Stacy Elaine Dacheux’s Series Featuring Typewriter-Written Status Updates

Stacy Elaine Dacheux

Do you have an old type­writer? Where did you find it? Off Craiglist? Did you inherit it? If I had one, I wouldn’t let it go. Yeah, I real­ize it’s a nov­elty now, this aes­thetic, but I still love it.  And, peo­ple don’t use it just to make things look twee. Take Stacey Elaine Dacheux, for instance. She used her type­writer to record her life. Instead of broad­cast­ing it all through social media, she pecked away at some­thing older. She explains:

For the month of Novem­ber, instead of wak­ing up each morn­ing and log­ging onto Face­book, I sat at the round­about in the mid­dle of my street, typ­ing sta­tus updates on my type­writer from 8 am — 9 am.

There, I logged into my actual com­mu­nity, engaged with neigh­bors, reported on find­ings, and mailed off sta­tus updates in the tra­di­tional post.

That’s how the series the round­about was formed. After she was done writ­ing, she cut up what she wrote and sent it on col­laged hand­made post­cards through the snail mail. They are what you see here. If you’re inter­ested in read­ing more about Dacheux, her project was also fea­tured in the LA Times.

Stacy Elaine Dacheux Stacy Elaine Dacheux stacey4 stacey5 stacey6 stacey7 EPSON MFP image

Shimrit Elkanati Says Hello to a Giant Bunny

Nobrow 8: Hysteria

Shim­rit Elka­nati is an Israeli illus­tra­tor whose sweet images are a tinged with a bit of cheek­i­ness. The sub­dued color palette depicts sto­ries for chil­dren and cel­e­brates imag­i­na­tion. We see pen­guins wav­ing at planes and giant friendly rab­bits hop­ping from place to place.

While I like all of Elkanati’s work, I chuck­led at the last two images, which fea­tures a dad who sets some bad exam­ples, like pee­ing in pub­lic and obnox­iously falling asleep in the movies. Her style, how­ever makes it not feel so tacky and actu­ally funny.

Images via Flickr.

on a rabbit's tail

on a rabbit's tail

on a rabbit's tail

on a rabbit's tail

on a rabbit's tail

shimrit elkanati

shimrit elkanati

shimrit elkanati

Illustrated Superhero Cats Just as Lazy as Real Cats

a ke

What if Darth Vader played with a ball of string? Would he be as men­ac­ing? Prob­a­bly not. And, as we see in Chi­nese illus­tra­tor A Ke’s work, he is most def­i­nitely not.

Ke’s series re-imagines cats in pop­u­lar cul­ture. We see the video game char­ac­ter Mario (Mar­i­cat) has been replaced with a rotund domes­tic short hair. And Issac New­ton (Issac New­cat) isn’t craft­ing any the­o­ries by just rolling around. 

I like Ke’s style of draw­ing, and I also enjoy that these cats are just being cats, dressed up in dif­fer­ent cos­tumes. They are still delight­fully lazy. We think of super­heroes like Bat­man as some­one who answers call to actions. Here? Not so much.

(Via Fast Com­pany)

a ke a ke a ke 3026585-slide-s-ake-07 3026585-slide-s-ake-05 3026585-slide-s-ake-04 3026585-slide-s-ake-02 3026585-slide-s-ake-01

A Time Out For Today


Hey ya’ll, I’m gonna have to take a time out on post­ing today. Yes­ter­day, I spent a lot of time at the vet and ulti­mately had to put my young cat, Marge, to sleep. It was a shock and all very sud­den, so need­less to say I’ve fallen behind on my weekly rou­tine. I’m going to spend some extra time hug­ging my other cat, Pauline, and remem­ber­ing what a funny and sweet cat Marge was.

See ya Wednes­day. Thanks, everyone!

Masks, Coffins, Castles, And More… Via Pieter Van Eenoge

'Baldwin with the Iron Arm vs. the Bear of Bruges'

Pieter Van Eenoge’s illustration’s don’t hold a lot back. Color, com­po­si­tion, gen­eral weird­ness… these seem to have it all. I like strange, and enjoy see­ing a bear wear­ing box­ing gloves and eat­ing a choco­late bar, a house full of fish, and a woman ten­derly cradling a gar­den gnome.

Take the time to really delve into Van Eenoge’s work. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

All images via his Flickr.

Hereditary research

Dood van de terrorist

May your 2014 be filled with wonderful surprises!

