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Accessorize with Sculptures by Adding Ceramic Jewelry to Your Outfit

ceramic jewelry

One of my favorite trends late­ly is neck­laces, brooches, and rings made from kiln-fired clay. I’ve got a few pieces now and love how essen­tial­ly, the­se are mini sculp­tures you’re wear­ing on your fin­gers, around your neck, or on your favorite shirt. Some mak­ers col­or their jew­el­ry with glaze while oth­ers leave their designs bone white. What style of ceram­ic jew­el­ry do you like?

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Felted Peacock Sculptures Pay Homage to Their Brilliant Plumage

Jill Ffrench felt bird sculptures

Fiber artist Jill Ffrench crafts felt­ed bird sculp­tures that pay homage to their volup­tuous plumage. Using 100% pure felt, she stitch­es the hand-held crea­tures and adheres them with embroi­dery thread, wire, and wax. When com­plete, the soft fig­ures don orna­men­tal long, tails, which fea­ture a com­bi­na­tion of lay­ered felt and dec­o­ra­tive stitch­es to pro­duce a spec­tac­u­lar effect. (The detail shots are my favorite.)

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Meticulously-Arranged Artworks Reveal Adventurous Little Worlds

Little worlds by Celan Bouillet

Artist Celan Bouil­let cre­ates “lit­tle worlds full of ani­mals, green­ery, and adven­ture.” The col­or­ful, high­ly-detailed pieces fea­ture places that are every­where and nowhere. Sloths, giraffes, trop­i­cal leaves, and peacocks—all paint­ed at the same scale—occupy the same com­po­si­tion. They are, how­ev­er, so care­ful­ly arranged while togeth­er, they nev­er ful­ly inter­act. This is Celan’s design. “The­se mixed media pieces are high­ly detailed and manip­u­late scale along with pat­tern to cre­ate com­plex nar­ra­tives,” she writes.

To pro­duce the­se pieces is an exer­cise in metic­u­lous­ness. Every branch, rock, and ani­mal is paint­ed gouache on paper which is then cut out and placed on a back­ground. Celan’s com­po­si­tions are so seam­less that at times, it’s hard to tell—but her in-pro­gress works on Insta­gram show­case her beau­ti­ful process.

Celan sells her work as large lim­it­ed edi­tion in her Etsy shop, The Bay­ou Botanist.

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Sketchbook Paintings That Come Alive Before Your Eyes

Last week, we took a peek into the shape-shift­ing sketch­book of Eva Mag­ill-Oliv­er. Artist Bryce Wymer, aka A Flat Earth, is anoth­er cre­ative who for him, a sketch­book is a portable gallery to show­case his beau­ti­ful and mys­te­ri­ous paint­ings. And if that’s not enough, Bryce has cre­at­ed a series of short time-lapse videos that demon­strate his process.

The videos are a com­bi­na­tion of show-and-tell and paint­ing in pro­gress. Bryce will often start out by flip­ping through some com­plet­ed (or near­ly com­plet­ed) spreads, and then he’ll com­plete an illus­tra­tion right before our eyes.

Check out some of Bryce’s videos, as well as his sta­t­ic spreads. (h/t Less Talk More Illus­tra­tion)

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Adorable Animal Planters Will Be Best Buds with Your Flower Buds

Studio Giverny animal planters

Yoshiko Koza­wa of Stu­dio Giverny cre­ates lov­able ani­mal planters that’ll be your (flow­er) buds’ best bud. Whales, giraffes, and alpaca all car­ry the weight of the­se plants on their back. But don’t worry—they’re hap­py to do it—and in turn, bright­en your home.

Yoshiko first crafts her pieces from porce­lain and then coats them in a shi­no glaze com­bi­na­tion. Some, like the alpaca, include a fun pom­pom tail and tas­sel ear­rings. See her entire selec­tion on Etsy. (h/t: So Super Awe­some)

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Dreamy Portraits Created with a Beautiful Bounty of Textures

Brooklyn Dolly

Erin Robin­son, bet­ter known as Brook­lyn Dol­ly, cre­ates gor­geous por­traits in a smat­ter­ing of medi­ums. Look close­ly at her dreamy imagery and you’ll find water­col­or, ink, char­coal, sten­cil­ing, col­lage, as well as dig­i­tal work. Togeth­er, their lay­ers are visu­al­ly rich and cel­e­brate Erin’s subjects—the “fem­i­nine shape and the many shades and coifs of Brook­lyn.”

Erin sells her work through the Brook­lyn Dol­ly Etsy shop.

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Appliqué Illustrations Offer a New Twist on Aesop’s Fables

Mika Hirasa appliqué illustration

Using exquis­ite antique linen, kimono fab­ric, and lace, Mika Hirasa cre­ates appliqué illus­tra­tions. Her most recent series fea­tures fiber inter­pre­ta­tions of Aesop’s Fables, com­bin­ing the col­lage-like tech­nique with embroi­dery.

Mika’s use of neg­a­tive space is espe­cial­ly impact­ful with the appliqué. She’ll cut out bold shapes from the fab­ric and then adhere them to oth­er areas of the com­po­si­tion. In place is intri­cate stitch­ing that mim­ics line draw­ing. The result is visu­al­ly rich and full of depth while plac­ing a con­tem­po­rary spin on the­se old tales.

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