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My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1. The Bee by Barış Özyurt
2. Le Loup, a haberdashery multi tool by Dominic Coballe (a Kickstarter!)
3. Milk Jug Vase by Dana Bechert
4. Porcelain Pedestal Dog Stand by Eleonor Boström
5. Floral Fox Transparent iPhone Case by Papio Press
6. Conversation Crew Socks by Tintoretta for Anthropologie
7. Moth Risograph Stationary Set by Tallulah Fontaine

This week’s illustrated product obsessions inadvertently features animals. What can I say? I love creature-themed objects.

To all my US readers celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you had a happy one! I’m out west, hanging out in the red rocks of southern Utah—a far cry from the Eastern seaboard.

Looking for a fun weekend project? Sign up for my Skillshare class: Paper Art: Create a Cut Paper Self-Portrait. This short video series goes over techniques for creating a one-of-a-kind portrait that you can use for your social media profiles (like I’ve done!).

Illustrated products

Illustrated Product Obsessions: 8 Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe


This week, I’m departing from my typical Illustrated Product Obsessions format. Above you’ll find my obsessions, but they’re geared towards the cooler months. Sweaters, mittens, cozy socks… I can’t wait!

1 // Sundara High Waist Leggings by Simka Sol
2 // Garden Mosaic Sweater by SHiliconfETTI°
3 // Wool Beanie by Sourpuss Knits
4 // Coil Bracelet by Meyelo
5 // Dog Cup with Saucer by Eleonor Boström
6 // Wild Woodland Sweater by Donna Wilson
7 // Flower Mittens by Donna Wilson
8 // Rain Drop Crew Socks by Yu Square

Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // Valentino Space-Embroidered Satin Booties (sadly, these are sold out… but still so pretty…)
2 // Skunk Plush Pillow by Three Bad Seeds
3 // Connifer Collection hankies by Alena Tkach for R.CULTURI
4 // Ceramic Hanging Planter ‘Olivia’ by Megan Clarke (available on Little Deer)
5 // Marguerite Blouse Navy by Mina Perhonen
6 // Flower Bud Vase by Eleonor Boström
7 // Henri & Evelyn’s Return Home Diorama Necklace by Miniatures for a Modern World (via So Super Awesome)

Happy weekend, ya’ll! If you need me, I’ll be sewing forever on my Baltimore Bites project.

Ceramics, Lately & Liked

Prickly Edges & Crying Pots: 12 Ceramics that Caught My Eye

On my “beautiful breakables” Pinterest board, I pin a bunch of ceramics that I intend to share on Brown Paper Bag but they never seem to make it on the site. Well, here they are! This post could also be about ceramics that have faces on them, because there are a lot of them featured here. What can I say? I love things with eyes.

Enjoy, and have a happy weekend!

BPB Projects, Ceramics

It’s Your Last Chance to Score Eleonor Boström’s ‘Lost Dog’


If you’ve had your eye on Eleonor Boström series Lost Dogs, or haven’t seen it yet, then check it out – February 28th will be your last chance to adopt these adorable ceramic dogs out of my shop.

Eleonor Boström is a ceramic artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. You might have seen her dogs in cups floating around the likes of Pinterest. Like the rest of her work, these dogs are handcrafted by Eleonor and completely unique. She crafted the series Lost Dog exclusively for my shop!



OPENING! Lost Dog: new ceramics by Eleonor Boström

dogs1So, I’ve talked about it for a couple of months now, but the Lost Dog exhibition through eyra illustration gallery is now LIVE! I’m so excited to share with you Eleonor Boström’s beautiful ceramic works. She’s sculpted dogs, a boat, and dogs with boats. It’s all for sale in the Lost Dog shop. You can also view the show in its entirety here. In the coming weeks I’ll be adding to this website and adding some fun animations.

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