Autumn flood


I just can't play that hard anymore


Christmas crack-her


Naomi Okubo’s Calamities of Pattern and Color

Naomi Okubo

Naomi Okubo’s paint­ings are a col­li­sion of pat­tern and color, where every­thing is draped in detail. Flat, large fields of color don’t seem to exist and are instead replaced by ornate flower arrange­ments, plaid, and stripes. The visual calamity is what makes her work inter­est­ing, espe­cially as our eye wades through the com­plex image.

Okubo writes that her pieces explore the rela­tion­ship that we have to fash­ion and our appear­ance, espe­cially when the desire to be on trend becomes more impor­tant than other (arguably more impor­tant) facets of our existence.

All images via her web­site.

naomi22 painting naomi2 naomi5 naomi4 Naomi Okubo Naomi Okubo naomi8

Faces I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

Happy Fri­day! Noth­ing deep or insight­ful about today’s post. Just a whole bunch of images with faces I’ve seen lately and liked. Food, art, acces­sories… noth­ing will escape my face-grabbing wrath. Share your favorite faces with me on Twit­ter!

As always, I grab a lot of Friday’s posts off my Pin­ter­est. Fol­low my boards and see what I’m pin­ning through­out the week!







Gizem Vural Has Me Wishing It Were Spring Already


Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t, but for the past cou­ple of weeks, I’ve been shar­ing the work of a dif­fer­ent illus­tra­tor each after­noon (EST!). So today, let’s look at the work of Gizem Vural. She reached out to me through Twit­ter, and her bright and dreamy land­scapes have me wish­ing that it was spring already. I’m sure she does too, see­ing that she lives in upstate New York!

I enjoy her fan­tas­ti­cal images that fea­ture ladies, espe­cially when they are on a mag­i­cal journey.

Check out her Behance page or fol­low her on Tum­blr!

G. Vural Gizem Vural G. Vural Gizem Vural Gizem G. Vural G.Vural Gizem G. Vural Gizem Vural

Jan Manski’s Grotesquely Fascinating “Onania”

Jan Manski

There’s a simul­ta­ne­ous hor­ror and fas­ci­na­tion that goes along with view­ing Jan Manski’s work, specif­i­cally his series titled Ona­nia. In it, ten­ta­cles grow out of faces, and fleshy, putrid-looking skin is jux­ta­posed with a pow­dery pink, like the shade that Mary Kay ladies wear. Fig­ures are on dis­play, and mag­a­zines cov­ers with super­mod­els are muti­lated and ruined. Man­ski has come up with a com­plex back story to accom­pany his work, and it’s pretty bleak. Here’s a snip­pet from it:

Ona­nia hosts an alter­nate real­ity and fer­tile breed­ing ground for
mankind’s most despi­ca­ble mod­ern habits. Nar­cis­sism bred from
fran­tic con­sumer cul­ture is show­nat its most destruc­tive, with
Onania’s inhab­i­tants seek­ing its prime offer­ing — unadul­ter­ated and
unin­ter­rupted plea­sure. Manski’s metic­u­lous and total atten­tion to
minute detail has borne a prod­uct encased in the method­olo­gies of
this emi­nently invit­ing and hos­tile environment.

This series is part one of a tril­ogy. Cur­rently, he’s work­ing on Pos­s­esia and Eugenica will be released in 2015.

Jan Manski magdetail2 magdetail composite3 300 190 composite4

8-Bit Gifs by Dusan Cezek Capture Iconic Movie Moments

dusan cezek

A Life Aquatic

Fact: My twin brother is cur­rently purs­ing his PhD and study­ing film. In prepa­ra­tion for an exam he had to take in his 2nd year, he watched 72 films. 72! And while he has watched many, many films, I am the oppo­site. I’ve seen very few movies, and maybe half of those fea­tured in artist Dusan Cezek’s ani­mated series, Pix­el­woodEven if this is the case, I’m still delighted by these 8-Bit Gifs, which is a tes­ta­ment to Cezek’s ani­mat­ing prowess.  Each image cap­tures famous moments from the par­tic­u­lar film in the flat, pix­e­lated style and makes me eager to find them in their com­pan­ions. (Via design­boom)

dusan cezek


dusan cezek

Dis­trict 9

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fic­tion

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

Total Recall

Total Recall

Fight Club

Fight Club

Fifth Element

Fifth Ele­ment