Denis Lelic’s Daily Routine in Pictograms

Denis LelicHow would you describe your day, and would you ever think of expressing it through the objects/icons you encounter? That’s what designer Denis Lelic did; He drew pictograms of his daily routine, which features a sandwich, cereal, lightbulbs, an office chair, and more. They are simple, black and white drawings that focus on the most significant details for easy, quick recognition. Lelic writes about his series and states, “Its hard to track every single detail over a day, but here are some points of mine expressed through pictograms and later posters. Some of them are a bit comic but they were my association and triggers for my memories.”

All images via his Behance. H/T to the Explore blog.

Denis Lelic Denis Lelic
Denis Lelicsandwich doorHere they all are, in order left to right, top to bottom. all