My Name is Wendy, Freaks


Typog­ra­phy and illus­tra­tion aren’t mutu­ally exclu­sive. The two inter­twine as we see illus­tra­tors and design­ers alike cre­at­ing hand drawn, one-of-a-kind type. My Name is Wendy is a French group formed from the col­lab­o­ra­tion of two inde­pen­dent graphic design­ers, Car­ole Gau­tier and Eugénie Favre. Together, they cre­ate visual iden­ti­ties, pic­tures, pat­terns and printed material.

Freaks is My Name is Wendy’s cus­tom alpha­bet using vec­tor shapes and sketches. On their web­site, they explain it as, “...hybridiza­tion that reveals a tense prac­tice between spon­tane­ity “traf­fick­ing” forms (the idea of ​​a form against another but also the idea of ​​travel), home of the acci­dent and the search for a for­mal bal­ance moti­vated.” If you look closely, you can see the push and pull of the graphite and flat shapes. It’s a lovely bal­ance and a really excit­ing typeface.

All images via their web­site. This is just one project — be sure to check out more!

My Name is Wendy

My Name is Wendy My Name is Wendy wendy10 wendy6 wendy9 wendy7



Hvass & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations

hvass-hannibal-ruc-3 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')">

Hvass & Han­ni­bal is a multi-disciplinary arts stu­dio based in Copen­hagen. It’s com­prised of duo Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Han­ni­bal, and their clients span con­ti­nents and dis­ci­plines. Much of the work I’m fea­tur­ing on here is dig­i­tal illus­tra­tion, but they do more than that. They work in tex­tiles (there are some quilts below!), pho­tog­ra­phy, and even set design.  I urge you to visit their web­site to see more.

Hvass & Han­ni­bal do not limit them­selves, and instead are hired based on not only visual style, but prob­lem solv­ing. It gives them free­dom to exper­i­ment with tech­niques and media that con­cep­tu­ally fit what they are doing.

All images via their site. You can also pur­chase things from their shop.

Hvass & Hannibal & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> Hvass & Hannibal & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> Hvass & Hannibal & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> Hvass & Hannibal & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal5 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal6 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal7 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal8 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal9 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal10 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal11 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')"> hvass-hannibal12 & Hannibal’s Colorful Digital Illustrations')">

The Surreal Fashion GIFs of Tara Dougans

Tara Dougans

These ani­mated GIFs by Tara Dougans are a lit­tle crazy, a lit­tle weird, but very cool. They com­bine draw­ing, ani­mat­ing, and are a nod to fash­ion illus­tra­tion. Some are sub­tle, like the long-necked mod­els del­i­cate tears. Oth­ers are dizzy­ing, like the images directly above and below. I’m mesmerized.

All images via her web­site. Fol­low her on Tum­blr, too!

Tara Dougans Tara Dougans Tara Dougans Fashion GIF tara2 tara tara9 tara8 tara7

Jonas Wood’s Still Life Interiors

Jonas Wood - Painting

I just fin­ished installing an exhi­bi­tion at EMP Col­lec­tive in Bal­ti­more where I arranged small items and art objects in a room (more on that at a later date). So, see­ing Jonas Wood’s arranged still lifes really inter­est me. The artist paints inte­ri­ors, pot­ted plants, fish tanks, and more. They are in a flat, graphic style that ya’ll know I love.

Paint­ings like Jonas’ give us the abil­ity to be voyeurs with­out con­se­quence. We spy on the peo­ple who inhabit these spaces, tak­ing in what their tastes are, inter­ests, and more. Depend­ing on how things are arranged and kept, we could even assume things about their per­son­al­ity, too. Not only is Jonas’ work beau­ti­ful and treat to look at, it’s a treat to think about, too.

