Josephin Ritschel’s Drawings Illustrate A Slice of Life and More


I recently rediscovered looking at my Flickr on regular basis, and I’m so happy I did. It’s been a treasure trove of good stuff by talented artists that I in turn get to share with you, such as the works of Josephin Ritschel. Ritschel’s works capture a slice of life (like the cat above), illustrate stories about criminal activity, and are also comics, too. In general, find graphite drawings really soothing; I think it’s something about the soft, warm texture that reminds me of days when I was younger and would just spend them drawing. Her works make me feel the same, even if the subject matter is a little unnerving.

Below I’ve shared some of her single drawings, but be sure to check out her Flickr or website to see spreads from her sequential illustrations.

E.1027 Riso Print "Le Corbusier Version"
Oasis 1
Oasis 1
Prinz von Bel Air 2
Prime Russian MagazineSolitude
Future Pforte
Animal Farm
Moby Dick