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Cretur Fetur needle felt


I’m not real­ly a bat lover. I know that some peo­ple find them cute, but me? Not so much. I also don’t find rodents cute, either. (Sor­ry I’m not sor­ry.)

BUT, I will make an excep­tion for the Etsy shop Cre­tur Fetur. Leti­cia Rocha-Zivadi­novic is the shop own­er and artist behind these mam­mals, which are cre­at­ed using nee­dle felt­ing. Leti­cia describes the process on her web­site, writ­ing:

Nee­dle felt­ing is a sculp­tur­al tech­nique invent­ed at some point in or around the 80’s, a spin­off of indus­tri­al dry felt­ing. It works by pok­ing wool repeat­ed­ly with a spe­cial­ly barbed nee­dle, which makes the fibers lock togeth­er and increas­es the den­si­ty of the fiber. You can make 2D appliqué embell­ish­ments like this, or you can build upon it sculp­tural­ly by adding more and more wool, manip­u­lat­ing the shape by pok­ing more here and less there and/or adding a lit­tle more wool in places. It’s real­ly easy to pick up on, easy to fix mis­takes, intu­itive and flex­i­ble.

The Cre­tur Fetur shop has includ­ed brooches of bats, hair­pins fea­tur­ing tiny axolotls, and oth­er crea­tures like anteaters and birds. Adorable.

All images via her web­site. (Also check out her Tum­blr, too.)