Daniela Tieni’s Intriguing Illustrations Feel like Film Stills

daniela tieni

Peo­ple, often long and dark haired women, occupy the strange spaces in Daniela Tieni’s work. The sur­real images fea­ture them wad­ing through vines, stand­ing on cubed struc­tures in the mid­dle of nowhere, and talk­ing to larger-than-life birds. It’s intrigu­ing if not slightly unsettling.

Daniela writes that she loves movies (from the 1950s), which def­i­nitely fits her sub­ject mat­ter. The fash­ion and hair­styles fit that era, and these illus­tra­tions feel like they are snip­pets from a film.

Check out Daniela’s Behance page or her Flickr for more.

daniela-tieni2 daniela tieni daniela tieni daniela-tieni4 daniela-tieni5 daniela-tieni8 daniela-tieni daniela-tieni10 daniela-tieni9

Look Closely at These Busy Patterns by Monica Ramos

monica ramos

Mon­ica Ramos (pre­vi­ously) is a favorite illus­tra­tor of mine, and her tal­ents were recently high­lighted in the Rachel Antonoff Fall 2015 fash­ion show. Pat­terns fea­tur­ing frogs in var­i­ous stages of dis­sec­tion as well as a high school love tri­an­gle adorn a dress, shirt, and jumpsuit.

Maybe you’re ask­ing your­self, “high school love tri­an­gle?” And yes, you read that right. The col­lec­tion is on it! Antonoff tells Women’s Wear Daily, “There’s Fern, the stu­dent who’s hav­ing an affair with her biol­ogy teacher, Sey­mour, who is in love with the botany teacher, Angel­ica, who is in love with Fern.” A bet­ter look at Monica’s pat­terns are below.

rachel antonoff

monica ramos rachel-antonoff-7 rachel-antonoff-8

Here’s a few more pieces from the col­lec­tion. The pat­terns and embroi­dery aren’t by Ramos, but I like ‘em! See the entire show here.

rachel-antonoff-3 rachel-antonoff-2 rachel-antonoff-5rachel-antonoff-9

Collages Split Someone’s Head Open with Beautiful Results

laurindo feliciano

Vin­tage books, mag­a­zines, and post­cards inspire Brazil­ian artist and illus­tra­tor Lau­rindo Feli­ciano. Using these ele­ments, he cre­ates images that are both sur­real and nos­tal­gic. The com­bi­na­tion (and often col­li­sion) of peo­ple, flora, and fauna result in pic­tures that we’ve never seen before.

Laurindo’s arrange­ments are mys­te­ri­ous, beau­ti­ful, and weird, like when he splits open someone’s head to reveal a bou­quet of flow­ers. Stuff like that is what makes pho­to­graphic col­lages great. Pho­tog­ra­phy grounds things in (our) real­ity, but these types of works turn it on its head using simple-but-clever manipulations.

PS! I found Laurindo’s work via the Brown Paper Bag sub­mis­sions page.

laurindo-feliciano-14 laurindo-feliciano-13 laurindo-feliciano-12 laurindo-feliciano-11 laurindo-feliciano-8 laurindo-feliciano-7 laurindo-feliciano-10 laurindo-feliciano-4 laurindo-feliciano-3 laurindo-feliciano-2 laurindo-feliciano-1 laurindo-feliciano-9

Nancy Liang’s Glittering Night Skies in Surreal GIFs


So, when I fea­tured illus­tra­tor Nancy Liang’s night­time col­lage scenes last year, I didn’t real­ize that she was on the cusp of trans­form­ing them into some­thing that’s even more awesome!

Nancy has since ani­mated her land­scapes and added glit­ter­ing lights, sub­tle puffs of smoke, and your not-so-average trav­el­ers. They’re mys­te­ri­ous, charm­ing, and have sur­real ele­ments in them. After all, when was the last time you wit­nessed a boat trav­el­ing across the night sky?

Check out the rest of Nancy’s GIFs on her web­site and Tum­blr. (Via Doo­dlers Anony­mous)

nancy-liang-2nancy-liang-first nancy-liang-3Nancy LiangNancy LiangNancy Liang Nancy Liang Nancy Liang


Turning Flat Pieces of Paper into a Raging Fire

Polly Lindsay

See that rag­ing fire? It’s all con­structed out of paper (although you could prob­a­bly tell that). Polly Lind­say is a London-based illus­tra­tor that uses bright hues in her 3D con­struc­tions. “Most recently I have become fas­ci­nated with paper craft,” she writes on her web­site. “There’s some­thing mag­i­cal in trans­form­ing a flat piece of paper into some­thing tan­gi­ble. I like to use design as a way to inject a bit of fun into peo­ples lives!”

