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Maggie Chiang’s Revealing Landscape Illustrations

If you scroll through illus­tra­tor Mag­gie Chiang’s Tum­blr, you’ll find that there are a lot of shots of the out­doors. I can’t help but think that these visu­als are what seep into her own art­work, as evi­dence of what’s fea­tured here. Each illus­tra­tion includes some ele­ment of the great big world (and even uni­verse). Often, there’s some sort […]

Herikita Expresses the Feels in Her Series of Odd Illustrations

On Herikita’s Face­book page, she writes, “I do things with my hands that I imag­ine in my head, so peo­ple can see it too.” This sen­ti­ment describes her soft, illus­tra­tive work per­fectly. Her images and imagery are undoubt­edly strange, but in a way that’s relat­able. Many of the inte­rior scenes are like an dia­logue ver­bal­ized, and […]

Leah Goren’s Nudie Alphabet — Nudiebet?

Let’s make it an alphabet-themed day! Here’s Leah Goren’s Nudie Alpha­bet, which is exactly how it sounds: naked bod­ies form­ing the shapes of let­ters. Or, demon­strat­ing some inter­est­ing inter­pre­ta­tive dance/yoga moves. How­ever you want to look at it. Pur­chase this alpha­bet as a print. It’s cur­rently avail­able in Leah’s shop.

Say the ABCs with Alice Pattullo’s Animal Screen Prints

Here’s a fun project that’s a nice take on an “alpha­bet” series. Alice Pat­tullo cre­ated a col­lec­tion of A-Z ani­mals, and she’s cur­rently shar­ing a let­ter a day. I like that these illus­tra­tions depict some uncon­ven­tional sub­jects. Bee­tles, crabs, igua­nas — they aren’t crea­tures that are cute or cud­dly, but they’re well-crafted, four-color screen prints. In addi­tion, Alice came […]

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Obsessions

Last week, I started a new fea­ture on the blog where I list illus­trated prod­ucts I’ve been obsess­ing over the past week. Plus, where to buy ‘em if you fancy them, too. Enjoy! 1 // Hand-embroidered Peter Pan-style col­lar by Baobap Hand­made 2 // Car­rier Pigeon greet­ing card by Idlewild Co. 3 // Vintage-inspired, tem­po­rary tat­toos by Tattoorary […]

Colorful Patterns Created with Linocuts by Andrea Lauren

Andrea Lau­ren is a pat­tern maker liv­ing in Asheville, North Car­olina.  Many of her col­or­ful, designy illus­tra­tions are inspired by nature, but she also throws some toys and tea in there, too. Andrea uses a vari­ety of hand-rendered tech­niques in her pat­tern pro­duc­tion, and they’re meant for dig­i­tal tex­tile print­ing. “I’m par­tic­u­larly drawn to linocuts, pen & ink, and cut […]

Delightfully Fun Paper Puppets by Sara Guindon

Did you ever play with paper dolls? I did when I was younger, and so I was instantly attracted to Sara Guindon’s delight­ful paper toys. They fea­ture char­ac­ters dressed to the nines who do things like play gui­tar, look through their binoc­u­lars, and draw in their sketch­books. Fun! Each pup­pet is hand­made and printed on acid-free […]

Rich Mythologies Foster Elegant Shapes by Marta Kubiczek

Pol­ish illus­tra­tor Marta Kubiczek com­bines soft tex­tures and dig­i­tal col­ors with a heavy empha­sis on shape design. Fig­ures, flow­ers, and ani­mals are often com­prised of one ele­gant form. Sto­ry­telling is at the fore­front of Marta’s work. Often, her images are based on mytholo­gies and poems. It’s a rich basis for image cre­ation and gives her the oppor­tu­nity to incorporate […]

Imaginatively-Crafted Illustrations (+Zelda!) by Daniel Shaffer

I’ve only recently become acquainted with Daniel Shaffer’s illus­tra­tions, but I am sure glad that I did. His paint­ings are great. They’re lus­ciously col­ored, imag­i­na­tive, fun, and have a bit of geeky charm. (Zelda has made an appear­ance a cou­ple of times.) Daniel says he’s a digital-freelance illus­tra­tor. For work­ing on the com­puter, he does a fan­tas­tic job at […]