All images via David Kor­dan­sky Gallery, where he is represented.

painting painting Painting jonas9 Painting  Painting Jonas Wood - Painting Jonas Wood - Painting Jonas Wood - Painting Jonas Wood - Painting

Shops I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

koromiko & Liked')">

For this week’s Lately and Liked, I thought I’d high­light a few shops. They all sell home goods, sta­tion­ary, and other things that brighten our lives. Noth­ing essen­tial, I’d say, but cer­tainly  necessary.

neest2 & Liked')">


Neëst com­bines inspi­ra­tion in Japan­ese design and was founded upon a strong Scan­di­na­vian influ­ence. Their store has a lot of sim­ple, well-designed items that use nat­ural mate­ri­als (you see a lot of wood). They have some great pieces for your kitchen. Check out their blog, too!

neest & Liked')"> neest3 & Liked')"> neest5 & Liked')"> neest4 & Liked')">


koromiko5 & Liked')">

KOROMIKO is founded by Tracey George, a New Zealan­der now liv­ing in Dal­las, Texas.  They started with the idea to sup­port and pro­mote inde­pen­dent design­ers that pro­duce hand­made craft and design prod­ucts. They are into the idea of slow shop­ping, mak­ing thought­ful pur­chases with min­i­mal con­sump­tion. Each year they donate at least 1% of sales to an orga­ni­za­tion that sup­ports arts in the community.

koromiko4 & Liked')"> koromiko3 & Liked')"> koromiko2 & Liked')">


Fine Lit­tle Day

finelittleday & Liked')">

Truth be told, I’ve admired Fine Lit­tle Day (and the blog!) for years. I’m a lover illus­trated prod­ucts, and they have plenty. They have a plethora of inter­est­ing and var­ied prod­ucts like wall­pa­per. Fine Lit­tle Day prides them­selves on being a hap­pily incon­sis­tent and sprawl­ing company.

finelittleday2 & Liked')"> finelittleday4 & Liked')"> finelittleday5 & Liked')"> finelittleday3 & Liked')">

Jo Hamilton’s Large Crocheted Portraits

Jo Hamilton

I recently saw the work of Jo Hamil­ton on Hi Fruc­tose and was struck with the feel­ing that I’d seen her cro­cheted works before. Look­ing at her CV, I real­ized I was right — she was in the exhi­bi­tion GULP YARN BANG! that was at School 33 in Bal­ti­more a few years ago.

I liked her work in the show and I like it now. As some­one who can’t cro­chet (but I can knit!), I find the detail and metic­u­lous nature of them awe-inspiring. The amount of time put into these large por­traits is some­thing of won­der. The craft of cro­chet­ing is also very nos­tal­gic for me, as it reminds me of my mother. Even though I can’t cro­chet, she can! I think that oth­ers can relate, no? It, like a lot of passed-down craft­ing, has asso­ci­a­tions of home and warmth.

All images via her web­site.

Jo Hamilton Jo Hamilton


Jo Hamilton Crocheted portraits Crocheted portraits Crochet portraits BONUS: See her process with this stop motion ani­ma­tion.  Crochet portraits

Thomas Howes’ Colorful Chaos, Oh, & Coffee

whats going on here

I’m feel­ing a bit under the weather, so I’m just gonna leave these here. Enjoy the col­or­ful, bois­ter­ous, some­times sweet, some­times dis­turb­ing illus­tra­tions by Thomas Howes. Even when someone’s head has been sev­ered, I still find them delight­ful. He’s even illus­trated pack­ag­ing for fancy coffee!

All images via his Flickr. You can also fol­low him on Tum­blr.


You Can't Deny That View
Inside Gypsy Danger
Raul mamanisPeru tunki
finished labels



dirty wet caption

Ventriloquist Dummies’ Portraits: Strange, Yet Beautiful?

 Ventriloquist Dummies

Remem­ber Time Travel Tues­days? When I’d find old gems to share on this blog?  I haven’t done it in a while, but recently spot­ted por­traits of old ven­tril­o­quist dum­mies on Junk Cul­ture. They are apart of the book  Talk­ing Heads: The Vent Haven Por­traits by Matthew Rol­ston. He has built his career enter­tain­ment pho­tog­ra­phy. Not just enter­tain­ment, but enter­tain­ment. Think Tay­lor Swift, Michael Jack­son, Lady Gaga, and more.

