A Polka Dot Hamburger and a Happy Cloud: Collages by Enemies Yay

enemies yayenemies yay

Thanks to Amy, I was recently acquainted with the lively work of Ene­mies Yay. It’s the brain­child of Aus­tralian artists and design­ers Pete Cromer and Laura Blyth­man. They col­lab­o­rate on vibrant col­lages that use hand-painted and cut papers that form happy ani­mals, fruits, specters, and more. I love their tech­nique and all of the kooky char­ac­ters that are made of fun shapes.

You can pur­chase prints, cards, and more in their online shop.









A Wall Covered in Tiny Ceramics? Yes, Please!

chau nguyen

I’m lov­ing these small objects by Chau Nguyen. The Houston-based artist and teacher cre­ated them as an exper­i­ment. She writes, “For my sec­ond test [below] of these tiny pieces (still unnamed) I used a rougher tex­tured clay. Dream­ing of a wall cov­ered with these?”

An entire wall? Yes, please!

chau nguyen

Here’s more work by Nguyen. In addi­tion to teach­ing and art-making, she’s also a buyer/partner of the shop Myth + Sym­bol.


10 Cute Things Just for You, on Friday

What makes some­thing cute? Is it the size? The mate­r­ial? The con­tent? Obvi­ously, it’s a sub­jec­tive term that varies from per­son to per­son.  To me, some­thing that is small, col­or­ful, and occa­sion­ally cud­dly is adorable. Some peo­ple might think oth­er­wise. Here are 10 of ‘em for your Fri­day. Enjoy!

Sriracha sauce bottle via HermanMarie

Sriracha sauce bot­tle via Her­man­Marie

Mini sloth! via Mount Royal Mint

Mini sloth! via Mount Royal Mint

Liz Boyd, via Chronicle Books.

Liz Boyd, via Chron­i­cle Books.

I just bought one of these adorable kitties from Silver Lining Ceramics!

I just bought one of these adorable kit­ties from Sil­ver Lin­ing Ceram­ics!

Meticulously Patterned Folkloric Pottery by Sue Tirrell

sue tirrellsue tirrell

Ceramic artist Sue Tir­rell describes her works as “folk­loric pot­tery and sculp­ture with a mod­ern sen­si­bil­ity.” And that they are. The scalloped-edged plates fea­ture detailed, black and white draw­ings of dif­fer­ent ani­mals like birds, snakes, wolves, and rab­bits. Behind them are brightly-colored flo­ral pat­terns that are a nice jux­ta­po­si­tion to the visu­ally heavy fore­ground crea­tures. When you view all of the plates together, they cre­ate an intrigu­ing series with a loose nar­ra­tive thread. I think you could eas­ily arrange them into dif­fer­ent stories.

black-wolf-and-rabbit-lunch-13 black-sheep-lunch

black-bird-lunch-13black-bison-lunch-13black-horse-lunch-13 black-owl-lunch-13black-pigs-lunch-13

Photographic Bodies Injected with Floral Oddities by Rocio Montoya

rocio1 rocio4

It’s been a while since I’ve fea­tured pho­to­graphic col­lages. I picked these works by Rocio Mon­toya because I like them and because they have a flora twist to them, loosely relat­ing to yesterday’s post about Michelle’s Morin’s illus­tra­tions. The blooms seen here peek from behind flesh and dis­tort the face with a beau­ti­ful mix of color and del­i­cate textures.

These images are from Montoya’s Behance page.

rocio montoyarocio montoyarocio montoya

Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings Contain Intricate Details by Michelle Morin

michelle morinmichelle10

I really love nature, ya’ll. Although I live in a city, it’s com­fort­ing to me to spend time in the grass and under­neath the trees. I was in Cleve­land this past week­end (see my Insta­gram) near Lake Erie, and it was great sit­ting on a rock and over­look­ing the vast body of water. This love is par­tially why I enjoy the work of Michelle Morin so much. She illus­trates dif­fer­ent flora and fauna in bright col­ors and pat­terns using water-based media.

Morin worked for many years in the hor­ti­cul­tural field to cul­ti­vate a rela­tion­ship with plants, wildlife, and their idio­syn­crasies. She writes:

With many years design­ing and main­tain­ing gar­dens, I have nar­rowed my pri­mary focus to nature as a sub­ject to ref­er­ence. I work to con­vey the beauty and com­plex­i­ties of nature using tex­ture, pat­tern, and nar­ra­tive ele­ments through­out my work, which range from elab­o­rate water­color and gouache compositions…

Buy her prints in her Etsy shop!

michelle morin michelle michelle8michelle9 michelle3michelle6 michelle5

Palm-Sized Moths That Won’t Give You the Heebie Jeebies, I Promise


So these lit­tle crea­tures have been mak­ing their way around the web, and with good rea­son; they’re really neat! North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita hand­crafted these tex­tile moths, using a com­bi­na­tion of fab­ric, cot­ton, fake fur, embroi­dery thread, wire, feath­ers, and more to con­struct them. The col­or­ful sculp­tures will fit in the palm of your hand and are avail­able in Okita’s Etsy shop. Via The Jeal­ous Cura­tor.

yumi okitamoth5moth1moth3moth2moth4moth6moth8

Amélie Fléchais’ Gorgeous, Vintage-Inspired Children’s Book

Amélie Fléchais

These beau­ti­ful images are by French illus­tra­tor Amélie Fléchais. They’re from her children’s book Le Petit Loup Rouge that was released in June of this year. It starts out saying:

Once upon a time in the mid­dle of a thick and mys­te­ri­ous for­est stood a strange tree house, the home of a lit­tle wolf know to every­one as ‘Lit­tle red wolf’…”

Fléchais’ del­i­cate, vintage-inspired illus­tra­tions depict a dark inner for­est, a lot of light, and a cute wolf in an adorable red coat. I’d love to read the words to get the entire story!

Amélie FléchaisAmélie Fléchaisle-petit4le-petit5le-petit6le-petit7le-petit8

Olympia Le-Tan’s Beautiful Embroidered Clutches Look like the Cover of a Book

olympia le-tan

Book lovers and ocean enthu­si­asts… this post is for you!

It’s hot in Bal­ti­more (hello 99% humid­ity…) and sort of rainy, so these nautical-inspired acces­sories by Olympia Le-Tan (pre­vi­ously) seem very appro­pri­ate. The artist/illustrator/maker hand embroi­ders and appliques vin­tage book cover clutches, beaded fish purses, and caviar-themed hand­bags.  So, these aren’t just prod­ucts — they’re works of art! I’m super impressed by the high level of craft in each one of Le-Tan’s objects.

olympia-le-tan8 olympia-le-tan3 olympia-le-tan10olympia-tan14olympia le-tanolympia-tan16olympia-tan13 olympia-le-tan5olympia-tan17 olympia-tan15olympia-le-tan11 olympia-le-tan9