Hero-Glyphics by Josh Lane

Josh Ln  - Hero-Glyphics

I don’t real­ly con­sid­er myself “nerdy” (what­ev­er that means any­more, any­ways), and have rel­a­tive­ly lit­tle knowl­edge of super­heros aside from what I remem­ber grow­ing up in the 80’s/90’s. Or, now, what I can glean from my boyfriend. So, I am hap­py to say that I under­stand near­ly all of the ref­er­ences in Josh Lane’s series Hero-Glyph­ics.

Josh takes var­i­ous super heroes, vil­lains, and mutants and com­bines them with the ancient Egypt­ian writ­ing sys­tem, hiero­glyph­ics. Their pro­por­tions and stances are sim­i­lar to what you’d see on actu­al hiero­glyph­ics. These, of course, are more detailed and col­or­ful.

You can buy these images as prints, pil­lows, t-shirts, and more through Josh’s Soci­ety 6 store. Check it out for oth­er pop cul­ture good­ies as well.

Josh Ln - Hero-Glyphics Josh Ln - Hero-Glyphics Josh Ln Josh Ln Josh Ln Josh Ln