Say the ABCs with Alice Pattullo’s Animal Screen Prints

A is for Armadillo who is short stout and round.

A is for Armadillo who is short stout and round.

Here’s a fun project that’s a nice take on an “alpha­bet” series. Alice Pat­tullo cre­ated a col­lec­tion of A-Z ani­mals, and she’s cur­rently shar­ing a let­ter a day. I like that these illus­tra­tions depict some uncon­ven­tional sub­jects. Bee­tles, crabs, igua­nas — they aren’t crea­tures that are cute or cud­dly, but they’re well-crafted, four-color screen prints. In addi­tion, Alice came up with cute say­ings to go along with ‘em.

Each illus­tra­tion is for sale as a limited-edition print (of 30). Dis­play them all together or by their lone­some. To pur­chase, send her an email.

Alice Pattullo

B is for Bee­tle who stays close to the ground.

Alice Pattullo

C is for Crab who crawls on the sea bed.

Alice Pattullo

D is for Dove who likes to fly overhead.

E is for Elephant who is anything but light.

E is for Ele­phant who is any­thing but light.

F is for fox who roams the city streets at night.

F is for fox who roams the city streets at night.

G is for grizzly bear, a fierce looking fellow.

G is for griz­zly bear, a fierce look­ing fellow.

H is for Hippo who is altogether more mellow.

H is for Hippo who is alto­gether more mellow.

I is for Iguana a large scaly reptile.

I is for Iguana a large scaly reptile.

J is for jack rabbit who jumps mile after mile.

J is for jack rab­bit who jumps mile after mile.

K is for Kangaroo who takes hop, skip and bound.

K is for Kan­ga­roo who takes hop, skip and bound.

Lately & Liked

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Obsessions

Last week, I started a new fea­ture on the blog where I list illus­trated prod­ucts I’ve been obsess­ing over the past week. Plus, where to buy ‘em if you fancy them, too. Enjoy!

IO-1IO-2IO-3 IO-4 IO-5 IO-6 IO-7

1 // Hand-embroidered Peter Pan-style col­lar by Baobap Hand­made
2 // Car­rier Pigeon greet­ing card by Idlewild Co.
3 // Vintage-inspired, tem­po­rary tat­toos by Tat­toorary
4 // Art Deco Menagerie wall­pa­per  sold at House of Hack­ney by Katie Scott
5 // Straw­berry tea towel by Eliz­a­beth Grae­ber
6 // Perth Pan­ther Coin Purse by Togeth­er­ness x Min Pin
7 // Plush cat donuts by Marnin Say­lor — avail­able in vanilla, maple, or chocolate!

Do you have an illus­trated prod­uct that you’re obsessed with? Fill out this quick form, and it might be fea­tured on here!

Illustrator, Printmaking

Colorful Patterns Created with Linocuts by Andrea Lauren

Andrea Lauren

Andrea Lau­ren is a pat­tern maker liv­ing in Asheville, North Car­olina.  Many of her col­or­ful, designy illus­tra­tions are inspired by nature, but she also throws some toys and tea in there, too.

Andrea uses a vari­ety of hand-rendered tech­niques in her pat­tern pro­duc­tion, and they’re meant for dig­i­tal tex­tile print­ing. “I’m par­tic­u­larly drawn to linocuts, pen & ink, and cut paper,” she writes on her web­site. Check out her Spoon­flower shop for more.

If you’re inter­ested in print­mak­ing, be sure to read Andrea’s blog, Ink Print Repeat. She shares help­ful tips (includ­ing sup­plies she uses) as well as fun in-progress work.

Andrea Lauren andrea-lauren-1 andrea-lauren-6 andrea-lauren-2 andrea-lauren-3 andrea-lauren-5 andrea-lauren-7 andrea-lauren-9 andrea-lauren-10

Paper Craft

Eclectic Paper Landscapes by Ink Studio Celebrate 2015

Ink Studio

So it’s not exactly the new year, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy this cut paper piece by Ink Stu­dio. Look closely, and you’ll see that this col­or­ful land­scape spells out “15” (as in 2015). It’s part of their yearly paper design project.

