More Textile-ish Things I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Bodega Bags with embroidery

Embroidered bags you’d get at your local bodega/corner store. Who is the artist that did this? I only found this piece on the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Facebook.

I love a theme, and it seems this week has been full of textiles. So, why not end as we began? Here are some more textile-ish things that I’ve seen lately and liked. They include rugs, coasters, even embroidery on plastic bags.

Textiles are a very comforting thing to me. I think it’s because we can wrap ourselves in them. They are generally made of fabric, so they provide warmth. (I’m always cold.) My mom did a lot of crafty stuff when I was growing up, so often times I find these things nostalgic.

Most of what I include in these posts are what I’m pinning on Pinterest. Follow me on there to see more what I’m liking each week.

Cresus Artisanat Cresus Artisanat Cresus Artisanat

Needlepoint coasters by  on Etsy.

Brent Wadden Brent WaddenBrent Wadden

Brent Wadden’s Alignment(s), various woven fibers.

Jimena Palacios Jimena Palacios Jimena Palacios

Textile designs by Jimena Palacios via Behance.

Joanne Arnett Joanne Arnett Joanne Arnett

Woven mugshots by Joanne Arnett. H/T The Jealous Curator.

And, finally, this is a project that’s been in the works for awhile. It is a collaborative piece of fabric that has been traveling around to some talented embroidery artists and illustrators. Laura McKellar is the newest addition, adding the woman in the corner. Sarajo Frieden and Lorena Marañón also have taken part on this piece! Sarajo’s are in the top left corner, while Lorena’s addition has the beads.

The whole thing will launch at the end of this October with some more surprises. Follow it on my Flickr for the time being!

'Sampler' collaborative embroidery - new addition - Laura McKellar

'Sampler' collaborative embroidery - new addition - Laura McKellar