color Series | 20 Artworks That Cloak Their Compositions in Blue

Blue illustrations

You can’t under­state the impor­tance of color—especially in art. It wields its pow­er in all sorts of ways, from set­ting the mood to giv­ing us impor­tant visu­al clues. Over the next sev­er­al weeks, I’ll share a selec­tion of illus­tra­tion, paper craft, and embroi­dery that over­whelm­ing­ly uses one hue in its com­po­si­tion. Called The Col­or Series, first up are blue illus­tra­tions.

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Tropical Summer Scenes That’ll Make You Want to Escape to the Beach

Summer illustrations by Angela McKay

Today is the longest day of the year, so it seems fit­ting share the work of Angela Mck­ay, aka ohkii stu­dio. Based in Brook­lyn but hail­ing from Aus­tralia and Thai­land, her gouache and water­col­or paint­ings fea­ture sun­ny scenes of swim­ming and trekking through lush trop­i­cal gar­dens. If you’re stuck inside all day (as I am), each of these sum­mer illus­tra­tions will offer a momen­tary reprieve from the com­put­er screen.

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Julia Iredale Fuses Gorgeous Technique with What Lives Inside Our Heads

Surreal illustration by Julia Iredale

Over a year ago, I first mar­veled at the curi­ous work of Van­cou­ver-based illus­tra­tor Julia Iredale. Her sur­re­al illus­tra­tion style fus­es land­scapes and fig­ures into sin­gu­lar­ly com­pelling scenes. While Julia hasn’t depart­ed from her visu­al lan­guage, she’s con­tin­ued to refine it with a new body of work. Rather than cre­at­ing full-bleed illus­tra­tions, she plays raw edges to pro­duce pieces that deft­ly con­vey lucid dream­ing and mem­o­ries you can’t quite shake.

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Illustration, Sketchbooks

Celebrity Names Combined with Animals is a “Punny” Creature Hybrid

Celebrity Animal Puns by Lee May Foster-Wilson

Yes­ter­day, I wrote about the ambi­tious #100­daypro­ject of Cheryl Teo—she’s in the midst of build­ing vibrant cut paper scenes on match­book-sized stages. Illus­tra­tor Lee May Fos­ter-Wil­son, aka Bon­bi For­est, is also com­plet­ing this hun­dred day endeav­or. She’s going the 2D route, how­ev­er, and designed a project around celebri­ty ani­mal puns. Justin Beaver, Spaniel L. Jack­son, and Lla­ma Del Rey are just a few of the “pun­ny” crea­tures that she’s drawn.

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Intuitive Illustrations are Collision of Color, Pattern, and Cats

Interior Illustrations by María Luque

Art of art. That’s how I describe some of my favorite inte­ri­or illus­tra­tions by María Luque. The draw­ings and paintings—a blend of col­or pen­cils, mark­ers, and acrylics—feature peo­ple liv­ing and inter­act­ing with art, and many times they’re accom­pa­nied by an ani­mal who is seri­ous­ly tak­ing up their per­son­al space. Either way, I want to go to the places she illus­trates.

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Famous Ladies’ Portraits Pay Homage to Pioneering Women—While Inspiring Us to Do the Same

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Famous Ladies is an illus­trat­ed homage,” Alexan­dra Beguez writes, “to some of the most influ­en­tial and inspir­ing women in STEM, lit­er­a­ture, the visu­al and per­form­ing arts, sports, and explo­ration.” The strik­ing pen-and-ink draw­ings cap­ture faith­ful like­ness­es of these incred­i­ble women who, as Alexan­dra says, “paved the way for future gen­er­a­tions of women and men alike to work towards their dreams.”

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12 Inspiring Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Best Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Insta­gram is my go-to social media—not only for the sto­ries and updates, but as a source to find new and excit­ing illus­tra­tors. I love the insight it gives into a creative’s process as well as their lat­est work. If you too are on social net­work, here are some of the best illus­tra­tors on Insta­gram. Each shares a snip­pet of their work, process, and life that encap­su­lates the essence of their visu­al lan­guage.

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