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Julian Glander’s Animated GIFs Featuring Glamourous Sandwiches

Julian Glander

I don’t know about you, but boy, did it snow in Baltimore! Schools and businesses were closed and I didn’t leave my apartment for over 24 hours. Julian Glander’s animated GIF of a sandwich snowboarding down a mountain feels oddly appropriate right now.

The snowboarding sandwich GIF isn’t the only sub-related animation that Julian has in his portfolio. He actually created a slew of them for the popular sandwich franchise, Subway. The animations feature $5 Footlongs modeling, in space, getting their portrait painted, and more. I think Julian’s work is hilarious and I love his style. His characters are tactile, settings colorful, and it’s just a lot of fun. I wasn’t aware that Subway had a sense of humor, but these GIFs prove me wrong.

All images via his website. You might remember Julian’s work from the popular Yule Log 2.0 last holiday season.

Julian Glander
Julian Glander
Julian Glander
Julian Glander

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