Ira Glass and The Gap: Listen Once or Listen Again

tasteWho lis­tens to This Amer­i­can Life? Do you? If not, watch this video and then down­load an episode right away. It is by far my favorite pod­cast out, make even bet­ter by its host, Ira Glass.

Sev­er­al years ago, this quote from Ira sur­faced about the nature of cre­ative work. Basi­cal­ly, he says you will cre­ate a lot of crap at first. What does he say after? Well, it’s inspir­ing and some­thing that I need to rewatch every few months.

Watch this typo­graph­ic inter­pre­ta­tion of the quote cre­at­ed by Daniel Sax. It’s a beau­ti­ful inter­pre­ta­tion of an uplift­ing quote.