Saturday Roundup: Tattoos I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

I recently shared the work of Jes­sica Har­ri­son, with her tat­tooed porce­lain ladies… so how about some tat­toos on real peo­ple? I am itch­ing to get some more ink this sum­mer (shh… don’t tell my par­ents), and have really been inspired by the beau­ti­ful body art that peo­ple have. So, with­out fur­ther ado, here you go. Tat­too fans, what are some of your favorite pieces? Let me know!

Diana Severinenko via  You got a henna tattoo that said forever

Diana Sev­er­i­nenko via You got a henna tat­too that said forever

Josh Stephens... I've been wanting to get some work done by him for a long time!

Josh Stephens… I’ve been want­ing to get some work done by him for a long time!


Jessica Harrison’s Tattooed Porcelain Ladies

jessica harrison

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen Jes­sica Harrison’s tat­tooed porce­lain fig­urines, because why not? They’re awe­some and because of it, have made their way around the blogs. As some­one who grew up see­ing these type of antique objects and has sev­eral tat­toos her­self, I feel like these works are def­i­nitely in my wheel­house. So, despite all the visual sat­u­ra­tion you’ve prob­a­bly have from them, I want to share the on Brown Paper Bag, too!

I love the jux­ta­po­si­tion between what’s tra­di­tion­ally “dainty” (pet­ti­coats and dresses) with what’s seen as “hard” or “alter­na­tive,” although now tat­toos have entered the main­stream. Who’s not to say that the tat­toos Har­ri­son has depicted here reflect a more fem­i­nine sen­si­bil­ity (within the realm of tat­toos). It’s a con­tem­po­rary rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of these anti­quated objects.

(H/T Colos­sal)

porcelain-1 porcelain-6 porcelain-5 porcelain-4 porcelain-2

Kevin Lucbert’s Mysterious, Monochrome Drawings

kevin lucbert

These mys­te­ri­ous draw­ings by French artist Kevin Lucbert pique my curios­ity. They are a lit­tle strange, hint­ing at another world beyond what we can see. The artist uses blank space to his advan­tage and the fully-colored areas only make it look more unusual in comparison.

From a for­mal stand­point, I’m really impressed by the visual inter­est that Lucbert achieves with only one color. He varies the direc­tion of his drawn strokes and uses them to cre­ate direc­tion and implied tex­tured. (Via It’s Nice That)

PS — I got these images through his Flickr. He also has a Tum­blr, too.


kevin_lucbert10 kevin_lucbert9 kevin_lucbert8

Klaus Haapaniemi’s Modern Twist on Traditional Decorative Art

Klaus Haapaniemi

I love these beau­ti­ful, ornately illus­trated tex­tiles by artist Klaus Haa­paniemi. Together with designer Mia Wal­le­nius, they use fine mate­ri­als to cre­ate lux­ury pil­lows, throws, scarves, and more.

Their approach is influ­enced by nature and Finnish folk­lore. It’s a mod­ern twist on tra­di­tional dec­o­ra­tive arts, and each piece is full of exquis­ite details and large-eyed crea­tures. The sophis­ti­cated color palette illus­trates fun sub­ject mat­ter, like buzzing bees and jump­ing rab­bits, with­out feel­ing juve­nile at all.

(H/T Amy Boone-McCreesh)

Klaus Haapaniemi Klaus Haapaniemi Bees_blanket_peach_03bird_throwlarge_rabbit_shawl_black large_Rabbit-throw_blueberry01

Bees_rug_bluelarge_PURPLE-SPIDER01 large_bat_crepe_scarf_01

My Studio: Floral Embroidery in Progress

Embroidery in progress - May 19

I was in New York this past week­end (check out the awe­some Airbnb I stayed in via my Insta­gram), and the four hour bus ride gave the me the oppor­tu­nity to get some embroi­dery done.

I still have a long ways to go, but I’m happy with how it’s turn­ing out so far. Does any­one else find embroi­dery soothing?

Embroidery in progress - May 19

Embroidery in progress - May 19

Embroidery in progress - May 19

Embroidery in progress - May 19

Bonus! My cat Pauline (and a blurry look into my kitchen).

