Hero-Glyphics by Josh Lane

Josh Ln  - Hero-Glyphics

I don’t really consider myself “nerdy” (whatever that means anymore, anyways), and have relatively little knowledge of superheros aside from what I remember growing up in the 80’s/90’s. Or, now, what I can glean from my boyfriend. So, I am happy to say that I understand nearly all of the references in Josh Lane‘s series Hero-Glyphics.

Josh takes various super heroes, villains, and mutants and combines them with the ancient Egyptian writing system, hieroglyphics. Their proportions and stances are similar to what you’d see on actual hieroglyphics. These, of course, are more detailed and colorful.

You can buy these images as prints, pillows, t-shirts, and more through Josh’s Society 6 store. Check it out for other pop culture goodies as well.

Josh Ln - Hero-Glyphics Josh Ln - Hero-Glyphics Josh Ln Josh Ln Josh Ln Josh Ln