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My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions

Illustrated Product Obsessions, July 29

1. Pretzel Share Necklace by Rachel Pfeffer Designs
2. Woodland Bird Pouch by The Blue Rabbit House
3. Free as a Bird Enamel Pin by Frolik
4. Winking Eye Pillowcases by Pink Top
5. Menagerie Oven Mitt by Donna Wilson
6. Houseplant the Idea Glass Set by Modcloth
7. Hidden Dragon Top by Gorman

I don’t have much to say because I’m currently watching Stranger Things and I need to know what happened to Barb. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1. Pretzel Shape Cushion by Whimsy Milieu
2. Rain Drop Pen Caddy by Oh Dier
3. Slip Cast Porcelain Cloudy Big Bud Vase by Bean and Bailey
4. Menagerie Oven Mitt by Donna Wilson
5. Ferns Linen Pouch by Amelie Mancini
6. Colored Concrete Planter by Fox and Ramona
7. Taco-Shaped Clutch by Charlotte Olympia

I’ve been baking a lot lately, so that Donna Wilson oven mitt is so on point… how fun!

Happy weekend!

Illustrated products

Illustrated Product Obsessions: 8 Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe


This week, I’m departing from my typical Illustrated Product Obsessions format. Above you’ll find my obsessions, but they’re geared towards the cooler months. Sweaters, mittens, cozy socks… I can’t wait!

1 // Sundara High Waist Leggings by Simka Sol
2 // Garden Mosaic Sweater by SHiliconfETTI°
3 // Wool Beanie by Sourpuss Knits
4 // Coil Bracelet by Meyelo
5 // Dog Cup with Saucer by Eleonor Boström
6 // Wild Woodland Sweater by Donna Wilson
7 // Flower Mittens by Donna Wilson
8 // Rain Drop Crew Socks by Yu Square