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Nathalie Lété’s Busy Paintings Make Great Illustrated Products

See that spot­ted dog in the paint­ing above? I love ‘em. And hon­estly, it’s the first thing I noticed when look­ing at Nathalie Lété’s work… like I have some sort of 6th sense for that type of thing. Her paint­ings are full of quirky objects  set against pat­terned back­grounds. They are busy, but so much […]

Laura Knight’s Elegant Ink Drawings of Staffordshire Figures

I posted the above illus­tra­tion on my Insta­gram (@brwnpaperbag) recently, but I like it so much that I had to share it here. British graphic artist Laura Knight painted these por­traits that are inspired by Stafford­shire Fig­ures, a pop­u­lar tchotchke for some­one to have in their home. I’m famil­iar with these types of things after hav­ing vis­ited many antique […]

There’s a Palpable Energy to Miroco Machiko’s Painted Animals

In some works of art, you can tell that the illus­tra­tor has really attacked the image. Not in a bad or destruc­tive way, of course, but there’s a pal­pa­ble energy left on the page. That’s how I feel when I look at the illus­tra­tions by Miroco Machiko. The loose, painterly style fea­tures dif­fer­ent crea­tures in abstracted ways. We see […]

Emily Isabella’s Adorable Portraits Use Real Flowers for Their Hairdos

Paint­ing and flow­ers, sep­a­rately, are two won­der­ful things. But, bet­ter yet, Emily Isabella com­bines both of ‘em with her Plant Peo­ple. She paints their faces and wardrobes and uses a myr­iad of flow­ers for their hair­styles. We see small, del­i­cate pods as well as larger, broad petals that sig­nify longer locks. I love how the blooms are arranged just so, and […]

The Visually Dizzying Works of Husmann/Tschaeni

I don’t know how best to describe these works (are they paint­ings? par­tially pho­tographs?) by Husmann/Tschaeni, so I’ll just let them speak for them­selves. The in-your-face color, tex­ture, and pat­terns are a dizzy­ing com­bi­na­tion that I find cap­ti­vat­ing. They draw me in and I can’t look away. See more images on Husmann/Tschaeni’s web­site, which includes equally as […]

Kris Chau’s Lyrical Lines and Ethereal Sketches

I was first intro­duced to Kris Chau’s work when I was in under­grad. She was a guest pro­fes­sor for a “lifestyle” illus­tra­tion class I was tak­ing, and I fell in love with her way of draw­ing. Chau uses beau­ti­ful lines through­out each piece that have a lyri­cal feel to them.  And when she’s not doing that, she peppers […]

Anna Valdez’s Painted Interiors Make Me Wish They Were My House

I first saw the work of Anna Valdez over on Boooooooom, and I can’t seem to get them out of my head. The metic­u­lous detail, mash up of pat­terns, tex­tures, and plants that inhab­i­tant her inte­rior spaces are a delight to view. Boy, do I wish I had that col­lec­tion of rugs and plates…  

Smocking and Glazing, All on Sheets by Maria Britton

In 2010, I attended the Ver­mont Stu­dio Cen­ter for an artist res­i­dency. (To any­one who is con­sid­er­ing apply­ing — you should! I had a great expe­ri­ence.) There, I met Maria Brit­ton, a fel­low artist in a dif­fer­ent stu­dio. At the time, she was paint­ing abstract images on sheets stretched taut over stretcher bars. Fast forward […]

Lauren Satlowski’s Subversive and Saccharine Figures

For some time now, I’ve pined over the works of Lau­ren Sat­lowski. Her tech­nique, the odd sub­ject mat­ter, and the sac­cha­rine col­ors appeal to me in a very vis­ceral way. I hes­i­tate to label her work as a jux­ta­po­si­tion of ugly/beautiful, but that’s the best way I can describe it. Using jewel-toned hues and photo-realistic […]