Fanciful Fashions and Foods by Camilla Perkins

Camilla Perkins

Camilla Perkins is a Brighton-based illus­tra­tor whose images are inspired by “encoun­tered odd­i­ties, whether human, flora or fauna.” The wildly-colorful com­po­si­tions com­bine a dizzy­ing amount of hues, pat­terns, and tex­tures. Camilla’s style is reminiscent/created with print­mak­ing in mind. Most of her illus­tra­tions fea­ture off­set color reg­is­tra­tion, as if each hue is its own layer.

I really love Camilla’s styl­ized por­traits of peo­ple. She draws vibrant pat­terns onto fash­ion­able shirts and pants, pair­ing unlikely gar­ments into awe­some ensembles.

How about a print? Camilla has ‘em for sale in her shop.

Camilla Perkins Camilla Perkins camilla-6 camilla-8 camilla-7 camilla-2 camilla-3 camilla-9camilla-11


Curious Illustrations of Beautiful Women in Odd Situations

Helena Perez Garcia

Helena Perez Garcia’s col­or­ful illus­tra­tions depict beau­ti­ful women in odd sit­u­a­tions. The lush scenes com­bine dec­o­ra­tion and sur­re­al­ism, fea­tur­ing screw-in body parts and lit­tle men inside of heads. They’re lus­cious with gor­geous details, and they’re as intrigu­ing in their conceptually-strange compositions.

Real talk: some­times I wish I had a bunch of heads with dif­fer­ent hair­styles. It’d make get­ting ready much easier!

Inter­ested in own­ing these images as prints? Check out Helena’s shop. (Via This Isn’t Hap­pi­ness)

Helena Perez Garcia Helena Perez Garcia helena-perez-garcia-4 helena-perez-garcia-6 helena-perez-garcia-5 helena-perez-garcia-8 helena-perez-garcia-7

Lately & Liked

My 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // DIY Col­lage Kit by Anthony Zinonos
2 // Felt pizza sticker by Kitiya Palaskas
3 // 2016 Meta­mor­pho­sis Cal­en­dar by Per­rin (for Anthro­polo­gie)
4 // Illus­trated ceramic vase by Kin­ska
5 // Flo­ral Bowl by Jor­dan Sondler
6 // Zoo Troop 128 — Elliot Ele­phant — Merit Badges by Ellen Sur­rey
7 // Lit­tle Mir­ror Girl by The Printed Peanut

Col­lages! A cal­en­dar! Felt piz­zas! This install­ment of “Illus­trated Prod­uct Obses­sions” has some fun stuff, if I do say so myself! The links above will show you where to score these sweet wares.

Have an illus­trated prod­uct you want to share? Take a sec­ond and sub­mit a link!


Colorful Mixed Media Illustrations Tied Together Using Humor


Natalie K. Nel­son is an Atlanta-based illus­tra­tor who isn’t afraid to switch up her choices in media. Depend­ing on the project, she uses pen, ink, paint, and pho­tographs, some­times com­bin­ing them all into her col­or­ful com­po­si­tions. It’s not always easy to to work this way. With so many tools at your dis­posal, things can look dis­jointed. Not Natalie’s illus­tra­tions, though! They look effort­less with all of the ele­ments liv­ing har­mo­niously on the page and/or screen. Humor and joy are the com­mon con­cept thread that ties all of her pieces together.

Natalie K. Nelson Natalie K. Nelson NKN7marching-in_smallNKN10 NKN2 NKN8 NKN1 NKN9After get­ting in touch with Natalie about her work, I found out that she was col­lab­o­rat­ing with my pals Laura and Tom of the Jolly Edi­tion! Natalie cre­ated this Baltimore-centric image for them.



Escape to APAK’s Magical, Mystical Worlds


APAK is an illus­tra­tive col­lab­o­ra­tion between Aaron Piland and Ayumi Kajikawa Piland. They’re self described as a fan­tas­ti­cal mag­i­cal duo, and they’re also mar­ried! The Portland-based cou­ple “live among the fury conifer giants in a lit­tle cot­tage,” and their whim­si­cal cre­ations are a way to explore the beauty and mys­ter­ies of life. This sen­ti­ment is reflected in the col­or­ful com­po­si­tions and del­i­cate, small char­ac­ters that exist in great big worlds.

