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Cretur Fetur needle felt


I’m not really a bat lover. I know that some people find them cute, but me? Not so much. I also don’t find rodents cute, either. (Sorry I’m not sorry.)

BUT, I will make an exception for the Etsy shop Cretur Fetur. Leticia Rocha-Zivadinovic is the shop owner and artist behind these mammals, which are created using needle felting. Leticia describes the process on her website, writing:

Needle felting is a sculptural technique invented at some point in or around the 80’s, a spinoff of industrial dry felting. It works by poking wool repeatedly with a specially barbed needle, which makes the fibers lock together and increases the density of the fiber. You can make 2D appliqué embellishments like this, or you can build upon it sculpturally by adding more and more wool, manipulating the shape by poking more here and less there and/or adding a little more wool in places. It’s really easy to pick up on, easy to fix mistakes, intuitive and flexible.

The Cretur Fetur shop has included brooches of bats, hairpins featuring tiny axolotls, and other creatures like anteaters and birds. Adorable.

All images via her website. (Also check out her Tumblr, too.)