Mutual Tunnels by Jun Cen

mutual tun­nels from Jun Cen on Vimeo.

Jun Cen and I both recently grad­u­ated from the same pro­gram, MFA Illus­tra­tion Prac­tice.  Dur­ing the sec­ond year of this pro­gram, you pro­pose a year-long project (a the­sis). I had the plea­sure of watch­ing Jun develop Mutual Tun­nels, a short, hand-drawn ani­ma­tion. I was also wit­ness to the count­less draw­ings that he pro­duced for it!

Since our grad­u­a­tion in May, he has con­tin­ued to work and refine Mutual Tun­nels, adding to its mys­tique. Jun has writ­ten about the ani­ma­tion, stating:

The film seems to be exe­cuted in a lin­ear way. How­ever it is not until the end of the story that peo­ple real­ize they have come back to the begin­ning of the story, where the hands of the two pro­tag­o­nists are hold­ing one another. It forms a struc­ture sim­i­lar to a Mobius Strip. If our com­mon sense about the lin­ear char­ac­ter­is­tic of time is cor­rect, ques­tions are raised. What is actual and what is vir­tual in this film? Are all the frag­ments the crys­tals of time that reflect both past and present?

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