Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings Contain Intricate Details by Michelle Morin

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I really love nature, ya’ll. Although I live in a city, it’s comforting to me to spend time in the grass and underneath the trees. I was in Cleveland this past weekend (see my Instagram) near Lake Erie, and it was great sitting on a rock and overlooking the vast body of water. This love is partially why I enjoy the work of Michelle Morin so much. She illustrates different flora and fauna in bright colors and patterns using water-based media.

Morin worked for many years in the horticultural field to cultivate a relationship with plants, wildlife, and their idiosyncrasies. She writes:

With many years designing and maintaining gardens, I have narrowed my primary focus to nature as a subject to reference. I work to convey the beauty and complexities of nature using texture, pattern, and narrative elements throughout my work, which range from elaborate watercolor and gouache compositions…

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