Love these images? Well, you’re in luck! They’re all avail­able in APAK’s Etsy shop!

APAK APAK apak-11 apak-5 apak-6 apak-9 apak-12 apak-7 apak-10


Fanny Blanc’s Illustrations of Adventure, Intrigue, and Tragedy

Fanny Blanc

Do you like a good story? I always do. Dur­ing the sum­mers when I was a kid, my brother and I would descend upon the pub­lic library and bor­row many a col­or­ful tales. I think that’s part of the rea­son why I respond so well to the illus­tra­tions of Fanny Blanc. They feel as if they’re plucked right from sto­ries of adven­ture, intrigue, and tragedy. I love the styl­ized com­po­si­tions, his­tor­i­cal dress, and her unique color choices. A blue tree? Sure, why not!

Check out Fanny’s blog, too!

Fanny Blanc Fanny Blanc fanny-blanc-4 fanny-blanc-5 fanny-blanc-7 fanny-blanc-6 fanny-blanc-8 fanny-blanc-9 fanny-blanc-10


Paintings by Este MacLeod Will Make Your Day Happier

Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod is a UK-based artist whose works are full of color and per­son­al­ity. They’re cubist-inspired paint­ings that offer beau­ti­ful depic­tions of nature and still lifes, cel­e­brat­ing plants, ani­mals, and idyl­lic land­scapes. They use a flat­tened sense of per­spec­tive which makes their com­po­si­tions com­plex. Every inch of her work is cov­ered in vibrant hues and small shapes.

In her Etsy shop, Este sells prints, note­books, and cards of her art­work. Brighten up your home with some of her vibrant works! How could you look at these and not feel happy?

Este MacLeodEste MacLeod este-5 este-4 este-3 este-2 este-9 este-8este-10

Lately & Liked

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // Grey Cats Silk Blouse by Leah Goren
2 // Cus­tom pack­ing tape by Kate Koep­pel
3 // Sea Life Jour­nal by Sarah Jacoby
4 // Felted Cacti by Katy Pillinger
5 // White Wooden Cat by With Bear Hands
6 // Kitty Tem­po­rary Tat­too by TATTOOTATTAA
7 // Wooden Pret­zel Neck­lace by Whimsy Milieu

Happy Fri­day! Tem­po­rary tat­toos, pret­zel neck­laces, felted cacti… these are just some of my obses­sions this week. What are yours? Sub­mit a link!


Exquisitely Peculiar Garden Illustrations by Claire Mojher

Claire Mojher

Cleveland-based illus­tra­tor Claire Mojher cre­ated this exquis­ite series  that revolves around a gar­den.  Beau­ti­ful and detailed, I’m pulled in by her use of accents and multi-layered com­po­si­tions. You’ve got to look closely to see all of Claire’s handiwork.

Strange and secret things begin to hap­pen in the gar­den once the moon rises,” she writes on Etsy shop. “On tip­toe with gos­samer wings, this tiny sprite flits to and fro, red-winged play­mates in pursuit.”

Pur­chase prints of these pieces in Claire’s Etsy shop.

Claire Claire Mojher


Gorgeous Illustrations of Fashions You’ll Want to Wear

Marcel George

I first spot­ted the work of Mar­cel George on the blog Ape on the Moon and was imme­di­ately drawn to his gor­geous fash­ion illus­tra­tions. I love the use of water­color, and espe­cially how he mixes col­ors and pat­terns. They’re unlikely com­bi­na­tions, and it high­lights Marcel’s sophis­ti­cated eye. He also exer­cises just the right amount of con­trol with the paint. It ebbs and flows and cre­ates the areas of dif­fused pig­ment and tight lines.

Marcel George Marcel George Marcel George Marcel-George-3 Marcel-George-4 Marcel-George-5 Marcel-George-7 Marcel-George-8