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Kris Chau’s Lyrical Lines and Ethereal Sketches

kris chau

I was first introduced to Kris Chau’s work when I was in undergrad. She was a guest professor for a “lifestyle” illustration class I was taking, and I fell in love with her way of drawing. Chau uses beautiful lines throughout each piece that have a lyrical feel to them.  And when she’s not doing that, she peppers her work with lovely patterns.

If you check out Chau’s blog, she does a lot of sketching. I’ve included some of them here, and they are handled more loosely than her paintings. She couples this treatment with ethereal depictions of goddesses, mermaids, and spirits.  It creates an appropriately dreamlike world.

Instagram alert: she has one. Follow her! (And how about me, while you’re at it?)

kris chau

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