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The Color Series | 10 Ways Purple Electrifies Illustrations, from Lilac to Violet

Purple illustrations

After tak­ing a week off, it’s nice to return to The Col­or Series. Unfa­mil­iar with what that is? Over the past sev­er­al weeks, I’ve chron­i­cled illus­tra­tion, embroi­dery, and sketch­books that over­whelm­ing­ly use one col­or in their com­po­si­tions. (If you’ve missed my pre­vi­ous picks, check out blue, pink, green.) Now, help­ing to round this series out are pur­ple illus­tra­tions.

Of all the col­ors I’ve fea­tured so far, pur­ple is by far used the most infre­quent­ly. My favorite of its uses is in the work of Juli­ette Obern­dor­fer, a con­cept artist who brings the for­est land­scape to life a range of tones—from lilac to amethyst to vio­let. I could hap­pi­ly live in her work.

Check out how 10 purple illustrations use the likes of lilacs, violets, and more to bring their images alive.

Purple illustration by Ashley Ronning

Ashley Ronning

Purple illustration by Esther Goh

Esther Goh

Purple illustration by Lisk Feng

Lisk Feng

Purple illustration by Taryn Knight

Taryn Knight

Purple illustration by Sandi Falconer

Sandi Falconer

Purple illustration by Melissa Castrillon

Melissa Castrillon (on Brown Paper Bag)

Purple illustration by Yellena James

Yellena James

Purple illustration by Juliette Oberndorfer

Juliette Oberndorfer (on Brown Paper Bag)

Purple illustration by Danse de Lune

Danse de Lune (on Brown Paper Bag)

Purple illustration by Hanna Chen

Hanna Chen

Purple illustrations

Purple illustrations

Purple illustrations