Pauline on my desk

Friday Roundup: Nail Art I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve got­ten a man­i­cure. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t admire the heck out of all the crazy cool things that peo­ple put on their nails. Seri­ously, tiny works of art, you guys.

I’ve shared awe­some nail art here before, so how about an encore? Do you have a col­or­ful man­i­cure (or pedi­cure?) Let me know!


Klara Kristalova’s Grotesquely-Beautiful Ceramic Busts

klara kristalova

Klara Kristalova is a sculp­tor who mostly works ceram­ics that have cap­ti­vated me with their beau­ti­ful grotesque­ness. She fash­ions a lot of busts that fea­ture some­thing odd about them, includ­ing moth and masks that are attached to their faces. The nar­ra­tive they con­vey is a dark one.

Kristalova’s fan­tas­ti­cal works are inspired by tra­di­tional myths, fairy tales, old DC comics, and the author Oscar Wilde. In addi­tion, she explores inno­cence and hor­ror that recall child­hood night­mares and fan­tasies. I can def­i­nitely see these ceram­ics as a series of stress dreams! What do you think?

klara kristalova klara kristalovaklara_kristalova5 klara_kristalova4klara_kristalova12klara_kristalova6 klara_kristalova7

klara_kristalova3 klara_kristalova2



Nancy Liang’s Rich Palette of Neutral Tones

Nancy Liang

Since yes­ter­day fea­tured some col­laged houses, why not con­tinue the trend? Nancy Liang is an Australian-based illus­tra­tor whose proves my the­ory that kraft paper is the best thing to draw on. I love how graphite looks on it, and Liang’s ges­tural marks add some seri­ous visual inter­est. Espe­cially when you look at her squig­gly, out-of-control shadows.

In addi­tion to draw­ing, I’m also dig­ging the color palette. Or, rather, lack thereof — there’s a rich com­bi­na­tion of neu­tral papers that illus­trate the strange (and not so strange) activ­i­ties that we do under a bright moon.

Nancy LiangNancy Liangmoon_Poster_Nancy_Liang_2014_o foreverForever_nancy_Liang_2014_o 01_theStrongMan_Nancy_Liang_2014_o

And finally, a col­or­ful illus­tra­tion by Liang:

Happy Red Fish’s Collaged Houses Held by Forcefields


Build­ings and thread. Two things I love. Oh, and col­lage too. Given these pref­er­ences, it’s no sur­prise that I really enjoy the work of Happy Red Fish, aka Hagar Vardimon-van Heum­men. This Ams­ter­dam based designer adores the com­bi­na­tion of paper and embroidery.

Thread can act as another way to draw a line or to build a struc­ture. So, it’s appro­pri­ate that Heum­men uses it in this con­text, and the thin marks cre­ate a unique exoskele­ton to each build­ing. That, or they act as a force­field that holds these homes in place. Either way, I am really intrigued by these beau­ti­ful works.

Visit the Happy Red Fish shop for orig­i­nal, hand-threaded collages.









Publications: “Beasts of Fancy” by Erin Zingré

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

You might know Erin Zin­gré as the tal­ented lady who illus­trated the awe­some header at the top of my blog’s page (prints avail­able). But, she’s also pro­duced two zines that I love and want to share with you today.

The Beasts of Fancy series focuses on humor­ous mytho­log­i­cal crea­tures from around the world. In vol­ume one, Erin col­or­fully illus­trates beasts from Greek, Islamic, Celtic, and Euro­pean folk­lore. The recently-published vol­ume two focuses on Amer­i­can mythos from the 19th and 20th cen­tury. For each crea­ture, she writes a short blurb describ­ing these imag­ined (or real?) phenomena.

Both are very well illus­trated, designed, and pro­duced. Beasts of FancyFear­ful Crit­ters is my per­sonal favorite, with beau­ti­ful hand let­ter­ing on the cover with a cool extra — clear var­nished mon­ster eyes who are sneak­ily lurk­ing beneath it all.

I’ve always admired Erin’s style and I think that it really shines in this project. She adds her own twist to crea­tures of leg­end, and I think her illus­tra­tions are delight­ful. They are styl­ized depic­tions with added tex­ture and repeat pat­tern­ing to make them visu­ally interesting.

You can pur­chase Erin’s zines in her online shop.  Do it!

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines

Erin Zingré Beasts of Fancy zines