Gizem Vural Has Me Wishing It Were Spring Already


Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing the work of a different illustrator each afternoon (EST!). So today, let’s look at the work of Gizem Vural. She reached out to me through Twitter, and her bright and dreamy landscapes have me wishing that it was spring already. I’m sure she does too, seeing that she lives in upstate New York!

I enjoy her fantastical images that feature ladies, especially when they are on a magical journey.

Check out her Behance page or follow her on Tumblr!

G. VuralGizem VuralG. VuralGizem VuralGizem G. VuralG.VuralGizemG. VuralGizem Vural