Tactile Embroideries Inspired by Vibrant Watercolor Illustrations

Colorful hoop art by Katy Biele

If you’ve read this blog for at least a week, you’ll know that I reserve each Fri­day for my 7 Illus­trat­ed Pro­duct Obses­sions. This week, I’m break­ing from tra­di­tion… most­ly because I’ve been sick all week and find­ing cre­ative goods has elud­ed me. But! That only pro­vides the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share with you Katy Biele’s new vibrant hoop art.

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Illustrated products

Subtly-Knit Animal Scarves Add Some Unexpected Fun to Your Winter Wardrobe

animal scarves by Nina Führer

If you’re in the North­ern hemi­sphere, your every­day attire prob­a­bly con­sists of puffy jack­ets and knit­ted bean­ies. Might I sug­gest anoth­er win­ter addi­tion? Ani­mal scarves by Nina Führer! The sub­tly play­ful prod­ucts fea­ture high-qual­i­ty wool with one unex­pect­ed twist—at the end of each scarf is a knit­ted animal’s head. Cock­a­toos, par­rots, sloths, and cats all lend their like­ness­es to the­se acces­sories. They also dou­ble as a clip to secure the gar­ment into place. This way, you can arrange them to look like they’re perched on your shoul­der.

Nina sells the­se ani­mal scarves in her Etsy shop—just in time for some late win­ter fun.
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Colorful Portraits of Curious People You’ll Want to Meet

Illustrated portraits by Anne M. Bentley

Influ­enced by vin­tage pot­tery, fash­ion, and mid-cen­tu­ry archi­tec­ture, Anne M. Bent­ley paints curi­ous por­traits of mys­te­ri­ous folks. Clad in over­sized sun­glass­es and 70s-inspired out­fits, they pose with big cats, poodles, and feath­ered friends.

Anne’s bright col­ors and bold visu­al approach leave me want­i­ng more. I wish I knew the sto­ries of the­se illus­trat­ed portraits—but, I can always make up my own back sto­ries of the­se peo­ple. That’s part of the fun.

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Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions

Illustrated product obsessions, January 27
1.  Green Cac­tus LED Light by YiaMia
2. Peel­in’ Myself Pin by Katie Turn­er
3. Polar Bear Bracelet by Liten Kan­in
4. Tiger Ves­sel by Bon­nie His­lop
5. I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss by Martha Rich for BlueQ
6. Iris Apfel Birds Socks by Hap­py Socks
7. Hand iPhone Case by Coucou Suzette

Don’t get me wrong… I love my Rifle Paper Co. phone case, but that case by Coucou Suzette? I’m in love.


1 Theme, 5 Ways: Sketchbooks That Are Handheld Works of Art

Illustrated sketchbooks

The sketch­book is a pow­er­ful place. It’s a place where artists and illus­tra­tors can play—try out new tech­niques, sub­ject mat­ter, or even jot down the occa­sion­al note. Many peo­ple prefer to keep the­se books pri­vate, and I don’t blame them. They can be incred­i­bly per­son­al spaces. So, I’m always delight­ed by those who choose to let us in on their sketchbook—it’s like see­ing how someone’s mind works.

There are some who, with lit­tle effort, are able to make every page of their sketch­book look like a fin­ished work of art. The­se books, in turn, are not just places to jot down lists or make a sil­ly doo­dle. Rather, they’re inti­mate gal­leries that trav­el with them as they move through­out the world.

Here are 5 dif­fer­ent illus­tra­tors who take the sketch­book to a whole new lev­el.

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Embroidered Dolls Offer a Tiny Companionship in Everyday Life

Megan Griffiths embroidered dolls

Inspired by “mys­ti­cal folk­lore, Indi­an ani­mal tales, and a love of veg­eta­bles,” illus­tra­tor Megan Grif­fiths cre­ates tiny embroi­dered dolls. The intri­cate totems are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and are adorned with a vari­ety of stitched pat­terns as well as fan­cy attire. They’re wel­come com­pan­ions to the hus­tle and bustle of every­day life.

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Empowering Illustrated Signs from Women’s Marches Around the World

Illustrations for Women's March

Bodil Jane

Unless you were in an iso­la­tion cham­ber this past week­end, you prob­a­bly heard and/or par­tic­i­pat­ed in a Women’s March. I was for­tu­nate to be able to make it to the main Wash­ing­ton, DC event (Bal­ti­more is just an hour train ride away). It was incred­i­ble! The streets were full of peo­ple march­ing for the equal­i­ty of all wom­en, while also protest­ing Don­ald Drumpf’s dis­gust­ing atti­tudes and actions towards wom­en.

Art and activism go hand in hand. The signs I saw were powerful, often incorporating humor or puns to make a point. Some were beautifully illustrated to boot. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen around the web from the marches in DC and around the world.

Carson Ellis

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