Karley Feaver’s Assemblage Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Despite the fact that I find the act of taxi­dermy dis­turb­ing, I can’t help but love it, aes­thet­i­cally speak­ing. This is espe­cially true when there is non-traditional spin on it, like the work of New Zealand-based artist Kar­ley Feaver. I love her col­or­ful series Becom­ing Oth­er­wise, a mix­ture of the birds and costume-like adornment.

Karley’s sculp­tures are an assem­blage of mixed media art, as she uses not only taxi­dermy birds, but human hair, gold plated metal, wood, and more. Her web­site fea­tures a state­ment about the series. Here’s a snippet:

Through the ages peo­ple have made beau­ti­ful things for them­selves and oth­ers by using mate­ri­als from their nearby envi­ron­ment. Birds are known to do the same, espe­cially when seek­ing to attract a mate. Feaver’s new works bring the image of beauty almost to the edge of absur­dity, their appear­ance is both bizarre and extra­or­di­nary, unlike any other crea­ture on earth.

While explor­ing the idea of trans­for­ma­tion and adorn­ment, Feaver’s cur­rent inter­ests rest in nature’s abil­ity to sur­vive in dif­fer­ent forms by adapt­ing, adjust­ing and mutat­ing into an increas­ingly man-made environment.

Kar­ley has an unusual way of using hair on these small crea­tures. She forms it in such a way that it becomes a neck­lace, scarf and more.

All image via Saatchi, where you can pur­chase her work.

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy



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