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Cliff Dive with Sarah Jacoby: July’s Header Picture Project

sarah jacoby

It’s JULY! Can you believe it? So, you know what that means — swim suits, cook­outs, base­ball games, and all the fun stuff that hap­pens when it’s warm out. The start of a new month also means anoth­er head­er for Brown Paper Bag. Hooray! This month, we have an illus­tra­tion by the won­der­ful Sarah Jaco­by. She’s craft­ed an image per­fect for the sum­mer months, and I’m excit­ed to share it with you today.

As always, the work is for sale in the Brown Paper Bag shop as a 4″ x 6″ print — per­fect for fram­ing! Grab one before they’re all gone.

Here’s some info on Sarah, who hap­pens to be a grad school cohort of mine and an award-win­ning illus­tra­tor.

Name: Sarah Jaco­by
Loca­tion: Philadel­phia, but pos­si­bly soon to be Brooklyn/NY.
Web­site: thesarahjacoby.com
What was your dream job when you were 7 years old? I want­ed to be every­thing all of the time. I think at age sev­en I was going through a foren­sic pale­on­tol­ogy phase. I think I in truth I just liked say­ing those words out loud.
Your pro­fes­sion now: Illus­tra­tor! The best job.
What’s your favorite thing to draw? Flo­ra and fau­na are my jam. You can see if I’m stuck on a piece if I have piles of papers with tiny vines drawn all over them.
What was the inspi­ra­tion for this piece? I want to be at a swim­ming hole very bad­ly now that its July. I’m cur­rent­ly stuck in the city. The pools aren’t even open here. For a short peri­od I lived in Austin, Texas for a sum­mer and I will nev­er for­get their swim­ming hole sit­u­a­tion. Very dreamy. For those who know Austin, I’m think­ing of Hamil­ton Springs though there’s no huge jump­ing cliff there.
How did you cre­ate your illus­tra­tion? Was it any dif­fer­ent than your reg­u­lar process? I like to make lit­tle water col­ors on bris­tol paper, then scan them and dig­i­tal­ly col­lage them. It’s how I do most of my stuff. I didn’t stray from the path this time.
How high do you reck­on that tall cliff is? So high! I’m scared of heights, so this is basi­cal­ly my night­mare sit­u­a­tion. I’d like to be a the lit­tle swim­mer with the pink bathing cap though. Swim­ming in style.