Pìccolo Field Trip Day 1: Visiting Daniel Fishel and Jessica HJ Lee


I’m in New York this week with Lisa, for Pìccolo, our small business that is dedicated to working with illustrators and creating illustrated products. Yesterday, we met with a couple of illustrators based in Brooklyn, saw their studio spaces, and spoke with them about their work and the field of illustration.

Daniel Fishel is a primarily editorial illustrator (but he just finished a couple of book covers!) that has completed some great special projects including NPR’s 2013 Calendar. He paints traditionally and also works digitally. He draws his line work in acrylic ink and scans it in, and uses different textures to lay in with his line work as well as color it.

Daniel_at_deskDaniel_drawing_desk2 Daniel_paintings

Daniel_drawing_deskDaniel_drawing_compJessica HJ Lee designed one of our Pìccolo tote bags! We visited her studio in Greenpoint, which she shares with photographers, another illustrator, and a lingerie designer. Her work has two different feelings. One is more cutesy while the other is more macabre. The darker content is more rendered. Her illustrations are draw in pencil, scanned in and digitally colored.


Jessica_desk4 Jessica_desk5 Jessica_packaging2

Jessica_packaging Jessica_desk Jessica_desk2

By the way! We met Jessica at Ovenly, which was delicious. Highly recommended.