Guest Post: It’s Monday Again by Team Confetti

I’m really excited about today’s post. Instead of being writ­ten by me, Meike of the won­der­ful blog Team Con­fetti has brought her series It’s Mon­day Again to Brown Paper Bag. So feast your eyes on some beau­ti­ful images to start off the week.


Very nice extension! Photo via: Oon power outlet - Okum

Very nice exten­sion! Via: Oon power out­let — Okum

summer_cupcakes_1 summer_cupcakes_4 summer_cupcakes_3

Hmmmm, so good! Photo via: Oh Joy

Yummm, so good! Via: Oh Joy

wallpaper_1 wallpaper_5 wallpaper_4 wallpaper_3

Cute little wallpaper. Photo via: Kate Zaremba

Cute lit­tle wall­pa­per. Via: Kate Zaremba

fede_saenz_art_1 fede_saenz_art_2 fede_saenz_art_3 fede_saenz_art_4

Beautiful, soft and yet powerful images. via Fede Saenz

Beau­ti­ful, soft and yet pow­er­ful images. Via Fede Saenz


watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_8watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_2 watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_3watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_5watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_6watertower_stjansklooster_zecc_4


From tower to water tower, beau­ti­ful trans­for­ma­tion! Water­tower St. Jan­sklooster — Zecc architects

Woodspot - Seletti
Woodspot - Seletti

Etsy Shop to Like: Kim Baise’s Mobiles and Other Creations

kim baiseInstead of my usual Fri­day roundup, I’m going to start fea­tur­ing Etsy shops that I like. (And there are a lot of them). So, to kick things off, let’s start with Kim Baise’s shop, Jik­its. You might already be famil­iar with her mobiles and awe­some papier mache cre­ations — they are delight­fully quirky and you can’t help but smile when you see them.

kim2 kim baisekim4kim5kim7kim8kim9kim10kim6

Kirsten Sims’ Happy Scenes Are Lively, Sketch-like Illustrations

kirsten sims

These lively illus­tra­tions are the work of South African artist Kirsten Sims. Her col­or­ful scenes depict din­ners, the cir­cus, sun­bathing, and more. That all sounds pretty good to me! Sims’ style is loose and ges­tural, and these styl­ized works have the spon­tane­ity of a sketch.

kirsten sims kristensims9 kristensims7 kristensims6

In addi­tion to her color illus­tra­tions, Sims has also crafted these gor­geous black and white com­po­si­tions. I’m intrigued by the dark rock for­ma­tion in the mid­dle of this room.

kristen sims kristensims3 kristensims2 kristensims

The Divine Gold-Dipped Jewelry of Qian Yang

qian yang

Have you ever seen some­thing that’s instantly cap­ti­vated you? That’s how I felt when I saw Qian Yang’s jew­elry. The casted fig­ures of cherubs, dogs, and birds form rings, hair clips, and bracelets, and more. They cre­ate osten­ta­tious, fan­tas­ti­cal pieces made divine by the com­bi­na­tion of gold and white porcelain.

Yang is cur­rently a 3rd year stu­dent that’s study­ing at the Lon­don Col­lege of Fash­ion. They sell cus­tom pieces under the name YQY Jewelry.

Via a_a Tum­blr.

qian yangquan6quan7quan4quan2quan3

Zoë Williams Crafts Ghostly-Looking Sacred Spirits Out of Felt

Zoë Williams

How about some nee­dled felted, ghostly beings to start the week off right? Zoë Williams is a New York-based artist who crafts “spir­its, sacred crea­tures, and phan­toms from the dream world.” Her state­ment explains that they con­nect us with the realm of the col­lec­tive uncon­scious and the king­dom of nature. We see ref­er­ences to sto­ries in the Bible (Cain and Abel), as well as the other myth­i­cal tales (like Romu­lus and Remus).

I’m impressed by William’s craft and am also fas­ci­nated by her inspi­ra­tion for these works. If you haven’t read about the col­lec­tive uncon­scious, do. It’s an inter­est­ing way of thinking.

cain_able015Zoë Williamsromulus_remus001nagapie004nagapie006tamandua006tamandua004immortality01_07lotus005lotus004

Friday Roundup: 10 Pinterest Accounts You’ll Want to Follow

Is pin­ning your pas­time? I know it is for me; I spent the bet­ter part of last Sat­ur­day night just click­ing away, get­ting lost in var­i­ous Inter­net rab­bit holes. Any­ways, here are some Pin­ter­est pin­ners who I think you’ll like. Some you prob­a­bly know, oth­ers your might now. Check ‘em out and enjoy your weekend!

