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Empowering Illustrated Signs from Women’s Marches Around the World

Illustrations for Women's March

Bodil Jane

Unless you were in an isolation chamber this past weekend, you probably heard and/or participated in a Women’s March. I was fortunate to be able to make it to the main Washington, DC event (Baltimore is just an hour train ride away). It was incredible! The streets were full of people marching for the equality of all women, while also protesting Donald Drumpf’s disgusting attitudes and actions towards women.

Art and activism go hand in hand. The signs I saw were powerful, often incorporating humor or puns to make a point. Some were beautifully illustrated to boot. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen around the web from the marches in DC and around the world.

Carson Ellis

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Illustrated products

Accessorize with Sculptures by Adding Ceramic Jewelry to Your Outfit

ceramic jewelry

One of my favorite trends lately is necklaces, brooches, and rings made from kiln-fired clay. I’ve got a few pieces now and love how essentially, these are mini sculptures you’re wearing on your fingers, around your neck, or on your favorite shirt. Some makers color their jewelry with glaze while others leave their designs bone white. What style of ceramic jewelry do you like?

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Dreamy Portraits Created with a Beautiful Bounty of Textures

Brooklyn Dolly

Erin Robinson, better known as Brooklyn Dolly, creates gorgeous portraits in a smattering of mediums. Look closely at her dreamy imagery and you’ll find watercolor, ink, charcoal, stenciling, collage, as well as digital work. Together, their layers are visually rich and celebrate Erin’s subjects—the “feminine shape and the many shades and coifs of Brooklyn.”

Erin sells her work through the Brooklyn Dolly Etsy shop.

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Appliqué Illustrations Offer a New Twist on Aesop’s Fables

Mika Hirasa appliqué illustration

Using exquisite antique linen, kimono fabric, and lace, Mika Hirasa creates appliqué illustrations. Her most recent series features fiber interpretations of Aesop’s Fables, combining the collage-like technique with embroidery.

Mika’s use of negative space is especially impactful with the appliqué. She’ll cut out bold shapes from the fabric and then adhere them to other areas of the composition. In place is intricate stitching that mimics line drawing. The result is visually rich and full of depth while placing a contemporary spin on these old tales.

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Exquisite Portraits are “Drawn” with Carefully-Arranged Flowers

Sister Golden floral art

During the winter, without fail, I dream of the flowers in spring. (There’s only so much gray I can take—especially in the concrete jungle.) A woman (and mom) named Vicki—one half of the shop Sister Golden—has created floral art that’s the perfect escape from the dreariness. Using succulents, dried leaves, and fresh blooms, she arranges them into exquisite portraits of women. One of her most popular pieces features Frida Kahlo cleverly drawn using stems and sticks. They’re a great substitute for a pen or paintbrush!

These pieces, and more, are available through the Sister Golden shop.

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