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Beautifully Delicate Paper Flowers and Insects by Woodlucker


Ann Wood and Dean Lucker are the duo behind Wood­lucker, a stu­dio that cre­ates inter­ac­tive mechan­i­cal sculp­tures and botan­i­cal paper cre­ations. I’ve been on a paper flower kick for a while now, so that’s what I was instantly drawn to when look­ing at their beau­ti­ful Insta­gram.  Each petal, wing, and stem is crafted with care, and this atten­tion to detail is evi­dent in every facet of the work, includ­ing the tiny brush strokes that adorn paper’s surface.

If you’re local to Min­neapo­lis, you can visit the Wood­lucker stu­dio and see these gor­geous pieces in per­son. They open their work space to the pub­lic at least a cou­ple of times a year. Find out more here. Oth­er­wise, admire them from afar, just like me! (H/T Per­rin)







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Cut Paper Portraits Transform Pets into 17th Century Aristocrats

People Too

Peo­ple love their pets, so nat­u­rally, they have art­works made in their honor. Russian-based illus­tra­tors Alexey Lya­punov and Lena Erlich— aka Peo­ple Too—cre­ated a delight­ful series that imag­ines their clients’ ani­mals as dec­o­rated war heroes, dainty ladies, and learned fel­lows.  They’re totally imag­i­na­tive and con­structed entirely out of paper. The cre­ative pair lay­ered col­ors and cutouts, pro­duc­ing 3D por­traits rem­i­nis­cent of his­tor­i­cal paint­ings from the 17th or 18th cen­tury.  Check out their work in progress below!

People Too

People Too







Paper Craft

A Mural Made Completely Out of Paper by Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte
Not too long ago, I shared some of Mlle Hipolyte’s amaz­ing paper-crafted masks. Since then, I’ve been keep­ing an eye on her work. I was perus­ing Insta­gram yes­ter­day and saw snip­pets of her mural-sized paper project. How great! And, bet­ter yet, Mlle posted the entire Trop­i­cal Jun­gle on her website.

She explains on Bored Panda that every­thing was cut by hand, and it took two weeks to get the paper ele­ments ready to go up on the wall. After­wards, it took six hours to apply it to the ver­ti­cal sur­face. Totally worth the time and energy. I love the col­ors and all the small details.
Mlle Hipolyte Mlle HipolyteI-made-this-large-wall-fresco-with-many-pieces-of-paper1__880 I-made-this-large-wall-fresco-with-many-pieces-of-paper__880 Hip-0394__880 Hip-0391__880


Delightfully Fun Paper Puppets by Sara Guindon

Sara Guindon

Did you ever play with paper dolls? I did when I was younger, and so I was instantly attracted to Sara Guindon’s delight­ful paper toys. They fea­ture char­ac­ters dressed to the nines who do things like play gui­tar, look through their binoc­u­lars, and draw in their sketch­books. Fun!

Each pup­pet is hand­made and printed on acid-free card stock. Their move­able joints are secured by brads and are able to move up and down. Some are avail­able for pur­chase on Sara’s Etsy shop.

Sara Guindon Sara Guindon saraguindon-5 saraguindon-6 saraguindon-7 saraguindon-8saraguindon-9


Sonia Poli’s Exquisite “Vegetal Gradiant” Paper Sculpture


This exquis­ite piece by illus­tra­tor Sonia Poli is called Veg­e­tal Gra­di­ant. It’s made from paper and mounted in an embroi­dery frame. Sonia writes:

While fol­low­ing my path through the paper col­lage world and I sim­ply came up with this. Tired of frames, I wanted my col­lage to act more like a sculp­ture. After play­ing around with fish for my pre­vi­ous exhi­bi­tion, I used the same tech­nique (gra­di­ent from navy blue to a lighter/brighter color) for another favorite thing of mine, leaves.

sonia-2 sonia-3 sonia-4

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Paper Flowers and Fantastic Beasts Fit for Film

lila poppins

Lila Pop­pins is an illus­tra­tor and paper designer who uses her tal­ents to cre­ate fan­tas­tic beasts, lovely blooms, out­door scenes, and much more. In addi­tion to sculpt­ing with paper, she also directs stop motion films. Lila’s Tum­blr fea­tures a few of these ani­mated snip­pets, one of which is a com­bi­na­tion of paper and 2D illus­tra­tion. The film is an illus­trated French poem writ­ten by Jacques Pre­vert and avail­able to view on Vimeo (I’ve also included it below).

