Impossibly Tiny People Enjoying a Tranquil Dip Amid Grandiose Landscapes

Joanne Ho Swimming Paintings

Almost a year to the day, I wrote about Joanne Ho’s exquis­ite swim­ming paint­ings. From a bird’s eye view, she intro­duced us to a bevy of anony­mous char­ac­ters who were so tiny they looked like ants among the grandiose land­scape. Well, Joanne is back with more! She recent­ly shared with me some of her lat­est works, which still fea­ture minia­ture folks doing what they do best—enjoying the scenery.

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Charming Bicycle Embroideries Have Beautiful Blooms Spilling from Their Baskets

Bicycle Embroidery

I don’t have a car, so rid­ing the local bike share is one of the ways I get around. But, I can guar­an­tee that my rides are not near­ly as whim­si­cal as the bicy­cle embroi­dery by Walk­er Boyes of True­Fort. Called the Velo Series, it fea­tures hand-stitched bikes that are dec­o­rat­ed with col­or­ful blooms. They rep­re­sent a fan­ta­sy, like some­thing out of a movie—carefree week­end excur­sions to the farmer’s mar­ket that over­flow with a boun­ty of fresh flow­ers.

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Illustration, Inspirational Instagram

12 Inspiring Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Best Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Insta­gram is my go-to social media—not only for the sto­ries and updates, but as a source to find new and excit­ing illus­tra­tors. I love the insight it gives into a creative’s process as well as their lat­est work. If you too are on social net­work, here are some of the best illus­tra­tors on Insta­gram. Each shares a snip­pet of their work, process, and life that encap­su­lates the essence of their visu­al lan­guage.

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Paper Craft

Cubist-Inspired Paper Cutouts Are Effortlessly Cut From a Single Sheet of Paper

Cut Paper Illustration

José Anto­nio Roda cre­ates paper cutouts that look like line draw­ings. Inspired by the Cubist style, his hand cut por­traits have a Picas­so-esque feel—like one of his famous sketch­es. Pro­duced from a sin­gle sheet of paper, his care­ful inci­sions have this effort­less look about them. Shape design is a huge part of cut paper illus­tra­tion, and a big appeal of José’s work is their obvi­ous ded­i­ca­tion to detail and craft.

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Spark’ Your Creativity with 60 Joyful Journal Prompts (+ Giveaway!)

Journal Sparks by Emily Neuberger

Have you ever shut down your com­put­er or closed your lap­top case and breathed a sigh of relief? I rel­ish the feel­ing of dis­con­nect­ing from the online world like that. But then, there’s the feel­ing of “What should I do now?” It’s easy to get wrapped up in Wikipedia arti­cles online, but offline? Not so much. Well, I’ve got a sug­ges­tion for you: pick up a copy of Jour­nal Sparks: Fire Up Your Cre­ativ­i­ty with Spon­ta­neous Art, Wild Writ­ing, and Inven­tive Think­ing. Writ­ten by Emi­ly Neuburg­er, it’s a “launch­ing pad” that offers 60 jour­nal prompts to get your cre­ative juices flow­ing.

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Instead of a Crown, Regal Portraits Wear Nature as the Splendorous Opulence

Black Antoinette by Olaf Hajek

Illus­tra­tor Olaf Hajek is known for his gor­geous paint­ings that are a feast for the eyes. One his more recent series is called Black Antoinette, and it imag­ines Marie Antoinette—the infa­mous Queen of France—as a woman of col­or. The regal por­traits pay homage to his sub­jects’ beau­ty as well as the splen­dor of the nat­ur­al world. As their hair reach­es towards the sky, it’s com­plete­ly com­posed of flow­ers, birds, ani­mals, and fruit. Each illus­tra­tion is visu­al­ly over­whelm­ing (in the best way) and begs you to admire all of its fine paint­ed details.

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Embroidered Denim Jacket has a 3D Floral Crown Stitched on It

Denim Jacket Embroidery by Ezgi Pamir

Ezgi Pamir (pre­vi­ous­ly) has recent­ly cre­at­ed a den­im jack­et embroi­dery that’s a snap­shot of con­tem­po­rary pop cul­ture. The large por­trait adorns the back of the gar­ment, and it fea­tures a woman wear­ing a flo­ral crown with a bub­ble of one Insta­gram “Likes” next to her. As with Ezgi’s pre­vi­ous embroi­deries, she incor­po­rates real objects—in this case, it’s a love­ly selec­tion of blooms.

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Illustrated products

15 Illustrated Mother’s Day Gifts to Give to Your Creative Momma

Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For U.S. folks, Mother’s Day is just around the corner—May 14. But, there’s still time to buy your mom a spe­cial gift. If you’re look­ing for a present that’s cen­tered around illus­tra­tion, I’ve got you cov­ered. Here are 15 cre­ative Mother’s Day gift ideas, all avail­able through Etsy. And if you’re look­ing for every­day play­ful illus­trat­ed prod­ucts, check out my Pin­ter­est board ded­i­cat­ed to them!

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Lively Painted Vases are a Modern Spin on an Ancient Tradition

Laura Bird Illustrated Ceramics

Paint­ed ceram­ics have a long place in our his­to­ry. The rise of vase dec­o­ra­tion was seen in ancient Greece, which used the sur­face as a way of depict­ing every­day life. Today, illus­tra­tors loose­ly fol­low in this tra­di­tion and cre­ate their own sort of his­to­ries on fired clay objects. Ceram­i­cist and illus­tra­tor Lau­ra Bird is no stranger to Brown Paper Bag. I’ve mar­veled at her many times before.

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