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Cliff Dive with Sarah Jacoby: July’s Header Picture Project

sarah jacoby

It’s JULY! Can you believe it? So, you know what that means – swim suits, cookouts, baseball games, and all the fun stuff that happens when it’s warm out. The start of a new month also means another header for Brown Paper Bag. Hooray! This month, we have an illustration by the wonderful Sarah Jacoby. She’s crafted an image perfect for the summer months, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

As always, the work is for sale in the Brown Paper Bag shop as a 4″ x 6″ print – perfect for framing! Grab one before they’re all gone.

Here’s some info on Sarah, who happens to be a grad school cohort of mine and an award-winning illustrator.

Name: Sarah Jacoby
Location: Philadelphia, but possibly soon to be Brooklyn/NY.
Website: thesarahjacoby.com
What was your dream job when you were 7 years old? I wanted to be everything all of the time. I think at age seven I was going through a forensic paleontology phase. I think I in truth I just liked saying those words out loud.
Your profession now: Illustrator! The best job.
What’s your favorite thing to draw? Flora and fauna are my jam. You can see if I’m stuck on a piece if I have piles of papers with tiny vines drawn all over them.
What was the inspiration for this piece? I want to be at a swimming hole very badly now that its July. I’m currently stuck in the city. The pools aren’t even open here. For a short period I lived in Austin, Texas for a summer and I will never forget their swimming hole situation. Very dreamy. For those who know Austin, I’m thinking of Hamilton Springs though there’s no huge jumping cliff there.
How did you create your illustration? Was it any different than your regular process? I like to make little water colors on bristol paper, then scan them and digitally collage them. It’s how I do most of my stuff. I didn’t stray from the path this time.
How high do you reckon that tall cliff is? So high! I’m scared of heights, so this is basically my nightmare situation. I’d like to be a the little swimmer with the pink bathing cap though. Swimming in style.