Pìccolo Field Trip Day 1: Visiting Daniel Fishel and Jessica HJ Lee


I’m in New York this week with Lisa, for Pìc­colo, our small busi­ness that is ded­i­cated to work­ing with illus­tra­tors and cre­at­ing illus­trated prod­ucts. Yes­ter­day, we met with a cou­ple of illus­tra­tors based in Brook­lyn, saw their stu­dio spaces, and spoke with them about their work and the field of illustration.

Daniel Fishel is a pri­mar­ily edi­to­r­ial illus­tra­tor (but he just fin­ished a cou­ple of book cov­ers!) that has com­pleted some great spe­cial projects includ­ing NPR’s 2013 Cal­en­dar. He paints tra­di­tion­ally and also works dig­i­tally. He draws his line work in acrylic ink and scans it in, and uses dif­fer­ent tex­tures to lay in with his line work as well as color it.

Daniel_at_deskDaniel_drawing_desk2 Daniel_paintings

Daniel_drawing_deskDaniel_drawing_compJes­sica HJ Lee designed one of our Pìc­colo tote bags! We vis­ited her stu­dio in Green­point, which she shares with pho­tog­ra­phers, another illus­tra­tor, and a lin­gerie designer. Her work has two dif­fer­ent feel­ings. One is more cutesy while the other is more macabre. The darker con­tent is more ren­dered. Her illus­tra­tions are draw in pen­cil, scanned in and dig­i­tally colored.


Jessica_desk4 Jessica_desk5 Jessica_packaging2

Jessica_packaging Jessica_desk Jessica_desk2

By the way! We met Jes­sica at Ovenly, which was deli­cious. Highly recommended.

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