Stacey Rozich’s Paintings Are a Pattern-Filled Cultural Mash Up

stacey_rozich8stacey_rozich5 I’ve followed the work (and admired) of Stacey Rozich for years. I think it was since she was fresh out of school, but who knows. Either way, it’s always interesting to see how one’s work evolves over time. Rozich’s work still focuses heavily on pattern, masks, and drawing inspiration from folklore, but now incorporates a contemporary cultural mash up. A little more about her work via Rozich’s website:

Since moving on from a world of Japanese animation and mean pencil drawings she has created a vibrantly painted folkloric narrative that draws inspiration from many cultural references, building scenarios pulled from a realm of indigenous and contemporary symbolism. Rozich creates a parable for present day built on situational vignettes that are imagined through the lens of familiar fictional archetypes.

Deeply rooted in cultural tradition and ritual, these allegorical accounts join ancestral folklore with elements of modernity and surrealism. Influence is taken from travel, world textiles, childhood memories and the many many hours spent watching television.

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