Illustration, Sculpture

Judy Kaufmann Cloaks Everything in Her Patterned Work

judy kaufmann

Illus­tra­tor Judy Kauf­mann recent­ly unveiled Hel­lo Pat­tern, a col­lec­tion of sur­face designs that she cre­at­ed. It fea­tures a wide selec­tion of geo­met­ric, organ­ic, and typo­graph­ic forms that can be licensed and applied to paper, fab­ric, wood, and walls!

While there are many more pat­terns avail­able on her site, I was drawn to these images where she cloaks the entire scene in her work. It abstracts objects and space in an engag­ing way, and I can imag­ine how her play­ful aes­thet­ic could be used in a vari­ety of projects.

judy_kaufmann3 judy_kaufmann8 judy_kaufmann judy_kaufmann7 judy_kaufmann6 judy_kaufmann5 judy_kaufmann4