More Textile-ish Things I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Bodega Bags with embroidery

Embroi­dered bags you’d get at your local bodega/corner store. Who is the artist that did this? I only found this piece on the Bom­bay Sap­phire Arti­san Series Face­book.

I love a theme, and it seems this week has been full of tex­tiles. So, why not end as we began? Here are some more textile-ish things that I’ve seen lately and liked. They include rugs, coast­ers, even embroi­dery on plas­tic bags.

Tex­tiles are a very com­fort­ing thing to me. I think it’s because we can wrap our­selves in them. They are gen­er­ally made of fab­ric, so they pro­vide warmth. (I’m always cold.) My mom did a lot of crafty stuff when I was grow­ing up, so often times I find these things nostalgic.

Most of what I include in these posts are what I’m pin­ning on Pin­ter­est. Fol­low me on there to see more what I’m lik­ing each week.

Cresus Artisanat Cresus Artisanat Cresus Artisanat

Needle­point coast­ers by  on Etsy.

Brent Wadden Brent WaddenBrent Wadden

Brent Wadden’s Align­ment(s), var­i­ous woven fibers.

Jimena Palacios Jimena Palacios Jimena Palacios

Tex­tile designs by Jimena Pala­cios via Behance.

Joanne Arnett Joanne Arnett Joanne Arnett

Woven mugshots by Joanne Arnett. H/T The Jeal­ous Cura­tor.

And, finally, this is a project that’s been in the works for awhile. It is a col­lab­o­ra­tive piece of fab­ric that has been trav­el­ing around to some tal­ented embroi­dery artists and illus­tra­tors. Laura McKel­lar is the newest addi­tion, adding the woman in the cor­ner. Sarajo Frieden and Lorena Marañón also have taken part on this piece! Sarajo’s are in the top left cor­ner, while Lorena’s addi­tion has the beads.

The whole thing will launch at the end of this Octo­ber with some more sur­prises. Fol­low it on my Flickr for the time being!

'Sampler' collaborative embroidery - new addition - Laura McKellar

'Sampler' collaborative embroidery - new addition - Laura McKellar


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