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Exquisite Illustrations Created with Thousands of Tiny Lines

Count­less tiny lines form these exquis­ite illus­tra­tions by Sara Cor­bett. The Brooklyn-based cre­ative uses the minia­tur­ized ticks in design­ing crea­tures like zebras, bats, fish, and more. They’re seen frol­ick­ing in the woods in unlikely pair­ings. (Who would imag­ine that a rac­coon and ele­phant are hang out?) We all know the power of a small line, but it’s nice to be […]

A Narwhal with a Ukulele? Now, That’s a Party!

Doesn’t this (above) illus­tra­tion by Aniek Bar­tels per­fectly cap­ture the essence of Spring? I am wish­ing for tem­per­a­tures warm enough to ride on a bike with­out a jacket. If you think that image is fun, check out the rest of her happy draw­ings below. March­ing ele­phants, nar­whals with ukule­les… that’s a party I want to […]

Get a Little Weird with These Gorgeous Pencil Drawings

Alessan­dra De Cristofaro’s beau­ti­ful draw­ings make me want to pick up a pen­cil. They’re rich in tone and sub­ject mat­ter, often depict­ing inte­rior scenes and the idio­syn­crasies of rooms. I love her style, and she places an empha­sis on tiny, visual marks that cre­ate a feel­ing of move­ment. It’s as if energy is flow­ing throughout […]

Eero Lampinen’s Beautiful Depictions of Strange Lands

On both Mon­day and Tues­day of this week, I’ve fea­tured illus­tra­tions that are strange. So, how about I make Wednes­day just as weird? I recently posted the work of Eero Lampinen on my Insta­gram to great response. And, why not? The beau­ti­ful images are really well drawn and fea­ture odd, inter­est­ing depic­tions of nature. Giant bugs crawl over […]

Dreamy Illustrations That’ll Make You Want to Explore Outdoors

Korean illus­tra­tor Eun­sil Chun’s delight­ful works cap­ture the quiet beauty of the out­side world. A col­or­ful casts of char­ac­ters, both peo­ple and ani­mals, tra­verse the bloom­ing land­scapes. Eunsil’s illus­tra­tions include ele­ments of fan­tasy, and every com­po­si­tion fea­tures many fairy tale-esque things. In one, a tiny house boat sits on top of a giant bird’s head. Another fea­tures a wolf […]

Book Lovers: A Sneak Peek into Touchka’s Newest Illustrated Scarf!

For the past sev­eral months (prob­a­bly more), I have lusted after illus­trated silk scarves. I love how they tell sto­ries that are con­tained on a sin­gle panel. Plus, they have an obvi­ous prac­ti­cal use as a beau­ti­ful fash­ion acces­sory. Touchka designed these dreamy pieces that fea­ture bright col­ors and gor­geous, small details. Touchka is a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Jenny Lumelsky […]

Strange Combinations Immortalized on Wood

Late last year, I dis­cov­ered the magic of illus­trated prod­ucts on wood. I find them so delight­ful! In par­tic­u­lar, I’m inter­ested in orig­i­nal paint­ings on thin pieces of cut wood. Aus­tralian illus­tra­tor San­dra Eterovic has a whole series of work (for sale on Etsy) that fea­tures hang­ers, clocks, and small sculp­tures. They’re real­is­ti­cally painted and often […]

Noa Snir’s Gorgeous Illustrations Teeter on the Edge of Strangness

When I was read­ing about illus­tra­tor Noa Snir on her web­site, she men­tioned that she enjoys all things illus­trated. “Just about any­thing that can serve as an excuse to sit down and draw long into the night,” is how she put it. I love that sen­ti­ment! I am some­one who goes to bed early, but still. Noa’s […]

Eerie, Aged-Looking Illustrations Inspired by the Occult

Tin Can For­est a moniker for the col­lab­o­ra­tive work of Cana­dian artists Pat Shew­chuk and Marek Colek. Together, they cre­ate sequen­tial art, film, and books that are inspired by the forests of Canada, Slavic art, and occult folk­lore. When I first saw their illus­tra­tions, I thought that they might’ve been pro­duced years and years ago. They […]