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Adorable Animal Planters Will Be Best Buds with Your Flower Buds

Studio Giverny animal planters

Yoshiko Kozawa of Studio Giverny creates lovable animal planters that’ll be your (flower) buds’ best bud. Whales, giraffes, and alpaca all carry the weight of these plants on their back. But don’t worry—they’re happy to do it—and in turn, brighten your home.

Yoshiko first crafts her pieces from porcelain and then coats them in a shino glaze combination. Some, like the alpaca, include a fun pompom tail and tassel earrings. See her entire selection on Etsy. (h/t: So Super Awesome)

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Dreamy Portraits Created with a Beautiful Bounty of Textures

Brooklyn Dolly

Erin Robinson, better known as Brooklyn Dolly, creates gorgeous portraits in a smattering of mediums. Look closely at her dreamy imagery and you’ll find watercolor, ink, charcoal, stenciling, collage, as well as digital work. Together, their layers are visually rich and celebrate Erin’s subjects—the “feminine shape and the many shades and coifs of Brooklyn.”

Erin sells her work through the Brooklyn Dolly Etsy shop.

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Who Needs to Paint When You’ve Got Beautiful Pieces of Paper?

Maria Berrio collage

While perusing Design*Sponge the other day, I was introduced to the work of Maria Berrio. Immediately, I was struck by her collage style—the intoxicating collision of color and texture paired with alluring figures in curious environments.

Driven by her “native South American influences” as well as living in Brooklyn, New York, she cuts and shreds paper into the large-scale portraits. “I usually find inspiration by going for a really long walk through New York City,” Maria told Annie Werbler on Design*Sponge. “The electricity of this city, the mishmash of cultures and classes, the hoards of interesting people doing interesting things in a dynamic city of filth and shimmering beauty — that is what inspires me.”

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The Shape-Shifting Sketchbooks of Eva Magill-Oliver

Eva Magill Oliver sketchbooks

I’m a huge fan of sketchbooks… probably because my attempts to keep them always come up short. So, it’s no wonder that I’ve been fawning over Eva Magill-Oliver‘s books the past few days. They’re a combination of beautiful colors, bold shapes, and playful design. Unlike my pencil scribbles and sloppy note-taking, she uses each spread as an opportunity to make organic works of art. Eva will cut into pages, arrange pieces on top, and go outside of the book by attaching other bits of paper. In this way, the confines of the spreads are merely a suggestion—one that she’s happy to disregard.

In her artist statement, Eva writes that nature drives her color and imagery. “The natural world is an infinite resource for documenting and exploring shapes, patterns, and textures,” she says. “It also invites personal reflection and meditation.” Just like a sketchbook.

Follow Eva on Instagram to see what she’s working on now.

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Vivid, Ethereal Landscapes are Dreams in Painted Form

Becky Blair landscape paintings

If you’re in the midst of winter, Becky Blair‘s landscape paintings are a beautiful escape from dreary skies and frigid temperatures. Fusing realism with abstraction, she layers colors, textures, drawing, and printing to create imagery that are like vivid dreams. These reveries are inspired by her extensive travel through India, Australia, and Europe, and she, in turn, “reflects the experience, rather than the visage” of a place. Through her paintings, we are part of these moments, too.

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Embroidered Portraits Dazzle with Real Objects Sewn In

Ezgi Pamir embroidery

Embroiders, have you ever tried incorporating other objects into your hoop art? Ezgi Pamir does this to a great effect; she uses fabric, buttons, and branches that add an unexpected sculptural element to her work. Her pieces are portraits—of stylish folks—and there’s always a special accent to them. The women wear scarves that seemingly whip in the wind, giant hats that flop in the breeze, and stiff collars to provide some comfort from the rain.

With this emphasis on fashion, is it any surprise that Ezgi is a costume designer? Because she is!

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Artist, Illustration

Energetic Landscape Paintings Represent the Yin and Yang of Life

Kirsten Sims

Once again, Kirsten Sims has captured an incredible energy in her paintings that recall the spontaneity of pencil sketches. Her latest series was created for the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg, and they feature vibrant outdoor and indoor scenes that act as a yin and yang—the beauty of solitude, as well as the hustle and bustle of large groups. Each is lively in its application of paint; the colors swirl and mix on canvas, diffusing and abstracting the illustrations. It’s as if they represent one long, fantastic dream… or better yet, a memory!

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