Happy Red Fish’s Collaged Houses Held by Forcefields


Build­ings and thread. Two things I love. Oh, and col­lage too. Given these pref­er­ences, it’s no sur­prise that I really enjoy the work of Happy Red Fish, aka Hagar Vardimon-van Heum­men. This Ams­ter­dam based designer adores the com­bi­na­tion of paper and embroidery.

Thread can act as another way to draw a line or to build a struc­ture. So, it’s appro­pri­ate that Heum­men uses it in this con­text, and the thin marks cre­ate a unique exoskele­ton to each build­ing. That, or they act as a force­field that holds these homes in place. Either way, I am really intrigued by these beau­ti­ful works.

Visit the Happy Red Fish shop for orig­i­nal, hand-threaded collages.

Climbing Climbing_detail_2

Dripping Dripping_detail

Float_1 Float_1_detail


On-the-shore On-the-shore_detail





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