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Playing with Fire, Illustratively

Matches, fire, smoke… that’s the idea behind today’s Friday roundup. There are a lot of neat matchbook designs out there, and it was my initial inspiration for this post. But, I wanted wanted to go beyond that and explore a few ways in which fire is shown/thought of in illustration. (This is by no means comprehensive.) Got a cool fire-themed illustration to show me? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


Elsa Mora’s Exquisite Cut Paper “Winter Wonderland”

Elsa Mora

With Christmas only a week away, it feels very appropriate to share this magnificent cut-paper creation by Elsa Mora. I somewhat-recently shared her amazing Garden of Books, and she’s back with another intricately-detailed piece. This one is titled Winter Wonderland which features the cross section of a house that’s all decked out for the holidays. There are so many lovely things in this work, and I’m always in awe that Elsa overlooks nothing. Even the lampshade has a tiny pattern on it!

Winter Wonderland is currently on display at the MoMA Design Store until the end of the year. So, if you’re local to NYC, stop by and check it out (and tell me how it looks in person!).

Elsa Moraelsa-mora1

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Friday Roundup: 25 Illustrated Holiday Cards (+ Where to Buy Them!)

This year, I’m going to feel like a real adult; I’m sending out Christmas cards to my friends and family, finally! After years and years of receiving thoughtful, beautiful cards, I will have my own to send. Perhaps you’re like me and are venturing into the world of holiday card buying. Well, have no fear. I’ve compiled a list of 25 different appropriately-themed designs to peruse and purchase.

All of these cards feature illustration, hand lettering, and are made by small businesses. Enjoy browsing these unique cards. Let me know if you find any other designs that you like (that aren’t included here)!

Hello! Lucky. (I include this because I'm spending my Christmas in Texas!)

Hello! Lucky. (I include this because I’m spending my Christmas in Texas!)


Elsa Mora’s Incredible Cut Paper “Garden of Books”

elsa mora

Ya’ll, I am so impressed with this cut paper sculpture by artist Elsa Mora; the details within it are incredible! Using just acid-free paper and glue, she creates depth and texture through well-placed cuts and minuscule, hand-punched holes. Close-up shots reveal wonderful things like the tiniest decorated books on a shelf. Get lost in this piece titled Garden of Books.

You might be familiar with Mora via her excellent blog, Art is a Way. If you don’t read it, I highly recommend that you start. It’s one of my go-to blogs, and it features ceramics, artists, crafts, and more.

elsa moraelsa-mora6elsa-mora2elsa-mora3elsa-mora-77elsa-mora8elsa-mora10elsa-mora9

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Round Up: 10 Gorgeous Illustrations to End Your Work Week

Here we are, at the end of another work week! What are your plans for the weekend? I, for one, am going to check out this BUS stop in east Baltimore (please click the link to see that I’m not totally nuts).

As you cruise into Saturday, enjoy these 10 illustrations that I’ve seen lately and liked. Some feature long-time favorites like Andrea Wan, while others are created by people I’ve never heard until recently, like the work of Michela Picchi.

Making a list like this is always fun. You start to notice patterns in what you’re picking based on your current interests. Can you see that that I’m really into bright colors and floral drawings right now?

Lately & Liked

Friday Round Up: Paper Shapers I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

If you couldn’t guess, today’s round up focuses on paper, and those who use it to create cool things. Some are illustrative and others are sculptural, but all of the artists and illustrators featured here wield the Exacto knife like a pro.

Happy weekend, ya’ll!


Star Wars paper toys, via Monde Mosaic

Star Wars paper toys, via Monde Mosaic