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Faye Moorhouse Lets Ink Do Its Thing With Gorgeous Results

Faye Moor­house is an illus­tra­tor who I’ve admired for years.  The Brighton-based cre­ative works in water-based media and lets it flow freely on the page. I love its loose­ness and see­ing the feath­ered ink cre­ate their own dif­fused tex­ture sep­a­rate from what Faye draws. This soft­ness, cou­pled with often-abstract com­po­si­tions, pro­duces a dream­like effect in her […]

Collages That Capture the Imagination of Young Folks

I love all dif­fer­ent types of illus­tra­tion, but my pre­ferred way of work­ing will always be in col­lage. I look at these illus­tra­tions by Manon Gau­thier, and I’m reminded why I love mixed media so much. She’s got a lot of inter­est­ing things hap­pen­ing — espe­cially with lay­er­ing. Small, indi­vid­ual pieces of paper are drawn, painted, […]

Check Out Kyootopia, the Mythical Land of Cute

Isn’t this tiger charm­ing? Illus­tra­tor Kath­leen Mar­cotte cre­ated it as part of a group exhi­bi­tion called Kyootopia with Bree Lund­berg and Patu Phan. “We wanted the free­dom to inter­pret ‘cute’ within our own styles,” she tells me, “so we cre­ated the myth­i­cal land of Kyootopia, where all things are cute!” The three illus­tra­tors divided Kyootopia into nine unique islands and […]

Exquisite Illustrations Created by Drawing with Thread

This past week­end, while watch­ing the lat­est episode of Mad Men, I started a new embroi­dery. It’s my first one in many months! It feels good, ya’ll. Just like the work of Annal­isa Bollini. The Ital­ian illus­tra­tor cre­ates these mixed media scenes that are a com­bi­na­tion of embroi­dery, appliqué , and paper bits. She has exquis­ite line work […]

Beautiful, Multilayered Fantasies by Danse de Lune

Get lost in the magic of Danse de Lune (for­merly Art and Ghosts). She’s a UK-based illus­tra­tor who has a pen­chant for col­or­ful folk­lore and dark, dreary skies. I love the mul­ti­lay­ered, fan­tas­ti­cal feel that these pieces have. They’re soft with a lot of visual oomph — just look at all of the tiny, intri­cate details! Danse […]

Sofia Arnold’s Naturalistic Scenes of Wild Fantasies

For years, I’ve mar­veled at the work of Sofia Arnold. Her nat­u­ral­is­tic scenes are wild fan­tasies fea­tur­ing a host of char­ac­ters. Look closely, and you’ll see women in flow­ing dresses, small ani­mals, and ener­getic chil­dren woven in her com­po­si­tions. In an inter­view with Buy Some Damn Art, Sofia talks about recy­cling imagery and ideas in her work. It’s a valuable […]

Sainte Maria’s Sartorial Paintings Are a Love Letter to Style

Art, fash­ion, and design are all pas­sions of Russ­ian illus­tra­tor Sainte Maria. And, there’s no mis­tak­ing it. These sar­to­r­ial paint­ings are a love let­ter to style, and I’m a huge fan of both her cloth­ing choices and inte­rior dec­o­rat­ing. I would totally rock the things Maria’s mod­els are wear­ing — espe­cially the flow­ing mauve skirt, sky […]

Exquisite Illustrations Created with Thousands of Tiny Lines

Count­less tiny lines form these exquis­ite illus­tra­tions by Sara Cor­bett. The Brooklyn-based cre­ative uses the minia­tur­ized ticks in design­ing crea­tures like zebras, bats, fish, and more. They’re seen frol­ick­ing in the woods in unlikely pair­ings. (Who would imag­ine that a rac­coon and ele­phant are hang out?) We all know the power of a small line, but it’s nice to be […]