As you can imag­ine, being in that indus­try means a lot of your work is micro­man­aged. Matthew needed another cre­ative out­let. When he saw a NY Times arti­cle on the Vent Haven Museum’s col­lec­tion of ven­tril­o­quist dolls, he felt a con­nec­tion to them.

If you hate the uncanny val­ley, you prob­a­bly won’t like these dum­mies. But, I think they are amaz­ing. I’ve never really exam­ined them up close, but Matthew’s por­traits are clear as day. You can see all of the details and con­struc­tion. The sur­face design is often gar­ish, a styl­ized rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a human. They pro­vide a look into his­tory, when the art of ven­tril­o­quism was pop­u­lar.  (h/t Junk Cul­ture and Slate)

Ventriloquist Dummies dummy_guthrieboy Ventriloquist Dummies dummy_artanteak dummy_marlettehead dummy_anonymagirl dummy_ayregirl_junior



Kustaa Saksi’s Jacquard Weavings

Kustaa Saksi

How about some visual chaos for your Mon­day? The weav­ings of Kus­taa Saksi should do the trick! The Finnish artist’s series, Hypnopom­pic was com­pleted on a jacquard loom, an  auto­matic loom that makes it pos­si­ble to weave com­plex patterns.

The title of the series refers to a state of sen­sory con­fu­sion lead­ing out of sleep. Kustaa’s web­site fur­ther explains, writ­ing, “…the state of sleep gets mixed with the dream world into a sur­real real­ity. It is an excep­tional state of con­scious­ness, in which one may expe­ri­ence the pres­ence of, or see crea­tures or ani­mals, such as spi­ders, mon­keys and insects. Hypnopom­pic state has also been affil­i­ated with visual delu­sions caused by migraine.”

Images via Alfa/Echo/Zulu.

Kustaa Saksi Saksi

alfa9 alfa8 alfa7 Kustaa Saksi Kustaa Saksi

Plants & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Shade on Shape & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Via Shade on Shape Etsy.

Let the great planter search begin. I’m tired of all my IKEA planters and am now look­ing for replace­ments. Here are some I’ve seen lately and liked. Not only their con­tain­ers this week, but plants them­selves. Nature has come up with some pretty cool look­ing flora. Let’s mar­vel, shall we?

PS — See what I am lik­ing in real time, each week on my Pin­ter­est!

Shade on Shape & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Wooden painted vases and planters by Shade on Shape.

Quartz Faceted Ceramics & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Bliss Home and Design sells this col­lec­tion of Quartz Faceted Ceramics.

Jen Kuroki & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Jen Kuroki & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Jen Kuroki & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Var­i­ous vases by Jen Kuroki for Lit­tle Paper Planes.

L & M Studio & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> L & M Studio & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Porce­lain planters by L & M Stu­dio on Etsy.

Pinched and Glazed Planter  from Leif shop & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Pinched and glazed planter from Leif shop. 

Waterstone Succulents & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Waterstone Succulents & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Waterstone Succulents & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Don’t want to take care of a plant? You can still have beau­ti­ful (ceramic) suc­cu­lents thanks to Water­stone Suc­cu­lents on Etsy.

Yield Design & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Yield Design & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Box planters by Yield Design.

ELLE Decoration 0613StylingBilderTrendKråkvikD'Orazio & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')">  Via Home and Deli­cious.

i-ion & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')">  Via I-Ion.

danaboulos & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Via Dana Bou­los.

kaywang & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')">  Kay Wang via Sight Unseen.

bynikita & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')">  Via Dis­tracted by Design.

banana & Planters I’ve Seen Lately & Liked')"> Via Banana Meet-Cute.