Applique Pooch Portraits by Olga Ezova-Denisova

Olga Ezova-Denisova

With a variety of fabrics, Olga Ezova-Denisova creates portraits of animals using an applique technique. They’re fun: dogs are dressed for both cold weather and a day at the beach, and we see them donning scarves, caps, rosy cheeks, and more.

I love the mixing of materials and how they’re handled in a painterly way. Small shapes of fabric create highlights and show the direction of fur. They also define its contours and form. Additional embroidery stitches refine details that give these pieces even more depth.

Olga Ezova-Denisova maroussia2maroussia4 maroussia5 maroussia6maroussia8-8maroussia8 maroussia9maroussia7maroussia3

And these pieces are a combination of linocut and embroidery:

maroussia12 maroussia11maroussia10

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