Karley Feaver’s Assemblage Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Despite the fact that I find the act of taxidermy disturbing, I can’t help but love it, aesthetically speaking. This is especially true when there is non-traditional spin on it, like the work of New Zealand-based artist Karley Feaver. I love her colorful series Becoming Otherwise, a mixture of the birds and costume-like adornment.

Karley’s sculptures are an assemblage of mixed media art, as she uses not only taxidermy birds, but human hair, gold plated metal, wood, and more. Her website features a statement about the series. Here’s a snippet:

Through the ages people have made beautiful things for themselves and others by using materials from their nearby environment. Birds are known to do the same, especially when seeking to attract a mate. Feaver’s new works bring the image of beauty almost to the edge of absurdity, their appearance is both bizarre and extraordinary, unlike any other creature on earth.

While exploring the idea of transformation and adornment, Feaver’s current interests rest in nature’s ability to survive in different forms by adapting, adjusting and mutating into an increasingly man-made environment.

Karley has an unusual way of using hair on these small creatures. She forms it in such a way that it becomes a necklace, scarf and more.

All image via Saatchi, where you can purchase her work.

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy

Karley Feaver - Taxidermy