This hand-crafted piece uti­lizes a vari­ety of tex­tures and con­struc­tion tech­niques. It was made by sev­eral peo­ple, and the eclec­tic style is reflected in the different-looking low-poly and X-acto cut outs. My favorite part is the bird with its pink and green plumage.

Ink StudioInk Studio ink-studio-5 ink-studio-7 ink-studio-3 ink-studio-1

Here’s their 2014 creation:

ink-studio-16 ink-studio-17 ink-studio-18


Delightfully Fun Paper Puppets by Sara Guindon

Sara Guindon

Did you ever play with paper dolls? I did when I was younger, and so I was instantly attracted to Sara Guindon’s delight­ful paper toys. They fea­ture char­ac­ters dressed to the nines who do things like play gui­tar, look through their binoc­u­lars, and draw in their sketch­books. Fun!

Each pup­pet is hand­made and printed on acid-free card stock. Their move­able joints are secured by brads and are able to move up and down. Some are avail­able for pur­chase on Sara’s Etsy shop.

Sara Guindon Sara Guindon saraguindon-5 saraguindon-6 saraguindon-7 saraguindon-8saraguindon-9


Digitally Embroidered Celebrity Portraits by Ashlee Woo

ashlee woo

David Bowie

Ash­lee Woo cre­ates por­traits of celebri­ties, artists, and polit­i­cal lead­ers using a com­bi­na­tion of dig­i­tal embroi­dery and silk screen. The abstract images fea­ture thick stitched lines that define the large, bold shapes of the sub­ject. Smaller, more expres­sive embroi­dery adds fun details like crazy hair styles and del­i­cate facial fea­tures. This com­bi­na­tion pro­duces unique pro­files that cap­ture both a like­ness as well as an essence of their per­son­al­ity. Love!

H/T @sbuzelli

ashlee woo

Kim Jong En

ashlee woo

Keith Har­ring

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger

Mick Jag­ger

Salvador Dali

Sal­vador Dali

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly



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My Illustrated Product Obsessions of This Week


I’m try­ing a new seg­ment on Brown Paper Bag where I list the illus­trated prod­ucts I’ve lusted over the past week.  I always try to buy things that have illus­tra­tion on them (or an illus­tra­tive qual­ity to them) because I find that it makes me hap­pier. And, we have choices when we pur­chase things, so why the heck not?

Above: Straw­berry bowl by Jor­dan Sondler

More obses­sions:

Chif­fon scarf by Aimee Bee Brooks / Brass fly studs (ear­rings) by Dat­ter Indus­tries / Empa­thy Cards by Emily McDow­ell (I also wrote about these on My Mod­ern Met) / Wooden Sriracha sauce bot­tle by Her­man Marie / Planty Tea Towel by Leah Dun­can / Small Octo­pus plush toy by BigStuffed / Heav­enly Hon­ey­comb blan­ket by Anna Back­lund / Poly­mer clay arc­tic fox by Vic­to­ria Lucy

What have you been obsess­ing over this week? Sub­mit a link via this form and I might fea­ture it on this post next Friday!



Rich Mythologies Foster Elegant Shapes by Marta Kubiczek


Pol­ish illus­tra­tor Marta Kubiczek com­bines soft tex­tures and dig­i­tal col­ors with a heavy empha­sis on shape design. Fig­ures, flow­ers, and ani­mals are often com­prised of one ele­gant form.

Sto­ry­telling is at the fore­front of Marta’s work. Often, her images are based on mytholo­gies and poems. It’s a rich basis for image cre­ation and gives her the oppor­tu­nity to incor­po­rate imagery that she might not have used otherwise.

MartaKubiczek-3 MartaKubiczek-1 MartaKubiczek-9 MartaKubiczek-6 MartaKubiczek-8 MartaKubiczek-7 Marta Kubiczek-5 Marta Kubiczek-4