Mal­lory McIn­nis You might know her as the lady behind the blog GEMS. Just like her blog, her pins don’t disappoint.

Ellen Sur­rey I’ve fea­tured her vintage-inspired illus­tra­tions on Brown Paper Bag before!

Janna Mor­ton Another illus­tra­tor I love. She’s got a pen­chant for pin­ning the best kitsch.

Baba Souk They’re an online bou­tique who, not sur­pris­ingly, fea­tures some great objects.

Sarajo Frieden If you enjoy tex­tiles, she pins some great ones.

Happy Red Fish This is an all-around good Pin­ter­est that’s full of inspir­ing col­lage and more (with over 18,000 pins!).

I need a guide  A blog’s Pin­ter­est that fea­tures good fine art picks.

Jeal­ous Cura­tor  If you enjoy read­ing Jeal­ous Curator’s site but don’t remem­ber to look at it every­day (guilty!) then you can catch up on her great picks via her pins.

Oh My Cav­a­lier There’s beau­ti­ful inte­ri­ors and folk-inspired illus­tra­tions on Julianna Swaney’s boards.

Nathalie Chikhi Color, color, color! I also love her fash­ion pins.

Don’t for­get to fol­low me on Pin­ter­est, too!

Adorable Ceramic Animals by Harriet Damave


Did you know that aside from Brown Paper Bag, I also co-run a blog that’s ded­i­cated to illus­trated prod­ucts? Well, I do! It’s called Pic­ture Party, and it’s a Tum­blr, so you should fol­low it if you have one, too. My pal Lisa also curates the blog, and last week she posted about brooches so cute that I couldn’t help but share them here. So, behold the hand­i­work of artist Har­riet Damave. Her hand-made animal-themed acces­sories are pro­duced using the tra­di­tional Dutch tech­nique of paint­ing with cobalt oxide on porce­lain. Every­thing is hand-painted, too.

I am lov­ing the details on these. The fine brush work and washes of color appear like they’re tiny water­color paint­ings. All of these items are avail­able on Damave’s Etsy shop.

HarrietDamave12jpgHarrietDamave10HarrietDamave7HarrietDamave3HarrietDamave4HarrietDamave5HarrietDamave6HarrietDamave2HarrietDamave8Harriet DamaveHarriet Damave

The Minimalist Stylings of Veronica Cerri’s Illustrations

Veronica Cerri

Thanks to Lisa, I became acquainted with the work of Ital­ian illus­tra­tor Veron­ica Cerri. I love the bold, styl­ized nature of these images, and the dry brush tex­ture that she pep­pers through­out these compositions.

While I really enjoy all of her illus­tra­tions, I am super intrigued by the top image. I would love to see a con­tin­u­a­tion of that!

Veronica Cerri suburbia3 suburbia2

How very Hitchockian-feeling, these win­dows…luzhin_cover_905 OpinioneWhite Winter_905

Nanotecture: A Beautiful Convergence of Geological Forms

Jennifer Strunge Jonathan Latiano

This beau­ti­ful, ghostly instal­la­tion is titled Nan­o­tec­ture and was a 2013 col­lab­o­ra­tion between artists Jen­nifer Strunge (AKA Cot­ton Mon­ster) and Jonathan Latiano. The site-specific work was made using velour, faux fur, recy­cled t-shirts, poly­ester stuff­ing, wood, foam, joint com­pound, paint, fans, and lights. (whew! What a list.) Here’s the idea behind the work:

Nan­o­tec­ture addresses notions of con­verg­ing biological/geological forms, archi­tec­tural inter­ven­tion, points of tran­si­tion and what it means to come upon some­thing. This project cre­ated a new gallery space at the School 33 Art Cen­ter [located in Bal­ti­more, Mary­land] in what was once a tele­phone booth.

Gor­geous details. Pho­tos by Kim Ller­ena.

_MG_9778small Nanotecture_MG_9780small flickrnanotecture2whiter nanopostcard_MG_9783small