And, just a note: illus­tra­tor Clé­ment De Ruyter is the per­son behind the char­ac­ter design of this crea­ture. (Lila did the paper work, obviously!)

clement-designlila poppins lila poppinslila-5 lila-3 lila-1 lila-2 lila-4 lila-9

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Insanely-Detailed Paper Animal Masks by Mlle Hipolyte

Look at all of these tiny pieces of paper! French illus­tra­tor and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte cre­ated these gor­geous ani­mals masks that are awe-inspiring in their intri­cate details. Seri­ously. Just take a look at the individually-folded pieces of paper lay­ered on top of one another. They build a col­or­ful, tac­tile form that mim­ics fur.

Mlle pro­duces 2D illus­tra­tions, too. Check out their Behance and Face­book for more.



Find a Comforting Glow in These Cardboard Homes

vera van wolferen

Vera van Wolferen calls her­self a “card­board­craftswoman,” because she cre­ates intri­cate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of card­board. They’re incred­i­ble! Using the white/gray vari­ety, she adds a few other mate­ri­als that result in dream-like scenes. I love how the shut­ters, weather vanes, and wind­mills are all artic­u­lated, as if they’re placed one by one. You can tell that Vera puts a lot of care into her work.

Much of Vera’s card­board sets are made for stop-motion ani­ma­tions. In addi­tion, she cre­ates lamps, which are per­fect for her houses. They fit over the top of light bulbs and cast a com­fort­ing glow from the win­dows. Find a few of them on Etsy.

Vera seems like she’s on all the social media — fol­low her on Insta­gram, Behance, and Face­book! (Via iGNANT)


vera van wolferen vera van wolferen life-in-cardboard-6 life-in-cardboard-8 life-in-cardboard-3 life-in-cardboard-1 life-in-cardboard-4 life-in-cardboard-5 life-in-cardboard-7vera-2 vera-1


Chanel Couture’s Amazing Floral Backdrop Featuring 300 Blooms

It’s no secret my love for paper sculpt­ing, and so when I saw the Chanel Spring 2015 Cou­ture Run­way, I was instantly enthralled. The flo­ral theme fea­tured an arbore­tum of white card­board palms con­structed under a glass ceil­ing. And, bet­ter yet, they moved!

It took 6 months to pro­duce the 300 flow­ers that dec­o­rated the set. Each fea­tured their own engine, and at the start of the show, Bap­tiste Giabi­coni (Karl Lagerfeld’s muse) “watered” them and brought the mechan­i­cal blooms to life.

The mostly-white back­drop had pops of color that com­pli­mented the cou­ture out­fits, some of which were heav­ily adorned with bril­liant flow­ers. Images of the set and cloth­ing below!

Image via: Racked

Image via: Racked

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Pho­tos of some of my favorite out­fits. See the entire thing on








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Scenes from Nature Completely Crafted with Cut Paper

Estudio Guardabosques

Estu­dio Guard­a­bosques is the col­lab­o­ra­tive efforts of cre­atives Juan and Car­olina from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They craft scenes entirely out of paper by using com­plex sculpt­ing to fold and build forms. Often, that involves per­fo­rat­ing edges and cut­ting just so — enough to trans­form the paper, but not enough to wrin­kle or destroy it.

Much of the couple’s work involves nature, and this is def­i­nitely where they shine. My favorite instances are where ani­mals are involved. They’re cute, innocent-looking, and that fox… so wise!

Estudio Guardabosques Estudio Guardabosques estudio-4 estudio-5estudio-6 estudio-7 estudio-11 estudio-12estudio-13 estudio-14