Many of Polly’s works revolve around abstract, geo­met­ric shapes, but most recently she com­pleted a series of GIFs for Mastercard’s Price­less Gallery. Check out Polly’s Tum­blr and Behance pages for more!

polly lindsaypolly lindsaypolly-lindsay-1polly-lindsay-3 polly-lindsay-2 polly-lindsay-6 polly-lindsay-7 polly-lindsay-13 polly-lindsay-10 polly-lindsay-8 polly-lindsay-11 polly-lindsay-9 polly-lindsay-14

Ceramic Greyhounds’ “Tattooed” Coats Read Like Dreams

Brazil­ian artist Eve­lyn Tan­nus paints beau­ti­ful sur­face designs on ele­gant ceramic stat­ues of Grey­hound dogs. She turns their normally-neutral-colored coats to hues like mint green, sky blue, and lilac. In addi­tion, Eve­lyn draws flow­ers, geo­met­ric pat­terns, human fig­ures, and much, much more on the dogs’ bod­ies and heads. I love see­ing how the seem­ingly dis­parate imagery flows together, as if we’re wit­ness­ing her stream of con­scious­ness or dreams.

You can find many more of these cre­ations on her web­site.

evelyn tannus evelyn tannusEvelyn TannusEvelyn-Tannus-7 Evelyn-Tannus-8Evelyn-Tannus-11 Evelyn-Tannus-10 Evelyn-Tannus-9 Evelyn-Tannus-6 Evelyn-Tannus-5 Evelyn-Tannus-4 Evelyn-Tannus-15 Evelyn-Tannus-14 Evelyn-Tannus-12

Eve­lyn also cre­ates dec­o­rated fists. This is my way of say­ing “rock on” and happy weekend!


Surreal Illustrations That Swim in the Unknown

sonia alins miguel

Illus­tra­tor Sonia Alins Miguel cre­ated these sur­real and eerie works titled Dones D’Aigua (trans­la­tion: Water Women), and it makes sense given the sub­ject mat­ter. Naked ladies swim in a gray-blue void. This liq­uid, lim­i­nal space could sig­nify dreams or feel­ings of unknown. And, by the looks on their faces, this could be unwel­come or down­right alarming.

I was imme­di­ately drawn to Sonia’s illus­tra­tions because of the com­po­si­tional push-and-pull. As these ladies’ limbs are out of the water, they are rep­re­sented with crisp lines. But, when they’re under the water, every­thing becomes very dif­fused and distorted.

sonia alins miguel sonia alins miguel SoniaAlinsMiguel-3 SoniaAlinsMiguel-5 SoniaAlinsMiguel-6 SoniaAlinsMiguel-4 SoniaAlinsMiguel-9 SoniaAlinsMiguel-10 SoniaAlinsMiguel-12

Classics Tales Unfolded into Beautiful Illustrations

classics unfolded becca stadtlander

If you’re a fan of clas­sic tales like Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prej­u­dice, then you’ll swoon at these illus­tra­tions by Yelena Bryk­senkova and Becca Stadt­lander. The two (sep­a­rately) painted Clas­sics Unfolded for Frances Lin­coln publishers.

Sto­ries are told in a fold-out con­certina gift for­mat that fea­tures 16 illus­trated frames. The pub­lish­ers describe it say­ing, “every title in this series is like a visual ‘spark notes’: a  learn­ing tool that sim­pli­fies plots into bite-sized pieces, and dou­bles as a beau­ti­ful piece of free­stand­ing art to shelve or frame.”

I love both Yelena and Becca’s styles and think they’re per­fect for this project. Plus, they are real-life friends — what a nice coin­ci­dence (or is it?)!

You can now pre­order these titles for release in March.

yelena-2 classics unfolded becca stadtlander yelena-1

These French Chocolate Bars Have the Best Illustrated Labels

Le chocolat des Français

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love choco­late. LOVE. I can’t seem to turn down sweets, espe­cially in the form of a cup­cake or bar. So, when I found a choco­late brand that fea­tured awe­some illus­tra­tions on their pack­ag­ing, it was the best of both worlds.

Le choco­lat des Français is a French brand that’s made tra­di­tion­ally in a small vil­lage in Ile-de-France, near Paris. Paul-Henri Mas­son art directed these labels, and he employs the tal­ents of many, many illus­tra­tors (see list below). I love the range here. You’ve got bold, col­or­ful labels mixed with fine pen draw­ings. The sub­ject mat­ter varies, but the thread that ties every­thing together is the sense of playfulness.

Le chocolat des Français Le chocolat des Français chocolate-7 chocolate-4 chocolate-3 chocolate-5 chocolate-9 chocolate-8

Illus­tra­tions by: Alexan­dre Doucin, Amélie Wag­ner, Arthur de Pins, Car­o­line Hoël, Edith Car­ron, Emma Valleran, Gaël Davrinche, Gally, Gas­ton de Lapoy­ade, Guil­laume Chauchat, Hervé Di Rosa, Jean-Charles Fré­mont, Jean-Christophe Valleran, Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Jen­nifer Bon­gibault, JLFQD, JUL,Julia Spiers, Julie Joseph, Julien Chheng, Laura Junger, Lau­re­line Gal­liotLau­rene Boglio, Ludovic Faledammade­line peirs­man, Marc socié,Marie Assé­nat, Matthieu Laroussinie, Maud Begon, Miss Bean, Mlle Forma, Mr Wal­ter, Pas­cal Lemaître, Quentin Willi­aume, Remi Wyart, Serge Bloch, Simon Bour­nel Bosson, Sophia Babari, Steffie Bro­coli, Stéphane Maupin, Tizieu,Vic­tor Hussenot, Yas­mine Gateau, Youloune