Artist, Sculpture

Felted Fungi (on Real Wood) That You Don’t Have to Forage For

Mushroom felt crafts by Close Call Studio

Maybe you don’t have a green thumb and all your plants even­tu­al­ly wilt. You know what? That’s okay. Because thanks to the mush­room felt crafts by Close Call Stu­dio, you can still have some­thing life-like in your home. Aman­da Adams, the illus­tra­tor and sculp­tor behind Close Call, cre­ates play­ful plants and veg­eta­bles that are an eye-catch­ing fusion of craft­ed nature with a piece of the real out­doors. She hand-sews and mounts small fun­gi, col­or­ful blooms, and prick­ly cac­ti on a slice of hand-cut wood. The result is a unique homage to nature that brings the beau­ty of the out­doors inside—but no extra care required.

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Illustrated products

7 Creative Products That’ll Help Illustrate Your Life This Week

Best creative products

1. Stand­ing ceram­ic rain­bow by eloeil
2. Cac­tus embroi­dery pat­tern by Mut­ed Rose Embroi­dery
3. Brass woman neck­lace by Lisa Junius
4. Mon­steras leaf brooch by Lucie Ellen
5. Female sup­port sys­tem brass hook by Kaye Bleg­vad
6. Ceram­ic cat lamp by SowiesoWies
7. Hand­made porce­lain chip and dip by Jar­jour Pot­tery

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Paper Craft

Tiny Talisman are Pocket-Sized Paper Craft That Wish You Good Luck

Tiny talisman you can hold in your hand

Juli­ette Sallin, aka Gang of Frey­ja, is an illus­tra­tor and cut paper artist who works on a minia­ture scale. She’s recent­ly cre­at­ed a series of “pock­et tal­is­man,” which fea­ture styl­ized hands and paper flow­ers encased in small glass jars. The exquis­ite cre­ations are small enough to fit between two fingers—and put in your pock­et for good luck. “I like to think of my paper cuts as tiny trea­sures that reveal a secret we all car­ry deep inside,” she says. “[That] our innate rela­tion­ship with our world is light­heart­ed and sen­su­ous.”

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Illustration, Sketchbooks

Celebrity Names Combined with Animals is a “Punny” Creature Hybrid

Celebrity Animal Puns by Lee May Foster-Wilson

Yes­ter­day, I wrote about the ambi­tious #100­daypro­ject of Cheryl Teo—she’s in the midst of build­ing vibrant cut paper scenes on match­book-sized stages. Illus­tra­tor Lee May Fos­ter-Wil­son, aka Bon­bi For­est, is also com­plet­ing this hun­dred day endeav­or. She’s going the 2D route, how­ev­er, and designed a project around celebri­ty ani­mal puns. Justin Beaver, Spaniel L. Jack­son, and Lla­ma Del Rey are just a few of the “pun­ny” crea­tures that she’s drawn.

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Ceramics, Inspirational Instagram

11 Inspiring Ceramic Artists to Follow on Instagram

Best ceramic artists on Instagram

It’s the final stop on my unof­fi­cial “Insta­gram tour” that high­lights some of my favorite feeds worth your fol­low. So far, I’ve high­light­ed paper artistsillus­tra­tors, embroi­dery artists, and sketch­books that are inspire me—and others—with their incred­i­ble artistry. Last but not least, I’m chron­i­cling some of the best ceram­ic artists on Insta­gram.

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Illustration History

#TBT | 15 Vintage New Yorker Covers That Still Feel Modern

Vintage New Yorker covers

Ilonka Karasz

For many illus­tra­tors, hav­ing their work on the cov­er of The New York­er is a dream. Since the mag­a­zine launched in 1925, it has pro­duced some tru­ly icon­ic cov­ers that, in a sin­gle image, demon­strate why illus­tra­tion is an impor­tant part of our visu­al cul­ture. Not one to shy away from rep­re­sent­ing time­ly and/or con­tro­ver­sial top­ics, the images pro­duced are a snap­shot of soci­ety at that par­tic­u­lar time.

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Colorful Fish Float on Fabric, Transforming the Embroidery Hoop into a Fish Bowl

Fish embroidery on tulle

Embroi­der­ing on tulle seems like a chal­lenge. It’s more del­i­cate than your tra­di­tion­al cotton—making it less for­giv­ing than oth­er fab­rics. But when done well, the effect is mes­mer­iz­ing. We’ve seen how tulle and flow­ers can frame the world in beau­ti­ful bou­quets. And with work of Kate­ri­na Marchenko, the hoop is like an aquar­i­um; her col­or­ful fish embroi­dery seem­ing­ly floats on the gauzy sur­face. Con­fined to their cir­cu­lar frame, it’s like an old fash­ioned fish bowl. Kate­ri­na stitch­es more than fish, how­ev­er, bring­ing whales into the mix. But don’t wor­ry about them—they are lat­er freed from the hoop and adorn her styl­ish cloth­ing.
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