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Header Picture Project: Featuring Erin Zingré!


Did ya’ll notice the awesome new header at the top of the page? For the month of April, I’m so pleased to introduce Erin Zingré’s awesome trashy horror movie illustration as part of the Header Picture Project. Each month, I ask a new and talented creative to craft an image that revolves around the brown paper bag.


I absolutely love Erin’s work! As always, it’s available in a full image as a petite 4″ x 6″ picture print. Check it out in the Header Picture Project store, where you can also purchase work by Perrin.

Below is a short interview I did with Erin. She provided me with some in progress shots, which is always a treat to see.

Name: Erin Zingré
Location: Dallas, TX
Website: www.erinzingre.com
What was your dream job when you were 7 years old? When I was 7, my dream job was a total toss up; I always waffled between wanting to be a cartoonist and an archaeologist. On the one hand, I loved to spend evenings drawing cartoons of this weird creature named George Elk. On the other hand, I loved learning about ancient Greece and Egypt, and even spent a few weeks building a life-sized paper replica of King Tut’s death mask with my dad. To an extent both of those interests have definitely shaped where I ended up today. I still love making silly, cartoonish images, and fostering knowledge about ancient civilizations and their mythologies have definitely informed the character design I do today.
Your profession now: Currently I’m a graphic designer at the best design firm evar, Tractorbeam. It’s such a fun place to work; has really diverse, challenging projects; and the people there are so great. We also have an office Razor scooter circa 1997 on which we all have races around the office. So, ya know, can’t beat that.


What’s your favorite thing to draw? I definitely love drawing silly creatures the most. I tend to be pretty OCD is most facets of my life, so I find it really cathartic and exciting to lose myself drawing whatever monsters spring forth as I’m sketching and then imagining a narrative around that particular creature.
What was the inspiration for this piece? The inspiration for this piece actually came as I was doing the dishes a couple weeks ago. As I was cleaning the kitchen, I found a half-eaten bagged lunch that had been sitting on my counter for over a week… suffice to say, the half-eaten sandwich had turned pretty gnarly. When you gave me the illustration prompt “…And It Came from Inside of the Bag” the visual of that gross, half-eaten sandwich immediately popped into my head. I started to imagine the sandwich being the villain in a trashy, B-horror movie.


How did you create your illustration? Was it any different than your regular process? I started this illustration by researching a lot of vintage, campy horror movie posters. I wanted the illustration to feel gritty and the colors to be really obnoxious and abrasive. I did a lot of ink sketches of gross sandwich monsters (which was a total delight!) before landing at one that felt appropriately scary and a lil’ derpy. After scanning in my ink drawings, I start compositing and coloring everything in Photoshop. This process differed slightly than some of my other illustrations, which start out as vector illustrations that I then fine-tune in Photoshop.


The moldy sandwich is great. How do you think he became possessed? Haha thank you! I like to imagine that the hormones and preservatives injected in the turkey meat festered, causing the sandwich to become radioactive, mutating into a sentient beast. Enraged and feeling abandoned that he was the only food stuff not eaten for lunch, he seeks vengeance upon the person who left him to mold. Only when he is eaten will the sandwich be at peace.
Do you enjoy watching campy horror films? If so, what’s your favorite? Yeah, I definitely enjoy a good campy horror film. Rocky Horror Picture Show will probably always be my favorite. As a young’n, I also really liked the movie The Man with Two Brains. “Get that cat out of here!”

Thanks Erin! Now, go buy her print!